Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Terrorism in Our Midst: From the Airport to the Mall

Resa LaRu Kirkland

My dad was a Federal Parole and Probation officer in El Paso, Texas, 30 years ago. Because he dealt with Federal cases, it was his responsibility to handle illegal immigrants. I was only about 8 years old when I overheard him saying that 10,000 Mexicans a day crossed the border between America and Mexico. Of course, they didn’t all stay…much of it was just daily traffic back and forth.

But many of them did stay, and I knew why. We would often go into Juarez for fun—gorgeous pottery, inexpensive trinkets, another world to peruse and study. I grew to despise those trips, however, because I couldn’t bear the suffering I saw. Old people, children, crippled lying on the sidewalks begging for change, half-starved creatures barely resembling human beings, stripped of clothing, flesh, and dignity. Children sleeping under blankets on dusty sidewalks, an old woman with no legs or teeth, smiling sweetly at the offer of a quarter—such images plague me to this day, and eventually caused me to abandon our regular trips. I had taken to changing the money my parents would give me for the trip into quarters, and giving it to those who lined the sidewalks. It was never enough, and my helplessness in the face of such overwhelming need left me disheartened. I mentioned this to my dad one day, and to my utter surprise, this man—whose job it was to stop illegal immigration—looked at me and said, “It breaks my heart too. If I lived there under those conditions, I would do anything, break any law to get my family to America.”

This display of understanding touched me then, and still does. But my father would also caution that America could simply not take in the entire world, and that those who obeyed the laws could not and should not be made to pay for those who broke them. He taught me what illegal immigration was costing this nation, and what it would end up costing me and my children someday if it was allowed to go on, unchecked, unfettered, unregulated. The picture he painted was even more repugnant than the streets of Juarez, and I knew then and there that illegal immigration was wrong—evil, in fact, because it would destroy the life of the land it was seeking.

Let’s face it—our borders are Swiss cheese. Pretending we’re doing something about it is pointless. We need a new form of attack—offense, not defense. But the attack needs to be full force—that is, we need to watch the airports too, because America’s greatest threat comes not from the border on the border, but the border in our major metropolitan population centers.

Those who come to America from Mexico come here not to destroy us, but to better themselves. They come here and work hard for a piece of the American dream, and the warrior in me can’t help but respect that.

But now for the rest of the story…

Recently I was approached by a man who informed me of something far more alarming than the daily border crossings in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. There are groups of Middle Eastern men in this country who are determined to bring us down, but not by toppling buildings. These men are members of groups of organized criminals, and they are running companies in this country—companies that are not just defrauding customers, but are making millions of dollars used to support terrorism and destroy our land and those of our allies.

I have hard evidence, sent to me by one man who infiltrated one of their businesses. He has seen their arrogance, their dismissal of “Stupid Americans” and our inability—or lack of ambition—to stop them from their agenda. These people don’t claim the true dollars involved, leaving the rest of us to pick up the tax slack. They believe that anything they can do in business, in the courts, in the community, to divide and conquer is the right thing to do.

My “mole” friend has done all of this, on his own, at great personal risk, for one reason and one reason only: he loves this land, and loathes those who would destroy it. He has seen their wretchedness first hand, lived within a large nest of the monsters, and documented how wide-spread they are… all across the nation. These aren’t people desperate for a better way of life, working at any job, anywhere, just to have enough to eat, nor are they angry young militants taking flying lessons. No, these are young men, driving Mercedes and wearing expensive clothes, who take our money and laugh at our gullibility. They plan carefully, recruiting illegals in the Middle East and, exploiting “dual nationals” with hellish contemplation, and choose warily those they can use to abuse us here in America.

The companies they operate range from “Home Improvement,” “Moving” (very notorious), “Real Estate,” “Air Conditioning,” “Toys,” “Cosmetics,” and various Kiosks in major shopping malls across the United States. If caught, they close up shop, go back to the Middle East, and in a few months open up the same business under a different name. Their actions are deliberate, their motive is evil, and their success is horrifying. In addition to the fraudulent businesses they set up, their works include marriage scams and workers who don’t dare squeal for fear of being deported. It is madness, it is mind-boggling, and it is happening.

It is obvious that our government agencies have failed so far against this menace. This fact is what motivated my “mole” to do this on his own—that magnificent American method of finding a way to accomplish something: if you can’t find it, by God, you forge it. Like him, I feel someone has to stop this.

So I’m taking up the standard of my “mole,” and I’m going to do this myself. I call upon all of you who say “Enough” to join me. I am rallying those who will help me put together a documentary, articles, and a book about this shadowy enemy in our midst. Everything is ready, in hard format, even those on the inside who will be interviewed.

These are not men who love America so much they’ll do anything to be a part of it, who work away their youth and health to make a better life for their families. No, this is the vile face of the enemy, and he’s already here. Our worst “border” is the airport, where these men arrive from first class, and marvel at the “Stupid Americans” while they plan, execute, and evade. This is real, it is deadly, and it is now. Join me, fellow Americans…if we fail this, there is no future.

I think my dad would have approved.

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