Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Minutemen's success

By Steven Camarota and Mark Krikorian

Last month's border-watch program in Arizona called the Minuteman Project is likely to be only the first of many such efforts by frustrated Americans. Its endorsement by many congressmen, and especially by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, virtually guarantees that more private citizens will volunteer to help monitor our neglected border with Mexico in an effort to shame Washington into action.
What have we learned from the initial effort in Arizona?
First of all, we can safely dismiss the scare tactics of opponents of immigration enforcement. From the ACLU "observers" sent to intimidate the Minutemen, to the Mexican government's lies about "immigrant hunters," to President Bush's shameful smear of these volunteers as "vigilantes," every prediction of extremism has proven false. The Minutemen (and Minutewomen) were exactly what they claimed to be — responsible patriots simply reporting illegal crossers to the Border Patrol. These ordinary people, untrained in the ways of political theater, nonetheless showed themselves to be sober and disciplined, guarding the integrity of their efforts against fringe elements and never succumbing to the provocations of their opponents. We should be proud to live in a country that produces such citizens.
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