Thursday, January 20, 2005

Pelosi and Dowd--Women Who Should Be Beaten

Michael--Welcome back my dear but misguided friend--I understand today is a jolt to all liberal democrat's nervous systems' but quoting Maureen Dowd? She, like fat-boy Michael Moore, is a perfect example why the democrats may never see one of their kind in the White House for about 300 years--she is a birdbrain who isn't even funny--Michael Moore is at least a good propagandist--and he does have some funny stuff until he starts acting like he knows something--then, he just turns into another liberal wacko with a grudge.

Dowd deserves a beating along with mafia-girl Nancy Pelosi for her classless comments today--They should both be shipped off to Saudi Arabia and be forced to perform sex acts on the back of camels to toothless bedouins until they learn their place. Both are a disgrace to women of intelligence and class.

All the whining and sniping from Democrats today and the best your party could do was run John Fornicating Kerry? Give me a break! For all the sniping at President Bush--he was smart enough to beat a blue-blood liberal from the Northeast, yes? With all the braintrust at the New York Times and CBS and Kofi and France and all the other European fuck-wads who haven't done anything meaningful in 400 years against him--he still managed to outwit, outlast and outplay all those allied against him.

He got to put his hand on the Bible while all is detractors ate their own bile
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