Sunday, January 23, 2005

"Jihad, Whos up for it?"

This from Jihad Watch

All Muslims in Western countries peacefully accept pluralism and have no attachment to Sharia or violent jihad -- or so American Muslim advocacy groups would have us believe, on pain of being called "racist" or "Islamophobic." But alas, reality is different. A Muslim in Toronto recently posted this at the Islamic Forum bulletin boards (thanks to Jeff Lastname for the link):

Are you planning to participate in Jihad to do service to Allah's Religion?
Tell us how you will go about doing this.

For me personally, I wanna get a basic job and save up money (About $35 grand CDN)...and go to Iran to get military training at the same time educating myself in deen and memorizing Quran. Because it's taqwa and niyyah that would get me accepted by Allah and assist me in Jihad. Then after completing the training in Iran I will go to Chechnya to assist the Mujahideen there.

Subsequent posters admonish this fellow not to speak so openly about his plans on the Internet. One tells him:

The Post-9/11 world is different. The different Western intelligence agencies are putting pressure on their respective muslim populations. They are out to stop people trying to go to jihad so you dont watn them to make your plans anymore difficult
The original poster, "MedinaMuniwara," makes his intentions quite clear:

Bro there is a need. The need to fight the oppressors. There are so many able muslims that can go for Jihad, if we just didnt intend and DID ......those Russians woulda been slaughtered by now.
A poster identifying himself as "Greek Cypriot" says to him:

Anyway, I don't have any problem with what you want to do - So long as you abide by the rules of Jihad (Don't kill innocents e.t.c.) and don't attack any Greeks. :)
MedinaMuniwara responds:

Greek: If there are any Greek-Russians in the occupation of Chechnya....I will have to kill them. lmao
He is contemptuous of the idea that unbelievers might see this discussion and disapprove:

Are u scared to fight? I hope not. You scared of being harrassed at skool cuz of ur deen [religion]? Was Bilal (ra) scared of being harrassed by Mushrikeen Makkah? He took boulders on his stomach ....this is #### compared to them. They just said "One God" and lost their lives.
I cant believe why would anyone say "OHh look what the kuffar think of us..they think we are savages ...lets stop fighting.....they think we oppress women...lets get rid of the hijabs...n khimars....." thats total B-S!

What would a kuffar think if you told them Rasool (SAW) [that's the Muslim prophet Muhammad] had 12 wives? You know exactly what they would think. Would u stop saying it? No.

The discussion goes on for pages and contains much of interest. Greek Cypriot comes back later to tell the would-be mujahid:

THIS FORUM MUST BE MONITORED BY THE FBI OR SOME OTHER GROUP! Don't you realise how dangerous it is to post things like that? Don't you realise they will probably start reading all your mail, bugging your phones e.t.c?!!!
Or at least posting what you say on Jihad Watch.

Don't miss a revealing debate that is posted late in the thread. It is between a Sheikh Al-Albani (probably Imam Muhammad Naasir ud-Din Al-Albani (1914-1999), who taught for a time at the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia) and a jihadi. They are discussing whether a caliph is need to declare jihad fard ayn -- that is, obligatory on all Muslims, as opposed to fard kifaya, which is an obligation from which one is released if another takes it up. The fact that this is debated at all is one indicates why jihadists worldwide are so anxious to reestablish the caliphate. If there were a caliph, these questions would not need to be raised.

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