Thursday, April 28, 2005


Lobby At-Home Activity for Thursday...Fax Senate Leadership, Call Conferees
The House/Senate conference on the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill began today. Victory on retaining the REAL ID provisions is close, but more work is needed to keep the pressure up.

Since the start of the at-home lobby effort this Monday to coincide with hundreds of activists visiting Washington D.C, we've been getting a ton of feedback from FAIR activists around the country. Your message is being heard loud and clear! Check out the Stein Report for samples of some of your comments.


1. FAX SENATE LEADERSHIP...CICK HERE to start faxing Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

2. CALL CONFEREES...Call as many conferees as possible tomorrow and urge them to retain the House-passed REAL ID provisions in the final emergency supplemental bill. Start with the Senate Democrats and the House conferees who voted against the REAL ID Act. (If you're a constituent, say so when calling.)

Report all intelligence gathered to FAIR's Communication Center by emailing, subject line: "FTTF at-home lobby."


You can call their offices directly, or call the Senate Switchboard (202-224-3121) and ask to be connected.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) - 202-224-3841 - Sen. Feinstein has vocally opposed including REAL ID in the supplemental.
Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI) - 202-224-4721
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) - 202-224-3254
Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) - 202-224-2152
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) - 202-224-5824
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) - 202-224-4654
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) - 202-224-2551
Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) - 202-224-3542
Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) - 202-224-5824
Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) - 202-224-4242
Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) - 202-224-2621
Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) - 202-224-5653
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) - 202-224-3954

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) - 202-224-3004
Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) - 202-224-5744
Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) - 202-224-5941
Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) - 202-224-2752
Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) - 202-224-6521 - Sen. Brownback has threatened to offer an amendment to strip REAL ID from the final emergency supplemental.
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) - 202-224-2541
Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MI) - 202-224-5054
Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond (R-MO) - 202-224-5721
Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) - 202-224-2644
Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) - 202-224-3324
Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) - 202-224-6621
Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) - 202-224-2315
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) - 202-224-4254
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) - 202-224-5922
Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT) - 202-224-5444

You can call their offices directly, or call the House Switchboard (202-225-3121) and ask to be connected.

The following conferees VOTED AGAINST the REAL ID Act (H.R. 418) when considered as stand alone legislation. Hold them accountable.

Rep. Peter J. Visclosky (D-IN) - 202-225-2461
Rep. Martin Olav Sabo (D-MN) - 202-225-4755
Rep. Nita M. Lowey (D-NY) - 202-225-6506
Rep. John P. Murtha (D-PA) - 202-225-2065
Rep. Alan B. Mollohan (D-WA) - 202-225-4172
Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA) - 202-225-5916
Rep. David R. Obey (D-WI) - 202-225-3365
These conferees VOTED FOR the REAL ID Act. Thank them for this vote.

Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) - 202-225-2542
Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) - 202-225-5861
Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R-FL) - 202-225-5961
Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY) - 202-225-4601
Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) - 202-225-5802
Rep. Charles H. Taylor (R-NC) - 202-225-6401
Rep. James T. Walsh (R-NY) - 202-225-3701
Rep. Ralph Regula (R-OH) - 202-225-3876
Rep. David L. Hobson (R-OH) - 202-225-4324
Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX) - 202-225-6105
Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX) - 202-225-4511
Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) - 202-225-5136
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