Thursday, March 10, 2005

Al-Qa'ida book on managing savagery

This from Jihad Watch

An intriguing new Al-Qaeda book on how to reestablish the caliphate by stages has appeared on the Internet. From Isralert, with thanks to Enzo:

On 2 March, "Irhabi3," a new member in Al-Ikhlas forum, posted a link to a new book "Managing Savagery - The Most Crucial Period to Be Faced by the Nation," by Abu-Bakr Naji. The 113-page book was published by the al-Qa'ida-affiliated Center for Islamic Studies and Research. In the book, Naji presented an elaborate plan for the recreation of an Islamic Nation, starting in limited areas, and spreading worldwide. He called for scattered small attacks against "enemy interests" to cause security disarray, seizure of power by the mujahidin, and establishment of the Islamic nation. In his introduction, the author said that the book discusses the subject of Savagery Management in general, and only goes into details when absolutely necessary. He said that the minute details will be left to the experts and to the actual leaders in the field....

The book opened with a description of the state of the world superpowers and the situation in the Muslim world and claimed that societies have faced fast moral deterioration. Naji argued that, according to God's intent for his creation, morality and social justice can only be restored through power and fighting, and not through peaceful means like the ones promoted by Gandhi. He stressed the importance of his plan, as explained in the book, to use citizens and the mujahidin's organized forces to restore the Muslim nation. He suggested applying his plan first to a small group of countries: Saudi Arabia, Northwest Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Jordan, and Yemen, before spreading worldwide. He presented the necessary three major phases to establish his proposed nation:

First: The Weakening and Wearing Down Phase - This is the phase during which jihadist groups, in various parts of the world, create security disarray by carrying out attacks against various targets. He urged smaller attacks as they do not require approval of "high command" and provide more flexibility to the groups. He said that such "attacks will attract the youth to jihad, free these areas from the existing apostate regimes, and prepare their forces for the next phase of Savagery Management."

Second: The Savagery Management Phase – The mujahidin will take control and manage the anarchy resulting form the previous phase. During this period, they will preserve the security of the area under their control, provide citizens with food and healthcare, strengthen their combat abilities, establish the legal system in the area under control, provide Shari'ah and jihad education, establish an intelligence system, sign treaties with groups in surrounding areas, and improve the administrative abilities in preparation for the establishment of the Islamic State.

Third: The Empowerment Phase [The Establishment of the State] - The author suggested that the 11 September attacks "caused the US to lose its grandeur and were planned to force the United States into the trap of revenge by invading Afghanistan and coming face to face with the people of the occupied lands." He suggested expanding attacks against the "Crusaders and Zionists" worldwide and urged concentrating on "economic targets especially oil" to weaken the "forces and economies." The author predicted that by the end of this phase the enemy would join the mujahidin so as to "die as martyrs instead of tyrant infidels . . . and the enemy might resort to peaceful means and settle to protecting their economy and wealth . . . security disarray follows . . . and the mujahidin will continue their progress." He added that the plan requires both military and media strategies to support it.

Ibrahim Hooper might be able to tell you something about those media strategies. Ibrahim?

Anyway, read it all.
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