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ACLU Continues Fighting Anti-Terror Measures

From: carrie davis
Subject: the ACLU takes on MATRIX
To: Declan McCullagh
Hi Declan,
I thought you and Politech readers might be interested in one of the
projects I'm currently working on at the ACLU: MATRIX, the Multi-State
Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange. The ACLU of Ohio issued a release &
alert today (on our website at, trying to pressure
the Ohio AG to turn over info about Ohio's participation in MATRIX. Our FOI
requests haven't been answered, so we tried a new angle to get their
attention. A similar approach is in use by the ACLU in the other states
participating in MATRIX, and we have obtained some very enlightening info
as a result (on the national website at Nine states have already withdrawn
from MATRIX, and we're hoping that, with enough public outcry, it will go
the way of TIA... or at least we can lift the veil of secrecy.
If you want any more info, let me know. I'm running point here in Ohio, and
I would be more than happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with
my counterparts elsewhere.
Hope you're doing well.
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School alters dress code after Muslim student complains

Where is the ACLU? If this were a cross they would continue their constant attack against Christianity--whining about separation of church and state

Source: Associated Press

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. A Hamilton County high school has changed its dress code to allow religious headscarves after a national civil rights group for Muslims complained to the principal.A spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations said East Ridge High School senior Emily Smith wore her "religiously mandated headscarf" for the first time today.

Emily did not return telephone messages seeking comment.

Assistant school superintendent Rick Smith said he talked to an assistant principal who told him there was no negative reaction today to the headscarf.

Assistant principal Gary Lowery declined comment when contacted by phone. He said the school principal, Cheri Dedmon, was "not in town."

A spokeswoman for the Washington, D.C.-based council said the student asked about her rights in a January third e-mail, and a letter of complaint was sent to the principal three days later.

The letter to Dedmon said the student as a Muslim is "required to cover her hair in public."

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Israel may attack Iran N-facilities

By Anne Penketh

LONDON: The Israeli defence minister yesterday refused to rule out a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities as he said that Tehran was “close to a point of no return” on its suspected development of a nuclear weapon.

At a meeting with journalists in London, Shaul Mofaz did little to dispel the sense of unease caused by comments last week by US Vice-President, Dick Cheney, who suggested that Israel might “decide to act first” to put an end to the Iranian nuclear threat.

“I believe that none of the Western countries can live with Iran having a nuclear capability - not the US, not the European countries and nor other countries,” he said.

But he stressed that the “first step” should be through diplomatic channels to resolve the stand-off with Iran, which is suspected by the US and Israel of using its civilian programme as a cover for weapons development.

“The way to stop Iran is by the leadership of the US, supported by European countries and taking this issue to the UN, and using the diplomatic channel with sanctions as a tool and a very deep inspection regime and full transparency.”

Asked what Israel would do if diplomatic channels failed, Mofaz went on: “The US is a strong power that can stop any kind of nuclear programme, especially in the hands of an extreme regime.”

Mofaz left no doubt, however, that he was sceptical about the outcome of negotiations with the Iranian government, which he said had been “buying time” through its talks with Britain, France and Germany.

He warned that Tehran was “less than a year” from enriching uranium, which he described as the “point of no return” towards making a nuclear weapon. He echoed comments by the Mossad intelligence agency, which said that Iran could have developed a nuclear bomb in three years, a statement dismissed by Iran as baseless.

Mofaz rejected Iranian assertions that it is working on a peaceful civilian programme.

The Iranian president, Mohamed Khatami, yesterday reacted to the aggressive statements emanating from the Bush administration, which has branded Iran part of so-called “outposts of tyranny.” Cheney said Iran’s nuclear programme put it at the “top of the list” of global issues.

Khatami retorted: “We say that America is at the top of the list of countries which are endangering world peace and security and we hope that one day they come to their senses.”

“(Negotiations with the EU) haven’t reached a dead end,” Khatami went on.

“Of course, we have our own stances and we are talking to the Europeans and we hope to reach a conclusion.” – The Independent


Time To Declare the ACLU AS A Terrorist Organization

It's time to recognize CAIR, the ADC and the ACLU for what they are--organizations which aid terrorists---when we have the next catastrophic strike--and we will--here are three organizations that should be sued and held criminally liable for their actions

Washington, DC – Citing evidence that the FBI and local police are illegally spying on political, environmental and faith-based groups, today the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) joined the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in filing multiple Freedom of Information Act requests around the country to uncover who is being investigated and why.

ADC President Mary Rose Oakar said, “ADC supports all efforts to keep our country safe and we want law enforcement to protect us from real terrorists and criminals. However, targeting Arabs and Muslims on the basis of national origin and religion, sending undercover agents to anti-war meetings, and infiltrating student groups is not making us any safer. The FBI should not be wasting its time and our tax dollars spying on groups that are critical of certain government actions.”

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests were filed today in 10 states and the District of Columbia seeking information about the FBI’s use of Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) and local police to engage in political surveillance. JTTFs are legal partnerships between the FBI and local police, in which local officers are “deputized” as federal agents and work in coordination with the FBI to identify and monitor individuals and groups. The FOIAs seek two kinds of information: 1) the actual FBI files of groups and individuals targeted for speaking out or practicing their faith; 2) information about how the practices and funding structure of the task forces, known as JTTFs, are encouraging rampant and unwarranted spying.

The FOIA requests point to many documented examples of JTTF involvement in the investigation of environmental activists, anti-war protesters, and others who are clearly neither terrorists nor involved in terrorist activities, including:
> aggressively questioning Muslims and Arabs on the basis of religion or national origin rather than suspicion of wrongdoing
> tracking down parents of student peace activists
> downloading anti-war action alerts from Catholic Peace Ministries
> infiltrating student groups
> sending undercover agents to National Lawyers Guild meetings

These activities are not the only evidence that the FBI is building files on activists. It should be noted that ADC has documented multiple incidents where JTTF members have inappropriately questioned, pursued, and, in some instances, harassed individuals for no reasons other than their political views and/or their national origin. A classified FBI intelligence memorandum disclosed publicly last November revealed that the FBI has actually directed police to target and monitor lawful political demonstrations under the rubric of fighting terrorism. See the ACLU website at:

Included in these FOIA filings are national and local advocates for well-known causes, including the environment, animal rights, labor, religion, Native American rights, fair trade, grassroots politics, peace, social justice, nuclear disarmament, human rights and civil liberties. Requests were also filed on behalf of numerous individuals, including an organizer for Service Employees International Union, a former Catholic priest, and student activists.

The FOIA requests were filed by the national ACLU as well as its affiliates in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Oregon. The national ACLU FOIA names the central FBI agency as well as bureaus in New York, Washington, D.C., California, Michigan, Virginia, and Massachusetts with other filings expected in early 2005.

Additionally, the ACLU of Northern California and the ACLU of New Jersey have both filed lawsuits on related FBI spying issues. For details and legal papers regarding the FOIA requests filed today around the country, including a list of clients, see the ACLU website at:


BBC: Freed Guantanamo four 'a threat'

The four men who have been released by UK police a day after returning from Guantanamo Bay still pose a security risk, US defence officials have said.
Martin Mubanga, Feroz Abbasi, Richard Belmar and Moazzam Begg were reunited with their families on Wednesday night.

The men, from Birmingham and London, were freed without charge but the US says the UK has agreed to monitor them.

Azmat Begg, father of Moazzam, said his son appeared to be in "reasonably good" condition when they met.

Government promise

Washington had claimed all four were "enemy combatants" who trained at camps run by al-Qaeda.

The Pentagon says they were returned to Britain after the UK government promised they would not be a threat to the national security of the US or any of its allies.

After the men were reunited with their families on Wednesday, a US defence official said it had confidence in the UK government's ability to deal with the four men.

But the official added: "We continue to believe that these individuals pose a significant threat.

I know Moazzam is a nice gentleman. He is always ready to help others when he gets a chance
Azmat Begg, father of Moazzam Begg

"British authorities have assured us that they will take the necessary steps to address the threat posed by these individuals.

"I believe the UK did not have the information they needed to charge these individuals."

Home Secretary Charles Clarke said the UK had listened to US concerns about the alleged threat posed by the four Britons.

Britain had negotiated a security "package" with the US and every practical step was being taken to maintain national security within the law, he told BBC News.

But under the new proposals for dealing with terrorism suspects, which he announced on Wednesday, the four men could have been placed under house arrest, he added.

Human rights groups have welcomed the men's release.

Amnesty International spokesman Neil Durkin said the four should not have been detained "a minute longer than necessary".

Azmat Begg declared himself "very, very pleased and glad" that his son was back in Britain.

He told BBC News he had spent three hours talking to his son before leaving him with his wife Sally and four children, one of who was born while he was in custody.
Mr Begg said Moazzam's treatment over the past three years must have "an effect" but said: "I didn't notice anything like that and it looks as though he is a very strong man".

Moazzam's mother, Gul, said she had spoken to him on Wednesday night.

She said: "I just said 'hello' and 'how are you'. He said 'I'm OK.' It's just fantastic," she said.

Louise Christian, the lawyer representing Feroz Abbasi and Martin Mubanga, said she was concerned about Mr Abbasi's condition.

She said: "He has an air of unreality about him. He doesn't know where he is."

Mr Abbasi, 24, Mr Belmar, 25, Mr Mubanga, 32, all from London, and Mr Begg, 36, from Birmingham, returned to the UK on Tuesday evening in an RAF plane.

The first group of British detainees, who were released from Guantanamo Bay 10 months ago, are already pursuing a case against the US authorities, claiming they were treated unlawfully.

Their US lawyer, Eric Lewis, says reports from both the International Committee of the Red Cross and the FBI confirm torture was being carried out at Guantanamo Bay.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/01/27 11:35:11 GMT


GAO: Homeland Security Info Sharing Lacking

Government Accountability Office Places Homeland Security Information Sharing on “High-Risk” List

By Mike Nartker
Global Security Newswire

WASHINGTON — U.S. efforts to improve the sharing of homeland security-related information were included on a list of government programs at “high risk” for fraud, waste and mismanagement released yesterday by the Government Accountability Office (see GSN, Dec. 13, 2004).

Since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, “this area has received increased attention but the federal government still faces formidable challenges in gathering, identifying, analyzing and disseminating key information … in an appropriate and timely manner,” a GAO study says.

Among the problems cited by congressional auditors was the failure of the Homeland Security Department to meet a December 2004 presidential deadline to prepare a plan on managing information-sharing responsibilities. In addition, failures to improve the consolidation and standardization of information have hindered attempts to consolidate terrorist watch lists and integrate fingerprint databases used by the Homeland Security and Justice departments, the study says.

The study also notes poor efforts by the federal government in providing homeland security-related information to the private sector. As an example, the GAO report cites chemical industry officials complaining of not having received “specific and accurate threat information in a timely manner” from law enforcement agencies. This in turn, the study says, has resulted in the chemical industry being unable to design adequate facility security systems and in the government being unable to adequately assess the vulnerability of chemical facilities to terrorist attacks.

This year marked the first time that homeland security-related information sharing was included on the GAO “high-risk” list, which the agency has prepared since 1990. The purpose of the list “is to bring light to areas that need attention,” said David Walker, the agency’s comptroller general.

“History has shown that with light comes heat, and with heat comes action, and that’s exactly what it takes in order to achieve success at removing high-risk areas,” Walker said yesterday during a press conference to unveil the 2005 list.

Walker was joined at the Capitol Hill press conference by Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairwoman Susan Collins (R-Maine) and top committee Democrat Joseph Lieberman (Conn.); House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis (R-Va.) and top committee Democrat Henry Waxman (D-Calif.); along with Senators George Voinovich (R-Ohio) and Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii).

Collins said the massive intelligence reform bill approved by Congress and signed into law late last year “should produce significant improvements” in information sharing. The law requires establishment of an information-sharing environment, the exchange of information among officials at all levels of government and the private sector and a council to support the dissemination of information.

The Homeland Security Department today disputed the findings of the GAO report.

“We disagree with the assessment,” department spokeswoman Michelle Petrovich said, adding that that agency “has created new comprehensive information-sharing capabilities that previously did not exist.”

As examples, she cited the creation of a Web-based information sharing portal, known as the Homeland Security Information Network, that is available to all 50 states and 50 major urban areas, and is being expanded to the county level. Petrovich also said that over the past two years, about 200 departmental and FBI bulletins have been distributed to state and local officials, as well as the private sector.

In addition to information sharing, the list this year also continues to include two other homeland security-related functions — implementing the Homeland Security Department, which has been on the list since 2003; and protecting information systems and critical infrastructures from attack, which has been in place since 1997.

While not yet a “high risk” issue, the Government Accountability Office also noted the “emerging” area of completing comprehensive threat and risk assessments. Such assessments are needed, in part, to help the Homeland Security Department best determine how to allocate resources, the study says.

The Senate homeland security panel is set to hold an oversight hearing on the Homeland Security Department today.

The GAO list, Lieberman said yesterday, “sounds a clarion and urgent call to Congress and the administration to react, to respond, to act in a way that next year when a comptroller general makes his report, homeland security, which is inherently about protecting the American people from risk, is no longer on the high-risk list.”

27th January 2005.-THE LIBERATION OF AUSCHWITZ- The 60th Anniversary

27th January 2005. On this date, 60 years ago, the 27th of January, 1945, Soviet Red Army troops entered the gates of Auschwitz-Birkenau with the words "Arbeit mach frei" (work makes free)above them, and liberated the concentration camp, where millions of people were killed, most of them Jews. Those young men who first entered the gates of hell could not believe their eyes. The horrors they had suffered on the battlefield had not prepared them for their entry into the world of the living dead.

The physical appearance of the walking skeletons caused those young men to beg their officers to be allowed to leave, the sight was too hard to bear. As they went from barracks to barracks they discovered that the unbearable physical condition was overshadowed by the appalling psychological condition of the poor souls who survived, their hollow eyes reflecting every family member torn from their arms, every beating, every body found in the morning, every time the shots rang out followed by the acrid smell of burning flesh reaching out over the death camp, an all enveloping reminder of what the morrow may bring.

As a people we must never forget what happened in Auschwitz; never forget with what ease hatred can be whipped up by the rhetoric of evil tyrants; as a Jews we must never forget that we live in a world which is capable of doing it again.

The Allied Governments knew what was happening in the death camps; the leading nations of that time knew of the slaughter, massacre, torture, what is known today as "ethnic cleansing"; that horrific, politically correct way to describe the most heinous of crimes. The British Government, so deeply into the war from 1939, came to know at least some of the details of what occurred in these Hadean hellholes as did the United States Government who did not enter the war until 1942. How could these leaders whose every speech talk of fighting for freedom, ignore the awful information their intelligence services gave them?

Winston Churchill, bulldog of democracy, defender of freedom did not act on information given? The age old question as to why they didn't simply bomb the railroad tracks is still unanswered in the UK and the USA, two countries which pride themselves on transparent government.

We know they flew over the camps, photographed them and bombed just 2 kilometres from the ovens, one explosion could have saved thousands, even millions of lives.

Todays media tries to paint a picture of "the Jew" so similar to the work of Goebbles in its insidious anti-semitism We cannot afford to fly over the problem and ignore it. We must shout and scream and retract our advertising and readership until the truth is told. The effectivity of the insidious television news representation of Jews and Israelis in two countries whose State TV stations represent Israel as the oppressor has resulted in a sharp rise in anti-semitic attacks, in Russia and Great Britain, two countries who fought the Third Reich with all their might. When referring to the BBC anti-semitic broadcasts Tehila Nahalon, who is the advisor to Minister Natan Sharansky on anti-Semitism, said: "You can't brainwash people for four years that Israel is an illegitimate country and that Israelis are like the Nazis and that Israelis are monsters and expect that nothing will happen to Jews."

We are all responsible for what happens now. Will we be dehumanized until we go like sheep to the slaughter or will we fight? Then we had no choice and no source of pride, now we do. We have Israel, the only place in the world where we are safe. I am not suggesting that you all pack your bags and run here, but a major part of the dehumanization of Israel and Jews has caused Jews to lose their pride in Israel. Don't allow yourselves to be fooled, this is a great nation, they tried to destroy us but we rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of the Holocaust, out of the horror that was Auschwitz-Birkenau a truly miraculous thing happened, a united people was re-born. Those who survived the Holocaust, viewed their rebirth as a gift and became great scientists, doctors, economists, politicians and entertainers, making this world a better place. Those who lived the Holocaust understand why Israel exists, they know that we had to go home to be safe; those who now question our right to be here have lost the essence of Judaism, the Holy Land, Jerusalem and Israel, home.

Aeroplanes, F15 fighters of the Israeli Air Force, some flown by descendants of Holocaust survivors, conducted a fly past in the skies above Auschwitz. They used aerial photographs of the camp, taken in 1944 as their guide. The lead pilot described his sensations thus "As we flew over the camp we felt we were carrying the cries of the dead with us. Our aeroplanes bore the blue Star of David, our badge of freedom, the emblem of our land, over the place where Jews were forced to wear the yellow Star of David, the star of bondage. We flew over Auschwitz, remembered, cried and then flew home, home to Israel.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Here's One Result of The Iraq War--No Money for Border Agents

2,000 new border agents aren't part of budget, Ridge says

By Mimi Hall, USA TODAY

President Bush will not ask Congress for enough money to add 2,000 agents to patrol the nation's borders in his 2006 budget, even though he signed a bill last month authorizing the increase.
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Monday that Bush's new budget, to be released in early February, will propose a "good incremental increase" in the number of agents. But he made it clear the number would not approach 2,000. The new agents were to be the first hires toward doubling the size of the force over five years.

As part of a sweeping intelligence bill passed in December, Congress called for nearly doubling the size of the Border Patrol by adding 10,000 agents over five years. The agency has about 11,000 agents; 90% work along the southern border with Mexico.

But in an interview with USA TODAY, Ridge scoffed at the notion of adding so many agents and said it would be an inefficient use of precious homeland security dollars.

"The notion that you're going to have 10,000 is sort of a fool's gold," Ridge said. "It's nice to say you're going to have 10,000 more Border Patrol agents in five years, but what other part of Homeland Security do you want to take the money from?"

He said it makes more sense to pay for a combination of more agents and better technology, such as ground sensors and cameras.

T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said the Bush administration is making a mistake. "Cameras don't catch people, people catch people," he said. "If you don't have the agents you're not going to catch the people your technology sees."

Ridge's comments came as he began his final week as the first secretary of the 2-year-old department, which was created in response to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Most of Ridge's top deputies also are leaving the 180,000-employee agency. Monday, border and transportation chief Asa Hutchinson became the latest to resign, and the White House nominated AECOM Technology executive Michael Jackson to serve as the new deputy secretary. (Related item: Hutchinson leaving Homeland Security post)

This month, Bush nominated Michael Chertoff, a federal appeals court judge, to replace Ridge.

In a 45-minute interview in his office, kept warm with the help of a space heater, Ridge also said that:

• Although it would be more difficult now for terrorists to attack the United States, "I am no less concerned that an attack will occur. ... I still accept the inevitability." He said it may take "a generation or two" to defeat the terrorist threat against the United States.

• The extraordinarily tight security for Bush's inauguration last week was necessary, even though there were no threats directed at the event. Costs climbed to at least $17 million for the security, and many people didn't get to see the swearing-in or parade because lines at checkpoints were so long.

• Private industries have made "some very significant investments" to tighten security, and there is no need for the government to pass regulations forcing them to do more. Critics, including Greenpeace and other environmental groups, say chemical companies in particular haven't done nearly enough to protect against an attack that could kill and injure tens of thousands of people. But Ridge said company leaders know that "if you don't do it in the foreseeable future, you'll be told to do it."

• The government should consider sharing more information with the public when it raises the terrorist threat level under the color-coded system he developed. The threat level "happily" hasn't been raised nationwide in more than a year, Ridge noted. He acknowledged that the public found the alerts confusing. "Maybe we should take a look at what we hold as classified," he said.


Coming Unglued

William S. Lind:
As I pondered what theme would be appropriate for this 100th On War, one of Colonel John Boyd's favorite phrases popped into my mind: "coming unglued." As the column's primary purpose is to view events through the prism of Fourth Generation war, and 4GW is both a sign and a further cause of many things "coming unglued," the phrase seemed apt.

Nowhere is it more so than with regard to America's grand folly in Iraq, where our invasion destroyed a state and created in its place a vast new breeding ground for Fourth Generation forces. In an interview with The Associated Press in December, 2004, the European Union's counterterrorism coordinator, Gijs de Vries, said, "There are some who have gone to Iraq (from Europe), as indeed there have been youngsters from outside Europe, from Arab countries, who have gone there to receive military training." We invaded Afghanistan to eliminate terrorist training camps, then created new terrorist training camps by invading Iraq.

On the ground in Iraq, America's war is coming unglued. Most of the soldiers and Marines I've talked to who have recently returned say the situation is much worse than American newspapers report. Evidence of that came last December, as the U.S. moved to shift its resupply efforts from ground to air. Why? Because the Iraqi resistance controls so many of the roads, including the road from Baghdad's Green Zone to the airport. "They have had a growing understanding that where they can affect us is in the logistics flow," said Central Command's Lt. Gen. Lance Smith. "They have gotten more effective in using IEDs. The enemy is very smart and thinking. It is a thinking enemy. So he changes his tactics and he becomes more effective."

Do we do the same? Increasingly, it seems not. An article on another of my favorite subjects, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, noted that, "In retrospect, the railroad succeeded largely by making bad decisions and then making corrections." In Iraq, America has made bad decisions and then not made corrections. That too, Boyd argued, is a mark of coming unglued: paralysis.

The Army, especially the Army Reserve and National Guard, are coming unglued under the stress of deployments that go far beyond what they were led to expect. The general in charge of the Army Reserve recently said that the Reserve is "rapidly degenerating into a 'broken' force." Within 48 hours, the Pentagon responded - by leaking plans to increase the length and frequency of Reserve deployments. That is another Boydian sign of coming unglued: actions directly at variance with facts.

Back in Washington, the neo-con gang of adventurers who pushed us into this war is starting to come unglued. Leading neo-cons now nip at Mr. Rumsfeld's ankles. Conservative ranks abound with rumors, with more hope than evidence behind them, that once Iraq holds its elections, the White House will declare victory and pull out. One senses political careers at risk, with players setting themselves up to say, "Who, me? I didn't want this war."

If we cannot say Afghanistan is coming unglued, that is only because it was never glued to begin with. Panglossian accounts of "springtime for Karzai" notwithstanding, American-occupied Afghanistan is now the world's premier narco-state. We can, of course, take on the poppy cultivators and opium traffickers, but if we do we will find ourselves facing a wider war and losing all the sooner.

Most significantly, if we look at the larger world, we see ever more states coming unglued, which is the root phenomenon of Fourth Generation war. The Saudi regime is in trouble, and its replacement will not be parliamentary democracy. Pakistan's General Musharraf is one bomb away from his destiny, at which point al Qaeda will have nukes (if it doesn't already). Russia's President Putin is acting to strengthen the Russian state because he knows the state's existence is on the line in Russia. In West Africa, the state is almost gone, and it is going in the rest of Africa. Most interestingly, as the next few months will likely show, the state is fracturing in Israel, a modern, Westernized country. That is how Fourth Generation war works: it pulls the state apart at the moral level. Soon, just as Arab is fighting Arab, Jew will be fighting Jew.

For the most part, all these evidences of a world coming unglued fall in the tragic category; we can only chronicle them, and weep. But one massive fiasco promises high comedy: that of the so-called "Revolution in Military Affairs," the vast Pentagon money tit through which an army of Congressmen, contractors and colonels is sucking the country dry. Based on hucksters' promises of video game war, where General Swami "sees all, knows all" through a vast array of hyper-priced "systems," the RMA is coming unglued in Iraq's gritty streets. To the grunt on the ground, it has proven as useless as a regiment of lancers.

For the moment, the same Pentagon that pretends we are winning in Iraq can also pretend the RMA represents "future war." In fact, it is war as it never was and never will be. To employ one of Boyd's less elegant phrases, reality is about to give the RMA and its military, Congressional and industry pimps "the whole enchilada right up the poop chute." Frankly, that is going to be funnier than fighting Frenchmen or drowning cats.


Why are the national media not reporting this?

More information on the Jersey City murders
An informed source close to the investigation of the murders of the Coptic family in New Jersey has given me some more information:

The police and prosecutor are "very scared" of this case. The Muslim community in Jersey City is putting enormous pressure on City Hall to softpedal the case. Says my source: "They [police and prosecutor] want this case to go away quickly because of that."

Both press and prosecutor are hampered by general ignorance of Islamic teaching on proselytizing and conversion, and of how jihadists operate.

Of course, my problem with the police and prosecutor's reaction is that if this really was a Sharia-inspired killing, they are opening the door to more of the same if they do not handle this case carefully and thoroughly.

My source went to the Armanious house after the murders. The house does not appear to be of a wealthy family, and does not stand out in the poor neighborhood where it is located; this makes it more difficult to sustain the notion that the primary motive was robbery. My source saw that there was no sign of forced entry.

There are indications that Sylvia, the 15-year-old, innocently let one of the perpetrators know where she lived.

This from Jihad Watch

Arab Columnists: Terrorists are Motivated by Cultural and Religious Factors, Not Poverty

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML format, visit

Several Arab columnists have recently published articles critical of the view that the main motivation to terrorism is poverty or despair. They instead cite the role of cultural and religious factors in motivating terrorism, and particularly the incitement by sheikhs who encourage young men to conduct terror operations. The following are excerpts from three articles; one, by Muhammad Mahfouz, was published in the Saudi Gazette; another, by Abdallah Rashid, was published in the UAE Al-Itihad daily; and a third, by Abdallah Nasser Al-Fawzan, was published in the Saudi daily Al-Watan:

Saudi Columnist: 'The Only Way to End Violence and Terrorism Is to Fight a Cultural and Ideological Battle'

In an article published in the Saudi Gazette, columnist Muhammad Mahfouz, who is also editor of the cultural magazine Al-Kalima, published in Lebanon, wrote:(1)

"It is an undeniable fact that social problems and phenomena [that] are ignored without determining their root causes will proliferate and surface repeatedly. But ... their re-emergence will be associated with more complications and grow to the extent that they become incurable...

"This brings me to the phenomenon of terrorism, which is one of the most dangerous problems encountered [in] recent times, for it undermines the stability and security of all human societies. This shows that [an] external and superficial probing of the problem will not be effective until [we] delve deeply into its cultural and ideological roots...

"Of course the security efforts [are] one of the tools to fight terrorism ... [but] the security efforts always need to be associated and supported with national, cultural, political, and socioeconomic efforts...

"The relationship between the phenomenon of terrorism in our society and culture is like the relationship between the cause and consequence. A thorough study of this phenomenon shows that the ... real reason behind the mobilization of a handful of young men by this deviant group is purely cultural. This means that these youths were brought up in a special cultural atmosphere which finds its roots in a stereotyped understanding of religion. This understanding serves as a basic incubator to this group. This may explain the reason why some youths belonging to rich families and others who are well positioned in the state's civil service hierarchy are implicated in terrorist crimes.

"This [means] that financial and economic factors can not be associated with this group. Therefore, it is a cultural and religious factor that motivated them [to kill] innocent people and destroy the country's infrastructure.

"Thus, the only way to put an end to the wave of violence and terrorism is to fight a cultural and ideological battle against terrorism as well as [against] its direct and indirect causes. Without fighting this fateful battle, we will never succeed in eliminating this menace, and thus our country will suffer from this phenomenon from time to time.

"In my opinion, [any] delay in fighting this ideological cultural battle against terrorism will drag our country to abyss of instability. We need more than ever to ... expose the phenomenon of terrorism and dismantle the cultural and ideological incubators which feed this phenomenon and mold it socially and culturally.

"This brings me again to the point that the elimination of terrorism and violence are associated with uprooting the culture of violence which promotes killing, justifies terrorism, and provides it with a legitimate cover.

"[On the other hand,] the security battle will not help much in putting an end to this phenomenon. On the contrary, it may give it a justification [to continue].

"Thus, I find it necessary to elaborate on these points: The phenomenon of terrorism and violence we are facing can be classified as religious violence carried out by a group of brain-washed youth influenced by glamorous slogans. This requires us to re-formulate the prevailing religious concepts and implant in their minds other religious values, such as the values of dialogue and religious tolerance, as well as recognizing pluralism. Thus ... we need to formulate a new religious vision isolating and freeing it of all the facets of extremism and fundamentalism.

"... Confronting ... this phenomenon requires bold decisions and policies because any laxity in this matter will cost the country more lives and destruction, [and for this] we need transparency and courage to put an end to this poisonous menace.

"Our determination will pave the way for successfully dismantling the ideological and cultural structure that offers fertile ground for the proliferation of this phenomenon. Moreover, the formulation of new religious concepts based on dialogue inspiring the values of Islam and its civilization will make it necessary to allow the [entire] spectrum of society to participate in molding these new concepts...

"Thus, the coming battle of our country is the battle of culture and thought to fight and defeat terrorism in all its stages."

UAE Writer: The Reason for Arab Muslim Youth Involvement in Terrorism is Religious Brainwashing

In an article in the United Arab Emirates daily Al-Itihad, columnist Abdallah Rashid stated that the reason for terrorism is not the socio-economic situation in the Arab countries, but the religious brainwashing of Arab youth. The following are excerpts:

"The greatest mistake of the social and political commentators is their attributing the cause for the spreading of the phenomenon of terrorism in the Arab and Islamic world solely to the lack of social justice, the spreading of poverty, and the harsh social conditions in most of the Arab and Islamic countries.

"The socio-economic situation of most of the terrorists who participate in the criminal operations around the world is very good. Thus, for example, Faysal Zayd Al-Matiri, a young Kuwaiti man from an economically well-off family, went to Fallujah to fight alongside the terrorists supporting the Al-Qa'ida organization, together with the terrorist Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi. He left behind his parents, his wife, and his three girls. He was killed in the fighting, leaving a widow, three orphan girls, and stricken parents mourning his death...

"Interrogations by the Iraqi authorities of terrorists arrested during raids and searches in Iraqi towns revealed that most of the Saudi youth and some of the [youth] from the Gulf who went to Iraq to join the Al-Qa'ida terrorist groups come from families that are not poor and from a social environment that does not suffer from economic problems.

"What is the reason for the involvement of the Arab Muslim youth in such criminal and despicable acts?

"The simple reason is the terrifying brainwashing suffered by most of the Arab youth at the hands of 'religious clerics' and particularly at the hands of the extremists with backward views. [These 'clerics'] nourish the Muslim youth with various kinds of racist views and destructive extremist principles, and nurse them with hostility, hatred, and resentment towards other people and towards members of other divine religions.

"Those who award themselves the title of 'religious clerics' incite Muslim youth to what they call 'Jihad,' while they do not know the meaning of Jihad. What is odd is that they incite others to cross seas and oceans in order to fight 'the atheist and Christian infidels,' as they put it, while not one of them volunteers to go [there] himself and to serve as a model and an example to others...

"So many victims of the brainwashing to which Arab youth are subjected! So many people attribute the reason for these youths joining the caravan of terror to the socio-economic situation [in Arab and Islamic countries], all the while ignoring the fact that there are thousands of youth from peaceful households, from stable families and from rich families who join the gangs of terror, the most prominent leaders of which are bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, and Al-Zarqawi!..."(2)

Saudi Columnist: Why Don't the Sheikhs Who Encourage the Youth to Fight Jihad Do So Themselves?

In an article in the Saudi daily Al-Watan titled "Question to the Youth Seeking Paradise," Saudi columnist Abdallah Nasser Al-Fawzan criticized the sheikhs who encourage youth to fight Jihad but refrain from doing so themselves:

"If there is a worthy deed that endangers one's life, but guarantees [one's reaching] paradise, like Jihad for the sake of Allah - are we to suppose that young teenagers in the early stages of life should aspire to carry it out? Or should it rather be the elderly, nearing death, [for whom] it is natural to aspire to end their lives through an honorable deed that will guarantee them paradise?

"Logically, and as reality shows us, the correct answer is the second one. Thus, for instance, youth indeed participated in Jihad for the sake of Allah in the era of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, but it [i.e., their Jihad] depended principally on middle-aged men, and the elderly took part in every mission appropriate for their age...

"If adults took part in Jihad [in that era], why do we find today that all those involved in what they claim are 'Jihad' operations - whether in Iraq or here [in Saudi Arabia] - are young teenagers, and we do not see among them any adults or elderly people?... After all, the elderly are quite capable of carrying out missions in the best possible manner. An old man over 100 years old can drive a booby-trapped car and explode it in a given area, perhaps even with greater expertise than a 20-year-old.

"In one of his quests for paradise, a youth traveled to another country in order to kill a man accused of atheism, in order to get closer to Allah by killing him, and thus to reach paradise. Fate had it that the man accused of atheism was the first one to meet the youth in a cafe. He saw him sitting there and realized that he was a foreigner. The man addressed him, shook his hand, welcomed him, and asked if he might sit next to the youth. The latter gave his consent. They had a friendly talk, and got to like one another.

"Afterwards the youth asked him, 'Do you know so-and-so?' The man saw that the youth had mentioned him by name and was startled, but he controlled his emotions and asked the youth, 'Why are you inquiring about this man?' The youth said that the man was an evil atheist and that he intended to rescue people from his evildoing in order to get closer to Allah and to reach paradise. The man, who was by now quite amazed, said to the youth, 'How are you so certain that this man is an atheist deserving of death, and that killing him will bring you to paradise?' The youth responded, 'Some sheikhs told me so.'... The man said, 'Why don't these sheikhs aspire to reach paradise themselves, and why are they giving up for your sake [the merit of] carrying out this honorable deed which brings one to paradise?' The youth was embarrassed and said, 'I don't know.'

"Today, the same question that the man asked the paradise-seeking youth could be addressed to the youth who blow themselves up and explode booby-trapped cars while still inside them, in order to reach paradise, for they are without doubt influenced by the Fatwas, the ideas, the inclinations, and the instructions of men who have gained their trust and have done much to influence them.

"These people who hold sway over the minds of the youth have deceived them into thinking that what they are doing is an act of Jihad that will bring them to paradise. These youth should ask themselves why it is that these people prefer them [i.e., the youth] to themselves, and give up for their sake [the merit of carrying out] the 'honorable' deed that would bring them to paradise.

"In true acts of Jihad, everyone participated, including the Prophet and his sublime Companions. Today, however, those who carry out these dangerous acts, which are considered to be Jihad, are youth who have been influenced [by the sheikhs] and have turned into bullets. Where are the adults and the elderly? Where are the adults who have been influenced by the organization's ideology? Is there not a single elderly person convinced that this is an act of Jihad? Is there not a single elderly person who would blow himself up or explode a booby-trapped car?

"Oh youth, you who seek paradise, where are your sheikhs [when it comes to] this 'honorable deed'?... Everybody wants paradise. Why then, oh youth, are your sheikhs shirking [Jihad], and not participating in your 'honorable' mission."(3)

(1) Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia), December 30, 2004.
(2) Al-Itihad (UAE), January 10, 2005.
(3) Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), January 1, 2005.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is an independent, non-profit organization that translates and analyzes the media of the Middle East. Copies of articles
and documents cited, as well as background information, are available on request.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oklahoma Bill Making Hiring of Illegal Aliens an Unfair Labor Practice Addresses a Serious Threat to the American Middle Class

(Washington, DC – January 25, 2005) A bill introduced in the Oklahoma legislature by State Senator Tom Adelson would address the single greatest threat to American workers: the systematic and widespread employment of illegal aliens. While the federal government refuses to take action against employers who undercut opportunities and wages for American workers, Sen. Adelson’s Oklahoma Fair Employment Act (Senate Bill 510), would impose state penalties against such employers and allow citizens and legal U.S. residents to take action against them.
A report by the Wall Street investment firm Bear Stearns earlier this month revealed that the pervasive employment of illegal aliens is a direct threat to middle class workers in the United States. According to the report, between 4 and 6 million U.S. jobs have shifted from the legal work force to the underground since 1990 as employers have systematically replaced American workers with lower wage illegal aliens.

"There is a mounting body of evidence that the vast majority of poor and middle class Americans are being directly and indirectly harmed by mass illegal immigration," noted Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "These American workers and taxpayers have had almost no legal recourse to defend themselves against employers who blatantly violate federal immigration laws while depriving millions of Americans a fair opportunity to find work and improve their wages." The Oklahoma Fair Employment Act represents one of the most important labor protection programs since the establishment of the minimum wage and the adoption of occupational safety and health standards.

"Enactment of Oklahoma Senate Bill 510 would represent not only a significant protection for workers in Oklahoma, but would be an important model for Congress and the other 49 states," Stein continued. "Senator Adelson is among a growing number of political leaders around the country who have come to recognize the devastating impact that mass illegal immigration is having on working Americans, and is at the vanguard of a growing grassroots movement demanding that something be done to address this crisis."

Among the important protections established by Oklahoma Senate Bill 510:

The right of authorized U.S. workers to take action against employers who discharge them while continuing to employ illegal aliens.
Compensation paid to illegal alien workers will not be deductible business expenses from state taxes.
Suspension of corporate charters of companies that knowingly employ illegal aliens.
Companies employing illegal aliens will be barred from state contracts or grants.
Safe harbor status is granted to employers who verify the eligibility status of workers using the online “Basic Pilot Program” established by Congress in 1996.
"These protections for American workers and honest employers should be adopted nationally. We congratulate Sen. Adelson for acting in the best tradition of Oklahoma and offering them ‘sooner,’" Stein concluded.

Taking Jihad Seriously

By Robert Spencer

The Washington Times


Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and the author of "Onward Muslim Soldiers: How Jihad Still Threatens America and the West."

During her Senate confirmation hearings, Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice was grilled about Iraq, weapons of mass destruction and how long the troops would be there. But no one asked her anything about the most important question of all: when, and how, American foreign policy will be adjusted to bring it into line with the goals of the war on terror.
Three years after September 11, this has not been done. It should have been the first task of the new conflict. Other nations take this as axiomatic -- including those on the other side of the current alignments. Article 3 of the Iranian Constitution stipulates that Iran must base its foreign policy on "Islamic criteria, fraternal commitment to all Muslims, and unsparing support to the freedom fighters of the world."
It is reasonable for any state to base its foreign policy on its overall goals and interests. In fact, I recommend that the United States do the same thing. In regard to the global jihad, this would involve a serious re-evaluation of the American posture around the globe.
A few modest proposals to this end: In the first place, it is scandalous that so many years after President Bush announced that you're either with the terrorists or with us, the United States still counts as friends and allies -- or at leastrecipientsofits largesse -- so many states where jihadist activity is widespread.
A State Department that really had America's interests at heart would immediately terminate all aid to Egypt, Indonesia, the Palestinians, Jordan, Somalia, Algeria,Sudan,Pakistan, Kosovo, Albania -- andevenIraqand Afghanistan, and any other state -- until each demonstrably ends all support -- material, educational, religious -- for jihad warfare, and grants full equality of rights to any non-Muslim citizens.
It should also reconfigure our global alliances on the same basis. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the rest should be put on notice that continued friendly relations with the United States absolutely depend on an immediate and comprehensive renunciation of the jihad, including a reformation of their schools to end the teaching of jihad warfare. It cannot be enough for a state to denounce and renounce terror; each must renounce Islamic jihad as a means of undermining the integrity of other states.
To be a friend of the United States, each must renounce entirely any intention to make good on the Islamic goals and responsibilities enunciated by the Pakistani Islamic leader Syed Abul Ala Maududi, who declared that non-Muslims have "absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God's earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines." If they do, "the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life."
His comments were in full accord with Islamic theology and history, as well as with the Koran as it has been read and understood by Muslims for centuries. This is the goal of the jihadists today; it should be the fundamental defining point of U.S. alliances with Muslim states.
The United States should also immediately initiate a full-scale Manhattan Project to find new energy sources, so that the needed reconfiguration of our alliances can be more than just words.
But does anyone in the State Department have the will to advocate these and other measures? Or is it only regimes like the bloody mullahocracy in Tehran that are allowed to speak openly about their principles and goals, and take all the necessary measures for their own defense?
Miss Rice needs to ask and answer these questions. The State Department's bureaucracy has been playing realpolitik for so long thatitreflexively thinks it can play ball with the Islamic jihadists -- as if dropping care packages into Indonesia will somehow blunt the force of the Maududi dictum that "non-Muslims have absolutely no right to seize the reins of power."
The State Department needs to come to grips with the fact that it is facing a totalitarian, supremacist, expansionist ideology, and plan accordingly. Not only has it not been done, but it is so far off the table that it never even occurred to the most rabidly partisan Democratic senator, Barbara Boxer, to use it as another stick with which to batter Miss Rice's competence and veracity.
Now it is up to Miss Rice herself to demonstrate whether she has the vision to do what needs to be done.


Tunisian Progressive:'Islamism is The Mother of All Big Lies'

from MEMRI

In an article titled "Adolf Hitler on the Making of a Successful Lie," Abu Khawla (Muhammad Bechri), a human rights activist and former chair of the Tunisian section of Amnesty International, claims that Islamism is "a very successful lie," and not "a remarkable social and political force." In his view, "only Arab/Muslim secular forces can effectively undermine Islamism." The following are excerpts from the article: [1]

'The Mother of All Big Lies: Islamism'

"A contributor to a secular forum did well recently in reminding us about Hitler's dictum on how to lie and have a great impact on the masses… This raises a set of interesting questions. Why would a particular lie succeed while others fail? And why would a liar suddenly succeed in a particular period of time and not before that? To answer these questions, we need to understand what makes for a successful lie. I will elaborate on this point first, then I will go on to speculate on the effective way to counter the mother of all big lies: Islamism (or political Islam, since Islamism is nothing but politics in a religious garb).

"Adolf Hitler said: 'the broad mass of a nation will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.' Hitler also taught us that to succeed, the lie should be told loudly. In case you didn't notice, he would generally start his speeches in a relatively quite manner, [and] then as he starts shouting he gets more and more applause. The foolhardy German masses honestly believed that if their beloved Fuhrer is taking such a pain to talk loudly, he should be telling more truth.

"By these two accounts, Islamism is expected to be a very successful lie, indeed. Amir Taheri estimated the Islamist propaganda machine's bill to be about 100 billion dollars during the last two decades alone, which makes it the largest propaganda machine in history, even larger than the communist propaganda machine during the Soviet era. People wouldn't obviously spend that much unless they know they have to defend a huge lie.

"The mosque (especially the Friday prayer sermon) is particularly used by Islamists to spread their message. [Egyptian progressive] Saadeddine Ibrahim recently lamented how he would face a propaganda machine that uses a network of 150,000 mosques in Egypt. In many countries, Fatwas issued by the Mullahs could be binding on social and political matters, and the religious authorities are granted wide powers for censorship of whatever they consider to be blasphemous.

"In addition, an infiltration of culture and education spheres gives Islamists an upper hand, especially in the conception of school curricula and media programs. And since the early 1990s, a turn to the worst was inaugurated by the advent of satellite TV. In the Arab world, this important tool of communications is so far completely monopolized by fundamentalists."

'The Most Effective Way to Counter a Lie is Obviously to Undermine It'

"To view Islamism as a lie (not a remarkable social and political force, a mistaken belief largely shared in the West) could have many implications on the conception of an effective strategy to counter Islamist terror and win. The most effective way to counter a lie is obviously to undermine it. That is what Ronald Reagan did with communism. As soon as the peoples of the former Soviet Union and central Europe realized that they fell victims to a lie, the communist edifice fell suddenly like a house of cards, without having America to fire a single shot.

"The same is needed with Islamism today. But so far, what is happening is just the opposite. Arab/Islamic governments are rather colluding with the Islamists, hoping that anti-Western diatribes will help deflect the attention of the masses from their own failures. And some of them are even adopting the Islamists' agenda as a way of containment. Examples include denying women rights to vote in Kuwait, and postponing reforms of women codes and educational systems in countries like Algeria and Egypt. To quote the great Tunisian secular thinker Afif Al-Akdhar 'these governments are implementing Islamism without the Islamists.'"

'Freedom in the West Gave Islamist Terror Masters Ample Opportunities to Mount an Effective Propaganda Machine'

"Western countries have also been active in putting oil on [the] fire. Since the creation of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, Western democracies chose either to support the Islamists as a counterweight to communism or to adopt a neutral position. In all cases, freedom in the West gave Islamist terror masters ample opportunities to mount an effective propaganda machine.

"One would have hoped that 9/11 will change all that, but to no avail. The media dimension of the so-called 'global war on terror' consisted so far of an America counter-propaganda (Hi Magazine and Radio Sawa for Arab youth, Al-Hurra TV…). Serious doubts, however, remain about the effectiveness of this approach. The declared objective is to disseminate 'American values.' But while this is a noble objective, it is not the effective way to counter political Islam. The reasons are: (1) Most - if not all - of these values are already known to Arabs; as a result, not much will be achieved by re-advertising them, and (2) Many of these values are considered to be decadent (thanks to the powerful impact of the Islamist propaganda). As a result, counter-arguments, especially when they come from American propagandists will almost certainly fall on deaf ears in the Arab/Islamic world."

'Only Arab/Muslim Secular Forces Can Effectively Undermine Islamism'

"To be sure, only Arab/Muslim secular forces can effectively undermine Islamism. As the recent Iranian example clearly shows, attempts to portray modernists as Western stooges will be futile. At the end of the day, truth will always prevail. But so far these forces are kept on the sidelines. In a recent op-ed article, U.S. defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld explained well the need to wage 'a war of ideas.' That may mean there is still hope in sanity. But until that happens, America and the West will be kidding themselves if they believe that the current military campaign alone will lead them anywhere close to their objective of uprooting Islamist terror."


[1], January 2, 2005.


BBC: Mossad warning over nuclear Iran

Iran could build a nuclear bomb in less than three years, the head of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency has warned.
Speaking to MPs in Israel's parliament, the Knesset, Meir Dagan said Iran's nuclear programme was nearing the "point of no return".

If Iran successfully enriched uranium in 2005 it could have a nuclear weapon two years later, Mr Dagan said.

Iran says that it is developing a civilian nuclear energy programme, but the US and Israel reject this.

They maintain the Islamic state is using the energy programme as a front for a covert weapons programme.

Last week US Vice-President Dick Cheney said Iran's nuclear programme put it "top of the list" of global issues.

'Home free'

Mr Dagan told the Knesset foreign affairs and defence committee that Iran is negotiating with European mediators to be allowed to continue developing uranium enrichment capability.

It is up to the international community to increase its efforts to prevent the arming of Tehran
Meir Dagan
Mossad chief

Iran agreed in November to halt uranium enrichment under pressure from the US, Europe and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

If it resumes enrichment and succeeds before the end of 2005, Mr Dagan said, "the route to building a bomb is a short one".

"The moment you have the technology for enrichment, you are home free," he said.

Mr Dagan said it could take Iran just two more years to develop a bomb once they had completed enrichment.

"It is up to the international community to increase its efforts to prevent the arming of Tehran."

Iran gave no immediate reaction to Mr Dagan's claims.

Peres cautious

The Mossad chief's concerns were echoed by Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

"Iran has become the focal point of all the dangers of the Middle East," Mr Peres told Israel's Army Radio.

"This problem should be of concern to the whole world and not just Israel."

Mr Peres, widely regarded as the father of Israel's secretive nuclear deterrent, dampened suggestions that Israel was planning pre-emptive strikes against Iran, as hinted by Mr Cheney.

"The party that will decide is the United States," Mr Peres said.

"If we go it alone, we will remain alone. Everyone knows our potential but we also have to know our limits.

"As long as there is a possibility that the world will organise to fight against Iran's nuclear option, let the world organise."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/01/24 18:33:26 GMT


Invasion from Mexico: Islamic Terrorism and Sex Slavery are Imported Through the Insecure Border

By Joe Armendariz
Every year roughly 800,000 sex-slaves are smuggled into countries around the world, including the U.S. Many of the sex-slaves are brought to the United States through the border with Mexico. Likewise, Islamic terrorists have also been known to come through Mexico to the United States. While poor Mexicans who come to the U.S. to perform the often unwanted jobs may be a problem for the county, terrorists and mobsters transferring sex-slaves into the United States create a much greater issue.

This issue did not receive the necessary attention for many years, but is now beginning to gain it because those who can smuggle sex-slaves and Mexican migrant workers can also smuggle terrorists and illegal drugs. The so-called "Gray World" described in a forthcoming book by the same name, includes illegal narcotics, drug dealing, illegal transportation across borders, international arms dealers, traditional international crime and people smuggling. America should fear it and act to protect the border, as well as to prepare for the crimes that may be committed by those coming the U.S. from Mexico. America's lack of resolve in fighting illegal immigration and sex-slavery results in compromising national security.

The reality is America is totally inept at controlling its own borders. This is hardly news to anyone familiar with the unofficial "open border" policy the U.S. mainstains with Mexico (which many thousands cross illegally every day), as well the incompetence of the American immigration officials who have been caught giving a legal status to criminals and terrorists (including Muhammad Atta half a year after he died flying an airplane into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001).

As a result of this ineptness in controlling its borders, Washington is putting its people in danger of not just "traditional" terror, but also an attack with weapons of mass destruction, from a "nuclear suitcase" bomb stolen from the insecure nuclear facilities in Russia or non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction, such as small-pox, which can potentially kill more people than a nuclear bomb.

The advocates of illegal Mexican immigrations refuse to understand that the United States is involved in a war with Islamic extremists and tha borders are the weakest front in America's lines of defense. It is essential that Islamic terrorism is defeated, even if it costs tens of billions of dollars more to secure the border.

Experts in domestic security infrastructure suggest that it is necessary to enhance and maybe even transform the FBI, Border Patrol and the Coast Guard. International agencies such as Interpol also may be helped with money and training in order to help keep America and the rest of the world secure.

While the government should always be conscious of the taxpayer funds it is spending in order to avoid waste, the War on Terror cannot be won without the necessary investment in bolstering security services and protecting the American border from what can only be described as an invasion from Mexico.

Joe Armendariz is Executive Director of the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association and the Santa Barbara Industrial Association. He is on the advisory board of Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), is a frequent contributor to several web sites and is a City Councilman in the central coast City of Carpinteria, California.


Who knew about Sept 11 Before-hand?

By Ryan Mauro
“You overthrew the shah 22 years ago, but there is another shah one thousand times stronger and better armed...This shah is imperialism, and its main stronghold is only miles away from our border... [America] has military bases and aircraft carriers everywhere and its nuclear warheads aimed in every direction, but it can be toppled just like your shah was overthrown.”
--Fidel Castro during a visit with the leaders of Iran in May, 2001.

"In this man's heart (Osama bin Laden) you'll find an insistence, a strange determination that he will reach one day the tunnels of the White House and will bomb it with everything that is in it.....with the seriousness of the Bedouin of the desert about the way he will try to bomb the Pentagon after he destroys the White House....the revolutionary bin Laden is insisting very convincingly that he will strike America on the arm that is already hurting. That the man....will curse the memory of Frank Sinatra every time he hears his songs."
--Article in Al-Nasariya, run by Uday Hussein. The column was written by one of Saddam’s favorite columnists and was published on July 21, 2001.

“...strike at [American] economic structure, their reputation—and their internal peace and security....We should be very careful and very clever, so as not to leave behind any evidence that could negatively impact our future standing or policies... “...improve our plans, especially in coordination with fighters of Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah to find one objective that is beneficial to both sides...The Leader [Khomeini] mentioned that we should limit our relations with Al-Qaeda to just two people, as before—Imad Mughniyeh and Ayman Al-Zawahiri—and deal only with them.”
--Document dated May 14, 2001, handed over by an Iranian defector. It is written by Ayatollah Khomeini and the Minister of Information and Security of Iran.

“Zawahiri told my boss, Mustafa Hadadian, that they were planning a ‘major operation’ against the United States and Israel... After the meeting, 12 of them [Al-Qaeda officials] stayed in Iran. They were talking about their ‘plans for the future’, and that they had the ‘same enemy’ as the Iranians. They said they were trying to build up one movement to cooperate together, and were asking Iran for operational support, equipment and money-laundering help in Dubai, as well as assistance with travel documents to help them travel from Iran to Europe. Ayman Al-Zawahiri told my boss that Al-Qaeda was ‘very soon’ going to make a major operation against the United States.”

--Testimony of high-ranking Iranian defector, Hamid Reza Zakeri, speaking about his experience in Iran’s involvement with Al-Qaeda in spring of 2001.

“The US has been chosen as the object of financial attack because the financial center of the planet is located there. The effect will be maximal. The strike waves of economic crisis will spread over the planet instantly and will remind us of the blast of a huge nuclear bomb...There are high chances that after August 19 the ruble will become a very good currency.”

-Dr. Tatanya Koryagina, member of the Russian Duma, in interview with Pravda on July 12, 2001.

These pre-911 warnings came not from US or British or Israeli intelligence, but from our enemies and chief sponsors of terrorism. Few would think that such clues as to coming catastrophes could be found in the statements by the enemy. It appears that Iran and Iraq, and possibly Cuba knew about the September 11th assault before hand. As listed state sponsors of terrorism, this could be expected. But how come a member of the Russian Duma issued similar warnings? There is one thing in common between virtually all the state sponsors—direct and deep ties to the intelligence services of the Soviet Union (the former leading sponsor of terrorism before 1991).

For years, analysts have been tricked into thinking that the KGB and GRU have been dismantled, that Communism is dead. But such an analyst needs only an hour or two to realize they are mistaken. The top positions in the Russian hierarchies of intelligence, military, and government are “former” agents of the dreaded die-hard Communist groups. The best example is Yevgeny Primakov, the head of Soviet operations in the Middle East in the 1960s to support terrorism. Primakov, a staunch Marxist-Leninist and anti-American speaker to this day, oversaw the training, establishment, and equipping of Middle Eastern intelligence services in the region which would serve to put Marxist-like radicals such as Yasser Arafat in power in the “liberation” movements. Primakov went on to become Prime Minister of Russia in the 1990s, and today is one of the leading political forces in Russia.

As the Soviet Union disintegrated, these structures either formed the forces that would control most of the post-Soviet big power industries, governments, political parties, and intelligence services. Others merged into the Russian Mafia—which was created by the KGB and GRU beginning in the 1960s, when they were ordered to infiltrate and seize control of “liberation” movements, drug trafficking groups, and organized crime syndicates. The KGB, GRU and Communist structures survived the collapse of the USSR this way, which is why people often say that these structures still exist today. These structures still sponsor terrorism, infiltrate Western intelligence agencies, and corrupt the governments of the former Soviet Union to put their allies in power. Through these methods, almost all positions of power in the former Soviet Union have KGB sympathizers.

Having explained that, we can understand how the Russian intelligence services operate in unison with the Russian Mafia in not only criminal activity, but also in sponsoring terrorists—they’re allies over the past 50 years. This chain of Communist sympathizers which reaches deep into the Russian government exists only because there was no “de-Communization” campaign after the USSR collapsed, compared to the “de-Nazification” campaign in Germany after World War Two. Of all anti-American forces, this chain is the most complex to explain and understand. But once it is understood, it can be seen how it is possible that the devout Marxist-Leninist sects of parts of the Russian government and intelligence services may have known about 911 in advance, and yet did nothing. After all, Russia’s government and intelligence services are the ones closest to the Axis of Evil.

Modern-day Marxist Leninists believe that fate will lead to the collapse of the American Capitalist economy, as it is the natural path for mankind. As told by the numerous defectors of the Soviet Bloc, the long-range plan of the Marxists envisions that the US economy would violently and suddenly collapse due to Capitalism’s “own evils” and America’s own aggression. Please consider the following statement:

“[America] can move to either extreme as we’ve seen in the McCarthy Period and the Vietnam War. If we can impose on the U.S.A. the external restraints proposed in our Plan, and seriously disrupt the American economy, the working and the lower middle classes will suffer the consequences and they will turn on the society that has failed them. They will be ready for revolution.”

--Konstantin Katushev, the Kremlin’s top economic strategist. Quoted by the top Communist defector, Jan Sejna, in “We Will Bury You”.

This statement clearly spells out the view of how to approach the American economic troubles from the view of a devout Marxist-Leninist. Any event which occurs as a result of the “evils” of Capitalism should be viewed as strategic, but natural. For this reason, when viewing the Russian press of today which is (for the most part) controlled by former Communists, the specific warnings about the coming economic collapse should not be taken lightly.

What am I trying to lead this article to? My main point is that a distinct sect of the Russian government, probably from its intelligence services, knew something was to happen to America in the second half of 2001. It was ignored because they view America as an enemy, and viewed it from a Marxist-Leninist point-of-view.

The Executive Intelligence Review issue of July 27, 2001, warned that the Russian government was expecting the dollar to crash later in the year. The article by Rachel Douglas writes, “Russia is getting ready for the dollar to crash. Preparedness measures have moved from the realm of published warnings, to concrete actions, such as the Central Bank's decision to put the gold chervonets coin into circulation. The short-term purpose of that move is to attract Russians' savings out of the dollar, and into the Russian chervonets, in a country where $100 billion or more is held in cash (U.S. Federal Reserve Notes). Beyond that result, the Russian currency shift could become a stepping stone to more profound changes in international monetary policy—as nations seek safety from the disintegration of the Anglo-American-centered world financial system.

The Bank of Russia (Central Bank) acted on July 10, making the gold chervonets legal tender. The coins were minted as prospective souvenirs in 1980, at the time of the Moscow Olympics in the Soviet Union, but the more interesting historical reference point is the 1920s coin, of which the modern chervonets is a replica. That currency was introduced at the initiative of Soviet Foreign Minister Chicherin in connection with the Soviet-German Rapallo agreements, acting at odds with the Versailles Treaty powers. That chervonets was used exclusively for foreign settlements.

The revived chervonets is being discussed in the Russian press, as related to the coming crash of the U.S. dollar.”

This major article wasn’t alone in warning about Russia’s preparations for an American economic disaster in the fall. JR Nyquist warned on his column on that, “Russian analysts are abuzz with talk of a coming US economic crash. Some have stated that the collapse of the US dollar is imminent. According to the recent testimony of Russian economist Tatyana Koryagina, the American dollar will soon be used as ‘wallpaper for toilet stalls’...told the Duma on June 29, ‘I am closely watching the measures taken by the President and the Central Bank. From the standpoint of pre-crisis measures, they are acting properly. It is possible that after August 19, the ruble might become a rather good currency.’”

At the same exact time, the deputy chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Sergei Shishkaryov, said, “Something is rotten in the kingdom of America....European concerns about growing problems in the American economy.” I encourage readers to search the Russian press, particularly the government-owned ones or the ones that are controlled by former Communists connected to the intelligence services or government, to look at these warnings. It appears almost as if it was orchestrated, and it was successful in its objectives. The media told Russians to dump dollars, make specific economic preparations, and basically, expect the crash during the end of summer or beginning of fall. The writings of analysts of Russia that I trust all agreed that it appeared that there were deliberate leaks ahead of 911 to prepare for some kind of attack. The writings of economics experts reach the same conclusion, pointing out the increased Russian purchases of gold beginning in July 2001. By the end of the month, China was making similar gold purchases, and to a lesser degree, so was India. However, there is no evidence to conclude that China or India had pre-knowledge of the coming attacks. It is possible Russian intelligence knew of increased Al-Qaeda activity (sponsored by Russia’s Middle Eastern allies) aimed at an attack on America’s homeland.

Al-Qaeda’s links to the Russian Mafia may have also alerted Russian intelligence. Please read the following article written at, about a Russian hacker team that had pre-knowledge of 911 and even profited from it. It is available at It is a very interesting article that shows the reach of the Russian Mafia into the international terrorist network. This activity described in the article may or may not have had anything to do with Russia’s preparations, but at the very least, it does prove that a portion of the corrupt elements in the country were aware of the attacks.

Exactly what did the high-level Russians in the government know about the attack? We’ll never know for sure, but we do know some from interviews in the Russian press. Thanks to Dr. Alexandr Nemets’ article (, September 17, 2001) we know that the Russian State Duma had a high-level conference in early July named “On the measures to provide the development of Russian economy in the environment of destabilization of the world financial system”. It was headed by the chairman of the Commission on Economic Politics, Dr. Sergei Glazyev and included high-level officials such as Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, “senior research fellow in the Institute of Macroeconomic Researches subordinated to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development” and advisor to Putin, Lyndon Larouche; and Yacha Baba, the Malaysian ambassador. It was immediately after this conference that the Russian press began quoting Koryagina’s warnings and warnings of their own. This occurred simultaneously with the economic preparations being made by the Russian government. The press openly said that the meeting discussed preparation for the economic collapse of America’s Stock Market.

Dr. Nemets reprinted an interview with Koryagina that was published in Pravda on July 12, 2001—less than 3 months before September 11th, 2001. It is reprinted as follows:

Pravda: All the participants at the hearings stated that America is a huge financial pyramid that will crash soon. Still, it is hard to understand how this could happen in the first and richest country of the world—without a war, without missile or bomb strikes?

Koryagina: Besides bombs and missiles, there are other kinds of weaponry, much more destructive ones...

Pravda: Well, economic theory. But how is it possible for you to give an exact date—August 19?

Koryagina: The US is engaged in a mortal economic game. The known history of civilization is merely the visible part of the iceberg. There is a shadow economy, shadow politics and also a shadow history, known to conspirologists. There are [unseen] forces acting in the world, unstoppable for [the most powerful] countries and even continents.

Pravda: Just these forces intend to smash America on August 19?

Koryagina: There are international “superstate” and “supergovernment” groups. In accordance with tradition, the mystical and religious components play extremely important roles in human history. One must take into account the shadow economy, shadow politics and the religious component, while predicting the development of the present financial situation.

Pravda: Still, I don’t understand what could be done to this giant country, whose budget is calculated in the trillions of dollars.

Koryagina: It is possible to do anything to the US...whose total debt has reached $26 trillion. Generally, the Western economy is at the boiling point now. Shadow financial actives of $300 trillion are hanging over the planet. At any moment, they could fall on any stock exchange and cause panic and crash. The recent crisis in Southeast Asia, which touched Russia, was a rehearsal.

Pravda: What is the sense of smashing just America?

Koryagina: The US has been chosen as the object of financial attack because the financial center of the planet is located there. The effect will be maximal. The strike waves of economic crisis will spread over the planet instantly and will remind us of the blast of a huge nuclear bomb.

Pravda: Did Russia’s crisis of 1998 have this religious-mystical component?

Koryagina...The Russian crisis of 1998 was preconditioned by internal factors. Yeltsin’s policy enlarged its consequences. Now we have President Putin, and this is a good choice.

Pravda: What do we have to do now?

Koryagina: Recommendations, compiled by the Duma Commission of Economic Politics after the recent Duma hearings, offer instruction on what should be done to escape the consequences of a world crisis inspired by a financial catastrophe in the US. This document will be sent—or has already been sent—to President Putin.

Pravda: What should Russian citizens do?

Koryagina: They should start changing their dollars for rubles. President Putin and the Russian Central Bank are already taking the necessary healthy measures. There are high chances that after August 19 the ruble will become a very good currency.

Pravda: Why August 19, say, and not the 21st?

Koryagina: Some fluctuation in this date is possible. Serious forces are acting against those who are now preparing the attack on the United States. August, with very high probability, will bring the financial catastrophe to the US...The last 10 days of August have especial importance from a religious-sensible point of view.”

On July 17, 2001, Pravda ran another article involving an interview with the head of that conference in early July. He echoed a similar theme, mentioning that if preparations are taken, Russia could even benefit from the coming financial catastrophe that would collapse the United States. A final article with a warning was published by Pravda on July 31st, 2001 involving an interview with the Malaysian ambassador to Russia, who also attended the conference. He said the exact same thing about the imminent collapse of the dollar.

What They Are Saying About Our Future

Was Koryagina talking about 9-11 when she warned about the financial attack on America? According to her, the answer is “Yes!” On (October 4, 2001), Dr. Alexandr Nemets reprinted parts of an interview that Pravda had with Koryagina after 911. She stated, regarding the error in predicting August 19th as the attack date, “I did not make a serious mistake. Indeed, between August 15 and 20, the dollar started trembling under the pressure of multiple bad news about the US and the world economy. And within weeks, the Manhattan skyscrapers fell down. As a result, a significant part of the world financial network was paralyzed. This strike was aimed at destabilization and destruction of America and all the countries making countless billions of dollars.” Other things Koryagina stated include:

--“The powerful group” that directed 911 would “strike America in the back”, which will cause the American people to panic as the government is show unable to protect them. From this, the American economy will collapse.

--911 was not a plot developed by the hijackers but rather by an international group that aims to use its capabilities to restructure the world. In writing about what Koryagina said, Nemets writes: “She said the operation was not the work of 19 terrorists but a larger group of extremely powerful private persons, with total assets of about $300 trillion, intends to legalize its power and to become the new world government. The September 11 strikes showed that this group is afraid of nothing—human lives have zero value for them. Koryagina again encouraged Russian citizens to cash out dollars. The Koryagina claims are not easily dismissed, especially her clear indications in the interview before September 11 that the attacks on America’s financial system would be of unusual nature. Her comments also mirrored similar warnings issued by Russian officials.”

The warnings in the media increased as the war against Iraq became certain. And of course, economic preparations came along with it. While warning that terrorists and state sponsors had plans to retaliate for any such action, Russia’s gold currency reserves reached $4.7 billion worth on August 17, 2002. The reserves increased by $600 million worth of gold between August 17th and August 9th. The previous week, the reserves were also increased by $600 million. The week before that (the week of July 26th to August 2nd) saw an increase of over $900 million worth of gold! Between July 5th and August 17th 2002, Russia’s gold reserves saw an increase of almost $2.6 billion![1]

JR Nyquist on Mach 5, 2003 pointed out warnings similar to Koryagina were being made by the major Russian voices. Leonid Ivashov, whose speeches are full of Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, is the head of Russia’s Geopolitical Problems Academy and has major influence in the foreign policy area of government. On February 7, Ivashov said that if the US went to war with Iraq, a new “international security system” would have to be made, as the doctrine of pre-emption would make the world endangered by the West. He says that “the symptoms of possible future chaos are already here. I am sure all of you remember Australia’s statement that it will make preventative strikes. Israel, too, has repeatedly said this.” He continues to say, “The military doctrine or the doctrine of preventative strikes basically consolidates the right of the US armed forces to interfere in the affairs of any country. We can clearly see the desire of the US and its allies to rule the world. We can also add the world financial elite there, too”. Not only is this an anti-Capitalism remark, but it echoes Jan Sejna’s warning that the “former” Communists would egg on an economic collapse, feeling it would undermine the so-called international capitalist elite planning to conquer the world. If Russia knew about a “financial attack” in advance, on such a dreaded enemy, why would they warn the enemy?

Perhaps the most startling remark by Ivashov was made three days after September 11th. “The present state of Russia satisfies US interests. What will be tomorrow is unclear. Thus, the US is now at a transition point. She has come to the climax of her military power adventures for grabbing power over the planet. I think this peak ill be crossed in one and a half to two years, after which the USA will retreat from its positions as a result of economic problems....I think an attack an Iraq will occur. I think Iran will be drawn into the confrontation, and it should not be excluded that Israel will participate...After that, US policy will disintegrate under the influence of the economic and social-political collapse inside the US. One has the feeling, that the financial oligarchy in power on this planet is not interested in maintaining the US population at its present living standard.”

Here we have common themes between the attendees of the conference in early July and Ivashov and the others mentioned:

A) A planned economic collapse by “shadow forces” that would financially attack the USA. This would be favorable to Russia and the security of the world.

B) A new security system for the world would arise from the collapse

C) The US military “threat” will end due to the economic collapse

D) “Shadow forces” will attack a world financial elite of Capitalists that plan to control the world. To bring them down, you must bring down America.

E) War with Iraq will play a role in bringing down these financial elite. It is unclear if the Russians I’ve mentioned feel that the “shadow forces” will provoke the US into a war with Iraq, or that such a conflict is inevitable and they plan to use it to their advantage (the most likely scenario).

From these statements, we have a series of accurate predictions by the high-level Russian elite:

Around August 19th: An attack on the United States without bombs or missiles that would shock the Stock Market and world economy, resulting in a new era that would begin the downfall of America and the “financial elite” (a Marxist-Leninist term).

Second half of 2001: The same mysterious forces behind the 911 attack would begin preparation for a second “financial attack” of a different kind, which would force Americans to give up the belief that the government will protect them.

March—September 2003: US military power begins declining from economic problems stemming from a war with Iraq. Ivashov accurately predicted a war with Iraq in this time period!

Last half of 2003: Conflict widens to include Iran and possibly Israel (I am unable to tell if Ivashov means this will occur militarily). US policy collapses after economic and social-political crises in the US. Ivashov said in February 2003, “I will say for everybody that the use of nuclear weapons during the conflict is quite probable.” It appears that Ivashov is counting on a nuclear conflict of some kind to accelerate America’s downfall.

Although there can be no clear conclusions from all this, we can conclude that sects of the Russian intelligence communities and government did know about 911 in advance. We can conclude that there are distinct anti-American sects in Russia that will not help us detect a “financial attack”, and may even egg it on. We can conclude that there is certain coordination between state sponsors and these rogue elements in Russia. We can conclude that the branches of forces that help terrorists and the organized crime groups allied to them, is far more extensive than commonly believed. And finally, we can conclude that there are rogue elements in Russia eagerly awaiting the collapse of America’s economic system to exploit our weaknesses, and perhaps even take power themselves in Russia after such an event.

And one more thing, please do not think that Russia would warn us about a coming terrorist attack unless it has something in it for them. Nemets wrote in on April 17, 2003 this following quote by an influential Russian: “In the case of success in Iraq, Americans will feel themselves the rulers of the world. To support this position, they will have to repeat similar operations in some countries about every two years. The best decision for Russia would be to give America an opportunity to drink this cup to the bottom. Let them stick in Iraq, in other points of the world, preferably as far from Russia as possible. Let’s wait this moment out and then use the American weakness. Then we’ll recover Great Russia by absorbing Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.” The quote is from Vitaly Tretyakov, former editor of Nezavisimaya Gazeta and a member of Putin’s “close intellectual group”. Nemets writes how other specific members of this group have all recently talked of using American weakness, and bogging down American forces.

“The decision to make war on Iraq is a big mistake that the United States made. America gave an incentive for the rest of the world to unite in the anti-American coalition. It is obvious from the diplomatic point of view that no country in the whole world wishes to live and watch Americans using the military force whenever they want and like to use. The world community will have to consolidate its military, political, economic, technical resources in order not to allow that to happen. The process is underway already. This is a unique moment, for it never happened before, not even during the USA’s bombing of Yugoslavia. The world will have to unite and find a format to restrain America, the country, which opposed itself to the whole world.” –Colonel-General Valery Manilov, member of the Federation Council from the Primarye Region in an interview with the radio show, Echo of Moscow.[2]

Articles of Interest Although I do not recommend using this site in research at all, this particular article does have some good information on how Koryagina described the “shadow forces” involved in 911. I do not agree with some information written in the article, from an analytical point of view, but the information that Koryagina stated must be exposed. This contains the testimony of the attendees to the conference in early July. Highly recommended for further insight!

Ryan Mauro has been a geopolitical analyst for Tactical Defense Concepts (, a maritime-associated security company, since 2002. In 2003, Mr. Mauro joined the Northeast Intelligence Network (, which specializes in tracking and assessing terrorist threats. He has been published in,,,,, and in the Turkistan Newsletter (Turkistan Bulteni). He is a frequent writer for as well. He has appeared on radio shows including The Al Rantel Show, WIBG Radio, WorldNetDaily Radioactive with Joseph Farah, Jeff Nyquist Program, Kevin McCullough Show, Laurie Roth Show, Tovia Singer Show, Stan Major Show, and Preparedness Now. His book "Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq" is scheduled to be published in the coming months. He publishes his own web site called World Threats. Mr. Mauro may be reached at


Monday, January 24, 2005


The MEMRI Report

As the February 5-8 Saudi conference on terrorism approaches, it is worth examining the Saudi royal family's position on jihad against Jews, as well as how this relates to Israel's exclusion from the conference. The Saudi assistant minister of foreign affairs, Mizar Midani, explained that Israel is excluded because it is "responsible for extremism in the region."

One of the most common forms of anti-Semitism embraced in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, is the phenomenon of blaming everything on Israel, Zionists, and Jews (and in recent years America, too). As Sheik Abd Al-Qader Shiba Al-Hammad stated on Saudi MBC TV on August 6: "There is no evil in the world that the Jews are not behind...In the depths of history and in the will find that the finger of the behind everything."

The magazine Al-Jundi Al-Muslim, or the Muslim Soldier, published by the Religious Affairs Department of the Saudi armed forces, released an article on May 1 in its Know Your Enemy section that stated: "The majority of revolutions, coups d'etat, and wars which have occurred in the world...are almost entirely the handiwork of the order to implement the injunctions of the fabricated Torah, the Talmud, and the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion], all of which command the destruction of all non-Jews in order to achieve their goal - namely, world domination."

Blaming the Jews/Zionists/Israel for the world's ills begins in the upper echelons of Saudi society. The interior minister, Prince Nayef, publicly blamed September 11 on "the Zionists." Following terror attacks in Saudi Arabia last year, Crown Prince Abdallah blamed "Zionists," a position that was supported by members of the royal family. Prince Nayef explained at the time: "Israel and Zionism are behind Al Qaeda."

Given the fact that Saudi Arabia has never recognized Israel, it is not surprising that the Saudis have a long history of hatred of Jews and support for terrorist attacks and jihad against Israel. It has been documented by official Saudi government sources that committees created by leading princes, such as the Popular Committee for Assisting the Palestinian Mujahideen and the Support to the Committee for the Al-Quds Intifada, which are now the subjects of numerous lawsuits from victims of terrorism, have given more than $4 billion to "mujahideen fighters" and "families of martyrs."

The daughter of King Saud, Princess Fahda, is the historian of her father's reign and wrote an article last year that stated "...King Saud made the right diagnosis: 'The Zionist threat is like cancer - in dealing with it neither medicine nor surgery will do any good.' This royal statement was meant to emphasize that the Arabs do not, and will not, accept an Israeli state amidst them.'" She added that under the leadership of King Saud, the Saudi representative to the United Nations called on it to establish an agency "to help resettle Jews [now in Israel] in their former European homes."

The Saudi Abdallah Al-Quba wrote in the journal Saudi Foreign Policy in 1986 about the official Saudi policy of jihad against Israel: "We will not be blamed if we undertake the method of holy jihad. The racist military religious war that Israel wages will not come to an end but by jihad. The meaning of holy jihad is a sole...Islamic confrontation, where we would replace our entire spiritual, educational, diplomatic...and military capabilities ...into it, for a long persistent jihad."

All aspects of Saudi culture, including schoolbooks, sermons, press, and government institutions espouse hatred of the Jews. In a show on Iqra TV on August 26, a reporter on the streets asked passersby: "Would you shake hands with a Jew?" Answers included: "No, because the Jews are eternal enemies," and "Of course not, so I wouldn't have to consider amputating my hand afterwards." Next, the interviewer asked "If a child asks you who 'who are the Jews,' what would you answer?" The interviewees responded: "The enemies of Allah," and "Allah's wrath is upon them, as the Koran says...They are the filthiest people on the face of this earth...The solution is clear...If only [the Muslims] declared jihad."

A statement posted on the Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C.'s Web site detailed that the Saudi terror conference will focus on "the concepts and causes of terrorism." It was also reported by Saudi officials that all countries affected by terrorism will be invited. Israel's exclusion could be because, according to Saudi law, no Jews are permitted to set foot inside Saudi Arabia, as the Saudi Ministry of Tourism Web site stated last year. It also could be due to the fact the Saudi royal family has always supported jihad against Israel, and as many of its princes have repeatedly stated, suicide attacks against Israel are legitimate acts of resistance, not terrorism.

One would hope that the State Department is aware of the Saudi position calling for jihad against Jews and that any American participation at the conference may unwittingly imply support of this policy.

Mr. Stalinsky is executive director at the Middle East Media Research Institute.


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