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Zogby: Bush Retains 4 point lead

Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: Bush Still Ahead (48%-44%); President Supported by Democrats (14%); Fewer Republicans Support Kerry (5%), New Reuters/Zogby Poll Reveals

Three days after the final presidential debate, President Bush retains his four-point lead over Senator John Kerry, according to a new Reuters/Zogby daily tracking poll. The telephone poll of 1211 likely voters was conducted from Wednesday through Friday (October 13-15, 2004). The margin of error is +/- 2.9 percentage points.

Republican - George W. Bush

Democrat - John Kerry

Independent - Ralph Nader

Libertarian - Michael Badnarik

Constitution - Michael Peroutka

Green - David Cobb



Pollster John Zogby: “Bush led by 4 today-- the first full day sample after the debate. Kerry gets 81% of support among Democrats while Bush gets 14%, but Bush gets 92% among Republican to Kerry's 5%-- and, of course, the two are tied among Independents and also Catholics.

Zogby International conducted interviews of 1231 likely voters chosen at random nationwide. All calls were made from Zogby International headquarters in Utica, N.Y., from October 13 through October 15, 2004. The margin of error is +/- 2.9 percentage points. Slight weights were added to region, party, age, race, religion, gender, to more accurately reflect the voting population. Margins of error are higher in sub-groups.


Bin Laden is located, says 9/11 panelist

Pakistani allies keeping him safe

By Jim Mohr

CLAREMONT, Calif. - The Pentagon knows exactly where Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan, it just can't get to him, John Lehman, a member of the 9/11 Commission, said Thursday.

Lehman's remarks echoed those made Tuesday by Secretary of State Colin Powell, who said the al-Qaida leader was alive and operating in the western part of Pakistan.

Bin Laden is living in South Waziristan in the Baluchistan Mountains of the Baluchistan region, Lehman told the San Bernardino Sun after delivering a keynote speech on terrorism at Pitzer College in Claremont.

In the interview, Lehman noted, "There is an American presence in the area, but we can't just send in troops. If we did, we could have another Vietnam, and the United States cannot afford that right now."

When pressed on why the United States couldn't send troops into the region to capture the world's No. 1 terrorist, Lehman said the Baluchistan region of the country is filled with militant fundamentalists who do not recognize the legitimacy of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, a close ally of the United States.

"That is a region filled with Taliban and al-Qaida members," he said, acknowledging that Pakistan's security services also are filled with many who agree with bin Laden's beliefs and would aid him if U.S. Special Forces entered the region.

"Look," he said, "Musharraf already has had three assassination attempts on his life. He is trying to comply, but he is surrounded by people who do not agree with him. This is not like Afghanistan, where there was no compliance, and we had to go in.

"We'll get (bin Laden) eventually, just not now."

Asked how bin Laden was surviving, Lehman said he was getting money from outside countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, and high-ranking ministers inside Saudi Arabia.

"He is not a wealthy man," Lehman said. "We ran that information into the ground, and discovered he only receives about $1 million a year from his family's fortune. The rest of what he gets comes from radical sympathizers."

Department of Defense spokeswoman Capt. Ronnie Merritt confirmed the U.S. military believes bin Laden is in Pakistan. However, she would not comment on Lehman's remarks, except to say that he normally didn't speak about these issues, and she was surprised he had.

Lehman, secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan, was one of the 10 members of the bipartisan commission that examined the terrorists attacks on the United States.

He also is the author of three books about military tactics.


Come Closer to Allah Through Killing Infidels

To View Recently Translated Segments from Arab and Iranian Television

Special Dispatch - Jihad and Terrorism Studies Project
October 22, 2004
No. 804

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML format, visit

Al-Qa'ida Internet Magazine Sawt Al-Jihad Calls to Intensify Fighting During Ramadan- 'the Month of Jihad'

In issue #27 of Sawt Al-Jihad, an Internet journal affiliated with the branch of Al-Qa'ida based in the Arabian peninsula, several articles were published in honor of Ramadan, which discussed the importance of Jihad in the month of Ramadan, and called for Jihad fighters to intensify the fight against infidels this month. The following are excerpts from two of the articles that appeared in the journal:(1)

'Come Closer to Allah Through the Blood of Infidels'

Sa'ud Bin Hamoud Al-Utaybi, who is wanted by the Saudi authorities, wrote the following in the journal's opening editorial: "Muslims! Go out to [fight] Jihad for the sake of Allah! Paradise has already flung open its gates and the virgins of paradise are already decked out in anticipation of their grooms - this is Allah's promise. He [Allah] will not grant peace of mind to anyone who has a heart until he has gone out to fight against Allah's enemies, as he was commanded. He who does not act [i.e., fight the Jihad] out of obedience to Allah's command, and out of zeal for the honor of the Muslim women which was defiled at Abu Ghreib and in the other prisons of the leaders of unbelief, and out of fervor, and out of mortification at [the thought of] shirking [battle] - what else could arouse him [to go to battle] other than all of these?...

"Muslims! You should at the very least pray for your brothers the Jihad fighters, who gave their lives and spilled their blood for Allah in defense of the holy sites that were desecrated and in revenge for the pride of the Muslim nation that was wounded by the cross bearers and by the Jews. Don't forget to pray for your brothers in Fallujah...

"We pray for the Jihad fighters in Fallujah and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, the Arabian Peninsula ... in wounded Palestine, which the most wicked of all humans have been flooding with iniquity for more than 50 years, without there being anyone to stop them, and in Egypt, in whose borders your valiant brothers took action and attacked a hotel in which Jews were gathered and killed dozens of them as an offering to Allah before Ramadan. We ask of Allah that he not deny them [their] reward for this colossal feat.

"Don't forget your brothers in Algeria who have been fighting for Allah for more than ten years. [These fighters] have suffered from the abandonment of those close to them, from the enmity of those far from them, from the enemy's assault and from [various] afflictions and tribulations, but this has not weakened them. We appreciate them, and Allah will grant them their reward. We ask Allah to grant victory to them and to the other Jihad fighters everywhere...

"Jihad fighters everywhere! This month of Jihad has come with all its blessings and with the double reward [granted to Jihad fighters] in its course. Come closer to Allah through the blood of infidels, do not relent in spilling [their blood], and through [this blood] wipe out humiliation and disgrace from among your Muslim nation! Make this month like the month of the Battle of Badr,(2) the conquest of Mecca,(3) [the conquest] of Shaqhab,(4) and other Islamic victories.

"We ask Allah to turn this Ramadan into a month of glory, victory, and might, to hoist high in [this month] the banner of religion, to strengthen Islam and the Muslims, to humiliate polytheism and polytheists, to wave the banner of monotheism, to firmly plant the banner of Jihad, and to smite the perverts and the obstinate..."

In the Month of Ramadan 'the Heads of the Bravest Infidels from the Tribe of Quraysh Were Sent Flying'

Another editorial was penned by Sheikh Aamer Bin Abdallah Al-Aamer, titled "Men of Jihad, This Is Your Festive Season:" "Men of Jihad, this is your festive season since Jihad, in a state of fasting, has a particularly delectable taste for the believers, especially [when together] with the dignity of the month of Ramadan. How wonderful it is to delight in the breaking of the fast and to taste the killing of infidels, to delight in the sound of the wailing of tyrants and lowly degenerates, and [in the sound of] the voices of the wicked [i.e., Arab leaders] on the television stations ... condemning the death of their infidel masters and their servants. [This is a] month of fighting, of self-sacrifice, of military victories, of the victory of religion and the humiliation of the infidels. The most courageous and finest forays took place in Ramadan, for in the battle of salvation - the Battle of Badr - the heads of the bravest infidels from the tribe of Quraysh were sent flying, and Allah gave His Messenger and Prophet victory [with the help of] an army of His Hosts....

"In [the month of] Ramadan a great conquest was made, [both] of lands and of hearts - [I mean] the conquest of Mecca - in whose wake people adopted the religion of Allah, whether by choice or by coercion, and the [Arab] tribes adopted Islam ... and this is what the Glorious and Exalted One said: 'You will see the people adopting Allah's religion in droves.' [Koran 110:2]

"The Prophet Muhammad - in a prophetic tradition related on the authority of Abu Hurayra, [explaining] God's words, 'You are the best community ever raised for mankind' [Koran 3:110] - said: 'That means you are the best people for mankind [because] you lead them, with chains on their necks, so that they accept Islam.' This tradition is related by Al-Bukhari. Ahmad [Ibn Hanbal] relates a tradition, with a proper line of transmitters, on the authority of Anas, that the Messenger of Allah said to someone: 'Embrace Islam!' The man answered: 'I find myself reluctant.' So [the Prophet] said: 'Even if you are reluctant.'

"Is there anything more enraging to the enemies of God than Jihad? Look at their leader, the Devil, who during the Battle of Badr was encouraging the infidels, making them promises and raising their hopes. When he saw the angels [coming to the aid of the Muslim army] he fled and threw himself into the sea....

"The Devil, the enemy of Allah, tries hard to extinguish the light of Allah and his being viewed as One. To this purpose, he entices his allies, the infidels and the hypocrites, and urges them [to sin]. Nowadays, human devils do the same, as do the tyrants of the Arabian Peninsula, who encourage their slaves in the secret service, the police, and the people as well, and make them promises of money, gifts, and other material comforts. Allah said: 'He makes promises and stirs them, but all that the Devil promises them is a delusion.' [Koran 4:120]

"Likewise, these tyrants try to seduce you, [claiming] that you will be martyrs on behalf of the homeland after your death and that the governor of the region will pray over you and will promote you after death, after the grave has been closed on you and your ribs have been mangled [by the torments of the grave]. You will then receive [the consequences] of your evil deeds, namely, fighting to defend the cross and to protect the [Arab] tyrants. The gate to Hell will be opened to you, because Hell is your abode. What do you say then? [That] perhaps the Day of Judgment will not come? Or the Day of Resurrection?...

"Oh, men of Jihad everywhere! There are two types of Jihad in Ramadan: The diurnal Jihad [expressed by] fasting and the nocturnal Jihad [expressed by] prayer. Perform the Jihad against your enemies with your [own two] hands, sacrifice your souls and your property in fighting your enemy, as an imitation of [the acts of] your Prophet [Muhammad] in the month of Ramadan [and in order to] enrage your enemies.

"Oh, men of Jihad, the victory of Allah's religion will be as [Allah] said: 'Fight them until there is no civil strife [fitna] in the country, and God's religion shall reign supreme.' [Koran 8:39] For the country is full of civil strife and unbelief.

"Oh, men of Jihad, cleanse the country of unbelief and unbelievers by means of Jihad and war [and by means of] the sword and the spear. Do not be led astray by the power of the infidels because their strength, be it what it may, is under Allah's control and His agenda.

"Know that Allah grants you victory and supports you as He promised. Make use of this glorious month because it brings together great elements: fasting, nocturnal prayer, the reciting of the Koran and other good deeds. Therefore, trust in your Lord, fight your enemies, and cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of the unbelievers."

(1) Sawt Al-Jihad (#27).
(2) The Battle of Badr was fought in 624 between Muhammad and the Quraysh tribe.
(3) Muhammad conquered Mecca in 630.
(4) Shaqhab was a city south of Damascus and the site of a battle between the Tatars and the Muslims in 1304, at which Ibn Taymiyya was present.


Bush stresses war on terror

By James G. Lakely and Stephen Dinan

President Bush yesterday said the race for the White House comes down to "clear choices" between him and John Kerry on five issues: "your family's security, your budget, your quality of life, your retirement and the bedrock values that are so critical to our families and our future."
Despite his new stump speech on tax cuts, education spending, Social Security reform and abortion, Mr. Bush still leaned heavily on a single topic — the war on terror — the issue his campaign thinks the president must emphasize to win re-election.

"The enemies who killed thousands of innocent people are still dangerous and determined to strike us again," Mr. Bush said in Wilkes Barre, Pa. "The outcome of this election will set the direction of the war against terror, and in this war there is no place for confusion and no substitute for victory."
In Milwaukee, Mr. Kerry, facing a potential gender gap of "security moms," yesterday told an audience of Wisconsin women that he would end the culture of worry over domestic issues such as wages and college costs that Mr. Bush has created.
"America never was a country that had to live with that kind of worry, and we deserve to be a country that doesn't have to in the future," he said. "Today, for far too many women, the American dream seems a million miles away because you've barely got time to sleep, and when you've barely got time to sleep, you've barely got time to dream."
Repackaging his stump speech for this audience, Mr. Kerry reduced his references to national security. He briefly mentioned his intention to hunt down and kill terrorists, which drew scattered applause, and his commitment to work with allies, which drew a much broader round of applause.
Instead, he said, Americans, and women in particular, face increasing domestic pressures.
"They work hard every single day, every single night, but still each new day brings on a new set of worries," the Massachusetts Democrat said. "Worry, when their children go out to play, that they might get injured and health insurance won't cover it; that elderly parents can't afford prescription drugs; that jobs will be lost; and that they can't afford college tuitions."
A new Bush campaign ad that began airing yesterday, called "Wolves," criticizes Mr. Kerry for voting to cut defense and intelligence spending.
"In an increasingly dangerous world, even after the first attack on America, John Kerry and the liberals in Congress voted to slash America's intelligence operations by $6 billion," the ad's narrator said over video of a wolf lurking in the woods.
"Cuts so deep they would have weakened America's defenses," the ad continues. "And weakness attracts those who are waiting to do America harm."
The ad was inspired by Ronald Reagan's "Bear in the Woods" ad in 1984, accusing Democrat Walter Mondale of being too liberal to deal with the threat of Soviet communism.
Mr. Bush, speaking to a crowd of about 15,000 in this heavily Democratic northeast corner of Pennsylvania, aggressively painted Mr. Kerry as unable to take the actions necessary to protect Americans from another catastrophic terrorist attack.
"His top foreign policy adviser has questioned whether it's even a war at all, saying that's just a metaphor, like the war on poverty," Mr. Bush said. "I've got news: Anyone who thinks we are fighting a metaphor does not understand the enemy we face and has no idea how to win the war and keep America secure."
The Kerry campaign responded sharply, saying that despite Mr. Bush's claims that he has killed or captured three-fourths of the al Qaeda leadership, "the organization is resurging and morphing."
The Democratic National Committee quickly produced its own animal-themed ad yesterday titled "Protect" to counter Mr. Bush's "Wolves" spot. It portrays Mr. Kerry as an eagle and the president as an ostrich.
In Wisconsin, Mr. Kerry ridiculed Mr. Bush for having said during the first presidential debate that being president was hard.
"Before the president complains about his job, he ought to come here and spend a day with you. He might learn something about how, day after day after day, the women of this country juggle so much with grace and strength," Mr. Kerry said.
He said his campaign promises to raise the minimum wage, to provide health care for all children and to work to close the pay gap between men and women will help ease those worries.
Steve Schmidt, a spokesman for the Bush campaign, said Mr. Kerry's voting history should actually concern women voters.
"He voted for higher taxes on their gas. He voted for higher taxes on their Social Security benefits. He even voted for higher taxes on their children and their marriages," Mr. Schmidt said.
"He has a 20-year record of votes that would weaken our national security, and all the campaign camouflage in the world can't obscure Kerry's record of being wrong for American women and their families," he said.
Polls suggest many female voters are looking for someone they believe makes them feel safer — the "security moms" that Republican pollsters say are gravitating to Mr. Bush.
But Democratic pollsters dismiss the concept of security moms, arguing that married women with children who say security is their highest priority aren't a big group and were probably going to support Mr. Bush already anyway.
And Democrats also say Mr. Kerry gained among women with his performance in the three presidential debates.
Mr. Kerry said 38 million women didn't vote in the 2000 election, and he hopes to win their support as "a president who's on our side."
At his Pennsylvania event, Mr. Bush conceded that "we didn't find the stockpiles [of biological and chemical weapons] we thought were in Iraq, that my opponent thought was there, that the United Nations thought was there, that the world thought was there."
But he pointed out that the report by Iraqi weapons inspector Charles Deulfer on Oct. 6 found that "Saddam Hussein had the intent and capability and the expertise to rebuild a weapons program, that he was gaming the system."
"He was using the oil-for-food program to try to influence officials of other nations to get rid of the sanctions," Mr. Bush said. "And why? Because he wanted the world to look the other way so he could restart his programs."
Mr. Bush has visited Pennsylvania 42 times in his four years in office, and the attention appears to be paying off in a state that Democrat Al Gore won by four percentage points in 2000. A Mason-Dixon poll released this week put the state at a virtual dead heat, 46 percent for Mr. Kerry and 45 percent for Mr. Bush.
Mr. Bush yesterday jetted from Wilkes-Barre to Canton, Ohio, a city that he took narrowly in 2000 to help him win the state. The president hadn't visited Ohio for 19 days before yesterday, causing Democrats to crow that he had given up fighting there. But Vice President Dick Cheney has been dispatched to the state often — he was in Sylvania Thursday and will be in Wilmington Monday — and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice has also delivered speeches in the state.
The president will visit two Ohio cities on Wednesday, and two more on Thursday and also stop twice in Pennsylvania on that campaign swing. The coup of the campaign season, however, could be a planned appearance with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus the weekend before the election.
Today Mr. Bush attends four campaign rallies in Florida, then hits the trail in New Mexico tomorrow and Iowa and Wisconsin on Monday.
After his speech in Wisconsin, Mr. Kerry flew to Reno, Nev., for a rally last night, then to Pueblo, Colo., where he has an event today. Mr. Bush won both states in 2000 and both appear to be safely in Mr. Bush's column this time, according to recent polls.
The complicated Electoral College math shows that Mr. Bush could lose Ohio and Pennsylvania and still win the presidency, but only if he wins Florida and Colorado, which he took in 2000, and also wins Iowa, Wisconsin and New Mexico, which he lost last time.
• James G. Lakely was traveling with Mr. Bush in Pennsylvania. Stephen Dinan was with Mr. Kerry in Wisconsin.


Friday, October 22, 2004

New Kerry Campaign Talking Point

Dubya has been criss-crossing the so-called battleground states "campaigning"--which consists of repeating sound-bites to crowds of carefully screened sycophants while they cheer. And even the legions of mindless faithful were stonkered a few days ago when an oblivious Bush clearly proclaimed that the US will "not have an all-volunteer military". When the crowd was silent, Bush looked up puzzled. Toadies near the stage called out "we DO have an all-volunteer military". Bush finally realized what he had said and corrected himself. Ah, genius at work.

However, more recently Karl Rove and his minions in the dark, "undisclosed location" bunkers where the RNC strategists figure out what to lie about next, have instructed the Bush-puppet to repeat over and over again that Kerry is "weak" on terrorism.

Given what is going on in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, the Sudan, and Saudi Arabia, it behooves Kerry to begin repeating a new phrase--one that is far too apt for this administration:

Bush is STUPID on terrorism

This One Speaks for Itself

Irony at its best:

(from a Yahoo Message Board)
Bush did what Iran couldn't!

He, single handedly, turned Iraq into a terror sponsoring, American hating theoracy that will make the Taliban AND the Iranian's look like Boy Scouts!

Why does this unhappy Yahoo News reader cry out in anguish? The following article appeared today in the Washington Post. For those of you who believe that everything printed in the Post is a lie, I suggest you check the sources cited for yourself.

Quick summary: When Iraqis vote in January (IF they vote) they will democratically elect Islamists. We will then either have to openly go to war with the legally elected government or leave with Iraq as a solid ally of a nuclear Iran with billions of dollars of oil revenue (especially with crude over $55 a barrel). Yessirreee!!! Dubya sure is good at fightin' the war on terror!

Here's the article:
By Robin Wright, Washington Post Staff Writer

Leaders of Iraq (news - web sites)'s religious parties have emerged as the country's most popular politicians and would win the largest share of votes if an election were held today, while the U.S.-backed government of interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi is losing serious ground, according to a U.S.-financed poll by the International Republican Institute.

More than 45 percent of Iraqis also believe that their country is heading in the wrong direction, and 41 percent say it is moving in the right direction.
Within the Bush administration, a victory by Iraq's religious parties is viewed as the worst-case scenario. Washington has hoped that Allawi and the current team, which was selected by U.S. and U.N. envoys, would win or do well in Iraq's first democratic election, in January. U.S. officials believe a secular government led by moderates is critical, in part because the new government will oversee writing a new Iraqi constitution.

"The picture it paints is that, after all the blood and treasure we've spent and despite the [U.S.-led] occupation's democracy efforts, we're in a position now that the moderates would not win if an election were held today," said a U.S. official who requested anonymity because the poll has not been released.

U.S. officials acknowledge that the political honeymoon after the handover of political power on June 28 ended much earlier than anticipated. The new poll, based on 2,000 face-to-face interviews conducted among all ethnic and religious groups nationwide between Sept. 24 and Oct. 4, shows that Iraqi support for the government has plummeted to about 43 percent who believe it is effective, down from 62 percent in a late-summer poll.

A senior State Department official played down the results. "When the interim government took over, the [poll] numbers were artificially high. It's very difficult to meet expectations when they're sky-high," he said on the condition of anonymity because the data are still being analyzed.

But in another blow, one out of three Iraqis blames the U.S.-led multinational force for Iraq's security problems, slightly more than the 32 percent who blame foreign terrorists, the poll shows. Only 8 percent blame members of the former government.
"We had convinced everyone -- Americans and Iraqis -- that things might change with the return of sovereignty, but, in fact, things went the other way," a congressional staff member said. "What's particularly damning is that the multinational force gets more blame than the terrorists for the problems in Iraq. It's all trending in the wrong way . . . and it's not likely we'll be able to change public sentiment much before the election. "

In positive news for the administration, the poll found that 85 percent of Iraqis want to vote in the January election.

Despite the current strife, about two-thirds of Iraqis do not believe civil war is imminent, the poll found. Asked if their households had been hurt by violence, injuries, death or monetary loss over the past year, only 22 percent of those questioned said yes -- a figure that surprised pollsters and U.S. officials.
With voter registration due to begin Nov. 1, the poll found that 64 percent of Iraqis are still unwilling to align with any party, which U.S. officials attribute to the legacy of the Baath Party. The most valuable indicators, officials say, may be the data on Iraq's politicians.

The poll found the most popular politician is Abdel Aziz Hakim, leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI). The group was part of the U.S.-backed opposition to Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) and is now receiving millions of dollars in aid from Iran, U.S. officials say.

Hakim had 80 percent name recognition among Iraqis, with more than 51 percent wanting to see him in the national assembly, which will pick a new government.
Allawi had the greatest name recognition of any politician, with 47 percent of Iraqis supporting him for a seat in the new parliament. But rebel Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr came in a very close third, with 46 percent backing him for an assembly seat.

Ahmed Chalabi, once favored in Washington as a possible successor to Hussein, had wide national recognition, but only 15 percent want him in parliament -- and more than half oppose him.

The one factor that skews the poll, analysts said, is that Ibrahim Jafari, the Dawa Party chief and current vice president, was not included. He had the highest popularity rating in previous polls.

That may still be the case, since almost 18 percent of Iraqis surveyed by IRI said they were most likely to vote for Dawa candidates -- the largest backing among the top 11 parties listed. Dawa is another former U.S.-backed group supported by aid from Iran, U.S. officials say.

U.S. officials and Iraqi analysts believe candidates aligned with the Supreme Council and with Dawa are likely to capture the highest percentage of votes, giving religious parties an edge in forming a new government.

Iraqi President Ghazi Yawar, a Sunni leader of the country's largest tribe, was also omitted from the poll.

In an interview with Abu Dhabi television, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said yesterday that Iraqis want democracy and are unlikely to go "from one form of totalitarian state to another form of totalitarian state." Both U.S. officials and Iraq experts note that the rise of Islamic parties does not necessarily mean creation of an Islamic government or theocracy such as Iran's.

President Bush (news - web sites) said Tuesday that he would be "disappointed" if free and fair elections in Iraq led to the seating of an Islamic government, but that the United States would accept the results. "Democracy is democracy," he said. "If that's what people choose, that's what the people choose."

The IRI, founded in 1983, is a private, nonprofit organization that has worked in more than 60 countries to advance democracy worldwide. With U.S. grants, it has been in charge of public opinion polls in advance of the election.


A Jobless Recovery? Study Finds Immigrants Gained Jobs While Natives Lost Them

WASHINGTON (October 2004) -- A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies calls into question the wisdom of proposals from both presidential candidates to give amnesty to illegal aliens and to increase immigration levels still further.

The report, ''A Jobless Recovery? Immigrant Gains and Native Losses,'' finds that all of the job losses during the current economic downturn have been absorbed by native-born workers. In contrast, the number of immigrants holding jobs actually increased dramatically between 2000 and 2004. Based on Census Bureau data, the report also finds that those areas of the country with the largest influx of immigrants tend to have the largest native job losses. Detailed employment information for a number of states and metropolitan areas is also provided.

''A Jobless Recovery? Immigrant Gains and Native Losses'' is embargoed until Wednesday, October 27 at 9 a.m. The study will be available in its entirety on line at

Dr. Steven Camarota, the Center's Director of Research and the report's author, will conduct a briefing about his findings on Wednesday, October 27, at 9 a.m. at the Center's Washington offices, located at 1522 K St. NW, Suite 820. The briefing is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Dr. Camarota at (202) 466-8185 or


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Urgent Calls Needed to Get Immigration Reform Passed!

Conferees Meeting NOW through End of Week to Decide Fate of Immigration-Security Provisions

House and Senate conferees are meeting now through the end of the week and will decide the fate of the immigration-security reforms in H.R.10.

This is our last best chance to get some serious reform passed before the year's end, but only if we can overcome pressure by the White House and Senate conferees to strip out the immigration provisions.

It's down to the wire, and your help is needed now more than ever.

Please call the White House and the Senate conferees immediately and stress the dire need for the immigration-security reforms in H.R.10 to be included in the final package. Tell them to put homeland security before special interests. Remind them that these provisions were taken straight from the 9/11 Commission recommendations.

The more calls we can generate the better our chances are of getting these important immigration reforms passed. Even if you've called before, please call again today. Help spread the word to others and ask your likeminded friends and family members to call as well.

Time is of the essence, ACT NOW!
Call the White House comment line (202-456-1111) and tell the president to stop pressuring the conferees to strip the immigration provisions from the bill. Tell President Bush to put homeland security before special interests. Tell him to stand in support of the immigration-security recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

Call the Senate conferees and urge them to include the immigration-security provisions in the final bill. Remind them that these provisions were taken straight from the 9/11 Commission report and that they are essential to our homeland security.

Senate Conferees:
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) - 202-224-2523

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) - 202-224-3353

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) - 202-224-5641

Sen. John Sununu (R-NH) - 202-224-2841

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) - 202-224-4774

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) - 202-224-2315

Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) - 202-224-6253

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) - 202-224-4041

Sen. Carl Levin(D-MI) - 202-224-6221

Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) - 202-224-2152

Sen. John Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) - 202-224-6472

Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) - 202-224-3041

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) - 202-224-3224
Both chambers of Congress have passed different versions of legislation to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations. The House version, H.R. 10, includes a wide range of very, very long-overdue changes to how U.S. documents are issued, and finally moves the country toward border security and a serious immigration enforcement and control regimen. The Senate version does not include any immigration-related provisions.
House and Senate conferees are meeting this week to iron out legislative differences in the two bills. These conferees will decide if the identification security and immigration enforcement provisions will remain part of the final package.

Click here for the full list of conferees and to SEND FREE FAXES if your legislators are listed.

* Please forward this message to friends and email lists.
* For breaking immigration news, visit the Stein Report.
* Fax your legislators for free from FAIR's Legislative Action Center.
* Support our work! We depend on contributions from people like you.
(202) 328-7004


ACLU Misleads; We Are Not All Suspects

By Victoria Toensing
National Review Online
October 19, 2004

“So the government can search your house," claims an American Civil Liberties Union ad attacking the Patriot Act. "Without notifying us," continues the script, "treating us all like suspects." The 30-second spot running on cable news channels is both false and misleading. As part of its assault on the Patriot Act, the ACLU has dubbed Section 213 the "sneak and peek" provision. In fact, it is a decades-old law-enforcement tool called delayed notification to the subject of a search. The Supreme Court has specifically approved as constitutional delayed-notice searches, stating that any argument against the searches is "frivolous."

Contrary to the ACLU's assertion, we all are not "suspects." In order for someone to be searched under section 213, a federal judge must find there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and the place or thing to be searched contains evidence of that crime. This is the criminal standard required for all search warrants. That requirement eliminates most of us as "suspects" and, thereby, possible search victims.

Next, in order to permit a delayed-notification search, the federal judge must make an additional finding that there is reasonable cause to believe that, if the subject is told immediately about the search, there could be death or physical injury, the investigation could be harmed, witnesses could be intimidated, or there is a risk of flight from prosecution. Subjects are always informed of the search; the notification is merely delayed. The law states such time period must be "reasonable." A court may extend the time only for "good cause." Judges do not grant investigators carte blanche. Since the act was passed in October 2001, the average delay of notification has been seven days.

Why would the government need or want such authority?

Here are a couple of examples: 1: Law enforcement has information there are explosives in a rented locker and the renter is planning with others, unknown to the government, to bomb a civilian target. Agents need to search the locker to establish that explosives are there and to render them ineffective. To do so, they must obtain a search warrant. A law-enforcement degree is not required to figure out that, if explosives are found, it would be stupid to notify the putative bomber immediately lest he warn his accomplices. Rather, the locker should be put under surveillance to see if the identities of conspirators can be determined.

2: The FBI receives information from a foreign-intelligence service that a known terrorist cell is sending cash in packages marked "Reading Materials" to a specific person in the United States, who has overstayed his student visa. Sound like the planning for 9/11? The FBI would want to search the package to verify the foreign-intelligence information. It would be investigative malpractice to notify the recipient immediately. Better to use the information to get a wiretap to learn what the terrorists are planning.

The ACLU would have you believe the Patriot Act gave a new power to prosecutors. It did not. I used delayed notice searches as a federal prosecutor in the late 1970s against drug dealers. Prior to the Patriot Act, there was no statute, but case law permitted delayed notice. Because authority to delay notification developed through the courts, there were different rules depending on in which of the twelve judicial circuits the search was taking place. Some said 30 days was a reasonable time period; others permitted delay until the government indicted the subject of the search. Some courts said the search could be delayed for "good cause," while others specified the reasons. The Patriot Act provides the same rules and standards throughout the country. Which state of the law is fairer, mish-mash or uniformity?

The ACLU wants you to fear that the Patriot Act is responsible for the government having the power to subject any one of us to a baseless, secret search of our house without ever telling us.

In truth, the government already had the same limited Supreme Court-sanctioned power prior to the Patriot Act; the search cannot take place without a court determining there is probable cause of criminal activity; delayed notification cannot be authorized unless the court makes an additional finding there is a legitimate law-enforcement concern if immediate notice is given; the court determines what length of time is reasonable; and the person is informed of the search, usually within a week.

This misleading ad by the ACLU has aired during the time period that the ACLU put out an equally misleading press release about a trial court's decision, Doe v. Ashcroft. In this second overzealous attempt to disparage the Patriot Act, the ACLU claimed that a federal court had struck down the act's "surveillance power as unconstitutional." In fact, the provision of law struck, which permitted the FBI to obtain customer records from phone and Internet companies in terrorism investigations, was enacted in 1986, not post 9/11. It was introduced by Democratic senator Patrick Leahy.

I support organizations challenging the power of the government. I do so myself as a criminal-defense attorney. However, the ACLU is not protecting the rights of citizens by frightening them with false claims.

— Victoria Toensing, a founding partner of diGenova & Toensing, is a senior fellow for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.


Foundation for the Defense of Democracies: GlobalJihadWatch


By Avi Jorisch, Jonathan L. Snow
October 12-19, 2004

GlobalJihadWatch is a weekly publication that tracks developments in the Global War on Terror (GWOT), specifically focusing on militant groups that adhere to the ideology known as radical Islam. Such groups constitute a small minority of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims, but their rhetoric and violence affords them disproportional influence in the Muslim world. Some of these groups are affiliated with al-Qaeda, while others are not. Indeed, such nomenclature is increasingly irrelevant, particularly as al-Qaeda evolves from a structured organization into an amorphous global movement. (This series will not cover the activities of militant Palestinian groups, which are covered at length in other publications.)

The Big Picture

This week, the al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad group lead by terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi posted an internet statement formally declaring the group's allegiance to Osama bin Laden. This statement, if authentic, leaves no doubt about the links, present and past, between the two groups. This development also further highlights the changing nature of al-Qaeda, from a hierarchical group structure to a loose association of like-minded affiliate organizations.

Europe witnessed several key events this week including British authorities charging Abu Hamza al-Masri, the infamous Finsbury Park preacher, with a 16-count indictment that includes 10 charges of soliciting or encouraging others to murder people who do not believe in the Islamic faith. This indictment sends a strong message to other extremists that such rhetoric is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the U.K.

Regional Briefs

North America, Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Europe, Asia, Africa

North America
Former Guantanamo Detainees Return to Fighting (Associated Press) - Despite gaining their freedom by signing pledges to renounce violence, at least seven former prisoners of the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have returned to terrorism, at times with deadly consequences.

Report: CIA Holds Top al-Qaeda Suspects in Jordan (Reuters) - The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is holding top al-Qaeda suspects in a secret Jordanian jail where they are subjected to interrogation methods banned in the United States. Ha'aretz reported on (10/13) that at least 11 men are being held incommunicado in Jordan, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the hijacked airliner attacks on New York and Washington, and Hambali, accused of being al-Qaeda's ally in southeast Asia. U.S. officials did not comment on this story, nor did Jordan, considered a key ally in the U.S.-led war on terror.

FBI: al-Qaeda Operative Posed as Student While Living in N.J. (Associated Press) - A senior al-Qaeda operative lived in New Jersey and posed as a student while conducting surveillance of financial institutions as possible targets for a terror attack. Authorities believe Dhiren Barot, 32 was dispatched by Osama bin Laden to conduct the scouting mission in New Jersey. Barot was arrested by British authorities in August and remains in custody in the U.K.

Canada Pressed Over al-Qaeda Suspect (Reuters) - Canada is facing pressure over the case of an al-Qaeda suspect. Relatives of the suspect say Canadian agents tricked him into going to the United States, where he faces five terrorism-related charges. Mohammed Jabarah, identified as a member of al-Qaeda by police in Singapore, Canada, and the United States, was arrested in Oman in March 2002 and deported to Canada. In April 2002, after four days of interrogation by agents of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Jabarah was transferred to the U.S.

Middle East
Zarqawi Pledges Allegiance to al-Qaeda (al-Jazeera) - An Iraq-based insurgent group linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has reportedly pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden in a statement posted on an Islamist website. "We announce that al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad, its leader and soldiers have pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden," read the statement, the first linking Zarqawi to al-Qaeda. The authenticity of the statement could not be verified.

Jordan Indicts Zarqawi, 12 Others, in Foiled Chemical Plot (Reuters) - A group of terrorists was summoned Sunday (10/17) and formally charged for their alleged role in a thwarted chemical attack using suicide bombers. State security prosecutor Mahmoud Obeidat read charges against Jordanian al-Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his alleged Syrian right hand man Abu Al-Ghadia. Four of those charged, including Zarqawi, will be tried in absentia. The trial is scheduled to begin in November.

Suicide Bombs Kill 5 in Baghdad's Green Zone (Reuters) - Two suicide bombers killed five civilians, including three U.S. nationals, on Thursday (10/14) in one of the bloodiest attacks inside Baghdad's fortified Green Zone. The attacks on a souvenir bazaar and a cafe frequented by U.S. troops and civilians were the first suicide bombings inside what is supposed to be the safest place in Iraq. Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's group claimed responsibility.

Al-Qaeda-linked Group Claims Killing of Nine Iraqi Police (Agence France-Presse) - An al-Qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility on Monday (10/18) for the killing of nine Iraqi policemen who it said had been returning from a training course in Jordan. The group, the Army of Ansar al-Sunna, which has posted videos on its website showing the killing of foreign hostages and Iraqi "collaborators" previously, accompanied the statement with photographs of five certificates issued by the Jordan International Police Training Center to policemen, presumably among the group of nine.

Two Sentenced in Lebanon over U.S. Embassy Bomb Plot (Reuters) - A military court sentenced two Lebanese men to seven and three years in jail on Friday (10/15) over what Lebanon has called a foiled plan to bomb the U.S. embassy in Beirut in protest of the U.S. war in Iraq. The verdicts were the latest in a series of blows Lebanon says it has dealt to cells of terrorists, including groups it said last month planned to blow up Italy's embassy in Lebanon and others accused of plotting to kill the U.S. ambassador.

Egypt Probing al-Qaeda Link in Sinai Blasts (Associated Press) - Egyptian authorities are investigating whether 17 suspected al-Qaeda members arrested while illegally entering Libya are connected to the Sinai bombing that killed 34 people last week. Egypt has asked the Libyan government whether the suspected militants were arrested after the Oct. 7 attacks.

Saudi Clash Killed 'Top Militant' (BBC) - A top-ranking militant was among three people killed by Saudi security forces in a shoot-out on Tuesday (10/12). Abdelmajid bin Mohammad Abdallah al-Manaya was on a list of 26 fugitives wanted for alleged links to al-Qaeda. His death means no more than 11 of the men on the list are still at large.

Hezbollah Role Alleged in West Bank (Guardian) - Iranian-backed Hezbollah is increasingly involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with orders and money flowing from its Beirut headquarters into the West Bank, an Israeli intelligence official says. The group has 10 "controllers" in Beirut who are in daily contact with Palestinian groups in the West Bank, mainly the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, the official said. Israel's claim was given some credence this week by Yasir Arafat, who complained about Iran meddling in the West Bank and Gaza. Arafat said that Hezbollah was trying to "infiltrate" Fatah, his own organization.

Afghanistan and Pakistan
China Hostage Dies after Failed Rescue (Reuters) - A Chinese engineer held hostage by al-Qaeda-linked militants in Pakistan has been killed but his colleague was rescued in a commando assault that killed their five kidnappers, officials say. Pakistani officials said the kidnapping was led by an al-Qaeda-linked tribesman named Abdullah Mehsud, a former inmate of the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, who gave instructions to the kidnappers by phone from a secret location. Abdullah was freed from Guantanamo in March after the Pentagon said he was no longer a threat to the United States.

Pakistani Police Arrest al-Qaeda Linked Terrorist (Agence France-Presse) - Pakistani police said Friday (10/15) they have arrested an al-Qaeda linked local terrorist suspected of involvement in an attack on a top army general and a foiled attempt to blow up the United States consulate. Police identified the suspect as Syed Adnan Shah, 26, a member of the Jund Allah or Army of God terrorist group, whose members have been trained by al-Qaeda.

Islamist Cleric in Britain Charged (Associated Press) - Radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri appeared in British court Tuesday (10/19) and was charged with urging followers to kill non-Muslims, a move that pre-empted a U.S. extradition bid. British prosecutors read out a 16-count indictment that includes 10 charges of soliciting or encouraging others to murder people who do not believe in the Islamic faith. Al-Masri faces 11 terrorist charges in the United States.

8 Terror Suspects Seized in Spain (CNN) - Spanish police have arrested eight suspected Islamist terrorists over a possible plot to blow up the National Court building in Madrid. The eight suspects had been considering using a truck bomb loaded with 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) of explosives against the National Court. The National Court, in central Madrid, handles terrorism cases, and the eight suspects will be headed there for arraignment.

Germany Nabs Suspected al-Qaeda Financier (Associated Press) - Authorities on Friday (10/15) arrested a Syrian-German businessman wanted by Spain on charges he helped fund the al-Qaeda terrorist network for years and who is seen in a video at a mosque with some of the Sept. 11 hijackers, German officials said. Mamoun Darkazanli, 46, was taken into custody in Hamburg on a Spanish warrant and is being held for possible extradition. Darkazanli is alleged to have been involved in the purchase of a ship for bin Laden, handling administrative details, and paying bills. He also allegedly traveled to Kosovo in late 2000 on an al-Qaeda mission.

Spanish Panel Resumes Hearings into Madrid Train Bombings (Associated Press) - Lawmakers resumed an inquiry into the Madrid train bombings with testimony on Friday (10/15) from police in the northern Spanish region where the dynamite used in the attacks was stolen from a mine. The parliamentary commission began its hearings in July, and is resuming now after a summer recess and weeks of compiling documents that its members requested from the government. Former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is scheduled to testify on Nov. 22, and his successor, Socialist premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, is scheduled to do so a week later.

Police Identify Mystery Ringleader of Madrid Bombings (Associated Press) - One of the alleged ringleaders of the March 11 train bombings in Madrid was one of seven suspects who blew themselves up during a police raid on their apartment, Spain's interior ministry said Friday (10/15). Forensic tests confirmed that Allekema Lamari, an Algerian who Spanish authorities described as "the emir of the train bombings," was among the dead, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. Police searching for suspects in the train bombings raided the apartment in the Madrid district of Leganes on April 3.

British Territorial Army Infiltrated by al-Qaeda (Times (London)) - The British Territorial Army (TA) has been infiltrated by al-Qaeda suspects, giving the Islamic terrorist group potential access to military bases, explosives and fuel dumps. Five al-Qaeda suspects are believed to have trained as part-time soldiers with the TA. At least one is now in custody. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that other terror suspects attempted to join the TA, but were rejected after undergoing security checks. The connection with Britain's al-Qaeda network was uncovered in a series of wide-ranging investigations by MI5 and Scotland Yard's Special Branch.

Philippine Troops Arrest 4 Terrorists (Agence France-Presse)- The Philippine military said Thursday (10/14) that it had arrested four members of an al-Qaeda-linked group implicated in the 2000 kidnapping of 21 tourists and workers from Malaysia's Sipadan resort. In the incident, Abu Sayyaf gunmen took 21 people, mostly Western tourists and Malaysian and Filipino workers, holding them in the jungles of Jolo Island for months. The four suspects are also believed to have taken part in the kidnapping of six Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries in Jolo in 2002. Two of the missionaries were later beheaded by their captors.

African Union Agrees to take Tougher Anti-terror Action (Reuters) - African governments agreed on Thursday (10/14) to push for tougher action to root out terrorism. The delegates, who met in Algiers to mark the inauguration of an AU counter-terrorism center based in the city, agreed to push for stronger border controls, extradition agreements, suppression of terror financing and intelligence exchanges. They will also draw up a single African list of terrorist groups and individuals, to help coordinate action against them. Top U.S. and European Union counter-terrorism experts attended the meeting.

This report was compiled by Jonathan L. Snow and edited by Avi Jorisch.

- Mr. Snow is the Manager of Research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

- Avi Jorisch is an FDD Senior Fellow


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Conferees Set to Meet TODAY, White House Wants a Deal by Friday

House and Senate conferees are scheduled to meet TODAY , to begin working on the final version of the 9/11 Recommendation Implementation Act. They are under pressure from the White House to drop the important identification security and immigration enforcement provisions from the House bill and reach a conclusion by this Friday, Oct. 22.
Help us pound their offices with faxes and phone calls insisting the immigration-security reforms in the House version of the bill remain part of the final package. Time is of the essence so act now.

Visit our action alert for details and to send FREE faxes.


Both chambers of Congress have passed different versions of legislation to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations. The House version, H.R. 10, includes a wide range of very, very long-overdue changes to how U.S. documents are issued, and finally moves the country toward border security and a serious immigration enforcement and control regimen. The Senate version does not include any immigration-related provisions.

House and Senate conferees will meet this Wednesday to begin ironing out legislative differences in the two bills. These conferees will decide if the identification security and immigration enforcement provisions will remain part of the final package.

New on FAIR's Web Site
You've heard about the immigration-related findings of the 9/11 Commission, now you can read them on FAIR's web site. Check out our issue brief, Immigration-Related Findings of the 9/11 Commission.

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Coddling a Terrorist Cost Votes

by Daniel Pipes

What is the issue the Palm Beach Post calls "almost the only topic" and the one that is "playing a pivotal" role in Florida's battle for the American Senate? It's not health care, taxes, education, the economy, or even Iraq. Rather, the two principal candidates are engaged in a ferocious argument over Sami Al-Arian, an accused Islamist terrorist. Their battle teaches lessons for the future.

Mr. Al-Arian, a Palestinian immigrant, was a professor of engineering at the University of South Florida when in 1994, investigative journalist Steven Emerson aired a documentary establishing that, as president of the Islamic Committee for Palestine, Mr. Al-Arian headed the "primary support group in the United States for [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad," a notorious terrorist group.

How did Mr. Al-Arian's employer respond to this news? Betty Castor, then-president of USF and now the Democratic candidate for Senate, neither took steps to fire Mr. Al-Arian nor criticize him. Instead, she ordered a review of his dossier and only in 1996 placed him on non-disciplinary administrative leave with full pay – a form of paid vacation. When the American government failed to indict him by 1998, she reinstated Mr. Al-Arian in his old teaching job and a year later she left USF.

(It was only after passage of the USA PATRIOT act, giving law enforcement access to intelligence information, that Al-Arian was finally in February 2003 indicted and arrested on terrorism charges.)

Mel Martinez, Ms Castor's Republican opponent, argues that Ms Castor provided "weak leadership" in failing to protect her university from Islamic Jihad, that she fussed about academic freedom instead of grappling with a campus terrorist cell by firing the man he calls the "terrorism professor."

Ms Castor replies that union and university rules tied her hands. She then went on the offensive, digging up a picture of George W. Bush campaigning at a strawberry festival in Florida in 2000 – and who should be there, grinning with the future president, but Mr. Al-Arian. Castor's ad charges that "As chair of George Bush's Florida campaign, Martinez allowed suspected terrorist Sami Al-Arian to campaign with Bush, years after Al-Arian was suspended by Betty Castor."

This accusation looks powerful – except that three factual errors undermine it: Martinez was not chair but one of eight honorary co-chairmen; he did not "allow" the photograph to take place but had no knowledge of a spontaneous campaign event; and Ms Castor gave Mr. Al-Arian a long vacation rather than suspend him (which is a disciplinary action).

More broadly, the Martinez campaign rightly points out that the two candidates have hardly equivalent records. "Mel Martinez never allowed Sami Al-Arian to do anything, unlike Betty Castor, who allowed Al-Arian to operate on her campus for six years." Or in Rudy Giuliani's more pungent formulation, Castor "couldn't figure out how to fire an alleged terrorist."

Lou Magill, the chairman of Mr. Martinez's campaign in Seminole County took it over the top in an e-mail to supporters: "You and I are the front line on the war on terror because if Castor succeeds, we lose that war."

Both candidates "are consumed with al-Arian," notes Marc Caputo in the Miami Herald. But there the symmetry stops, for the public so far has penalized Ms Castor and rewarded Mr. Martinez. It recognizes that for Mr. Martinez, Mr. Al-Arian was not an issue while Castor for six long years failed to handle the problem the professor presented.

According to a Mason-Dixon poll, Ms Castor's soft treatment of Mr. Al-Arian ranks as her "chief weakness." A Martinez advisor reports that when asked, "Who do you think is better on terrorism?" voters favor Mr. Martinez 2-1. Mr. Martinez has also enjoyed a 20 percent increase since August of voters who view him favorably; Ms Castor won just a 4 percent increase.

The "all Al-Arian all the time" campaign has several implications:

As Islamist terrorism grows in menace and capabilities, how American politicians deal with it is becoming more central to their attractiveness as candidates and their stature as leaders.
The American voter rewards a tough policy toward those suspected of ties to terrorism.
Both major parties must ignore those activists (Grover Norquist for the Republicans, James Zogby for the Democrats) who argue for courting the Islamist vote.
It is unclear who will win the tight Florida race; it is clear, however, that politicians who coddle terrorists have adopted a losing electoral strategy.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ticking Bomb:Has the countdown to nuclear terrorism already begun?

Monty Sagi
ICT Associate

The clock is ticking. The handwriting is on the wall, the evidence is clear; no mystical clairvoyant capabilities are needed to see the future. No amount of wishful thinking or “politically correct” apologetics is going to change what is rapidly becoming an inevitable and obvious fact of our lives. The free and democratic countries of the world are in serious danger.

While there was terror before September 11, 2001, the 9-11 attacks were the opening shots, the Pearl Harbor, of what many have referred to as the next World War. That may be an overstatement – but then again, it may not. While it certainly is not the type of warfare that the world has known in the past, 9-11 and subsequent events have revealed the fanatical nature of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, the terrorists’ limitless hatred of all things “western” or non-Islamic, their glorification of death - even their own - and their absolute commitment to a campaign of unlimited warfare whose crazed goal is no less than the destruction of the “infidel” world.

If anybody still had the notion that Islamic terror was only a political cause with a misguided emphasis on limited violence to achieve an otherwise worthy goal, the global carnage perpetrated in the name of Islam since 9-11 should have disabused them of such a notion. Whoever still believed that only “Zionism and its supporters” were the targets of the Islamists should draw the appropriate conclusions from the recent terror attack at a school in Beslan, Russia. The cruel images of that event, with its sadistic barbarism towards helpless children, not only highlighted the international and borderless nature of Islamic terror, but also demonstrated the scope of its evil and the total lack of humanity that characterizes its perpetrators.

The Beslan atrocity showed that there are no “red lines” for Islamic terror; it is limited only by what it is capable of accomplishing, not by normal civilized constraints or human emotions. If the means are available, no magnitude of destruction and death is “too much” to joyfully carry out.

This is truly a clash between two views of reality, two concepts of civilization, two different worlds – “theirs” and “ours”. No amount of understanding, negotiations, concessions, or rationalization will bridge this gap. “They” consider themselves to be in a total existential war against “us”, one in which anything and everything is legitimate, no matter the degree of horror, number of dead women and children, “collateral” damage, or immorality (as “we” understand the term). If it hurts “us”, it is virtuous. If it contributes to “our” ultimate physical extermination, it is “their” obligation to pursue it. Their concept of victory is directly related to the amount of mass slaughter they can succeed in causing - the more blood, gore, death and maiming, the greater their victory. They are unfettered by national ties, geographical boundaries, or the normal inhibitions of human values that the free world takes for granted, nor by Geneva Conventions or other conventional “rules of the game”, and they are constantly planning how to best carry out bigger and “better” atrocities.

As these terror organizations turn the entire world into a battlefield, it is time to wake up and view this new reality with a clear understanding of where it is headed, and of what its ultimate implications could really be for the free world. In June of this year, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, referred to the imminent danger of nuclear materials falling into the hands of these organizations. In a monumental understatement, he said “We are actually having a race against time which I don't think we can afford”. [1]

In a recent speech, the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, discussed the lessons that the American administration has learned since 9-11. He said that
the terrorists were trying very hard to acquire deadlier capabilities than anything they had used to date. We know from having interrogated people that were captured, we know from training materials we found, manuals and so forth, that they are trying very hard to acquire chemical or biological weapons, or even a nuclear weapon if they can. And the ultimate threat we face today as a nation is the possibility that at some point one of those terrorist cells, a small group of terrorists, ends up in the middle of one our cities with that kind of deadly capability, and then the lives of Americans put at risk wouldn't be just a few thousand, but, indeed, might be even hundreds of thousands. That's the ultimate threat we face today as a nation.[2]

The Vice President went on to discuss the need for a new strategy. Referring to the mutual deterrence doctrine that characterized the Cold War, he stated that “with respect to the al Qaeda organization, or to a terrorist who is committed to jihad, who is out to kill infidels and is prepared to sacrifice their life in the process, the whole notion of deterrence is meaningless. There isn't anything they value highly enough that you can put at risk that would lead them to decide they wanted to change their policy.”

In the same vein, Graham Allison - Professor of Government and Director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government (and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense) - had this to say in a recent issue of Foreign Affairs magazine:

President George W. Bush has singled out terrorist nuclear attacks on the United States as the defining threat the nation will face in the foreseeable future. In addressing this specter, he has asserted that Americans' ‘highest priority is to keep terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction.’ So far, however, his words have not been matched by deeds. The Bush administration has yet to develop a coherent strategy for combating the threat of nuclear terror. Although it has made progress on some fronts, Washington has failed to take scores of specific actions that would measurably reduce the risk to the country. Unless it changes course - and fast - a nuclear terrorist attack on the United States will be more likely than not in the decade ahead.

Allison went on to state that
prior to September 11, 2001, many experts argued that terrorists were unlikely to kill large numbers of people, because they sought not to maximize victims but to win publicity and sympathy for their causes. After the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, however, few would disagree with President Bush's warning that if al Qaeda gets nuclear weapons, it will use them against the United States "in a heartbeat.” Indeed, Osama bin Laden's press spokesman, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, has announced that the group aspires "to kill 4 million Americans, including 1 million children" in response to casualties supposedly inflicted on Muslims by the United States and Israel”.[3]

New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof calls Professor Allison’s book “Nuclear Terrorism,” a “terrifying new book”. In an article discussing the possibility of nuclear terror on American soil, Kristof describes the following scenario, taken from Allison’s book:
If a 10-kiloton nuclear weapon, a midget even smaller than the one that destroyed Hiroshima, exploded in Times Square, the fireball would reach tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit. It would vaporize or destroy the theater district, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal and Carnegie Hall (along with me and my building). The blast would partly destroy a much larger area, including the United Nations. On a weekday, some 500,000 people would be killed.[4]
Kristof also refers to the recent annual meeting of The Aspen Strategy Group, which focused on nuclear risks and concluded that the “danger of nuclear terrorism is greater than the public believes, and our government hasn't done nearly enough to reduce it.” He quotes William Perry, the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, as saying that “there is an even chance of a nuclear terror strike within this decade - that is, in the next six years. We're racing toward unprecedented catastrophe. This is preventable, but we're not doing the things that could prevent it.” Kristof calls for increased efforts to deal with the threat of nuclear terror and concludes his article with a chilling appraisal: “The risk that a nuclear explosion will devastate an American city is greater now than it was during the cold war, and it's growing.”

This gloomy scenario could one day become reality, and nobody can really know if that day will arrive in six months or a year from now, or in 5-10 years. If determined steps are not taken to avoid such a catastrophe, there is little doubt that the day will indeed arrive, sooner rather than later, and ground zero might not be Times Square - or not only Times Square. It could just as easily be Tel Aviv or London, or for that matter the Eiffel Tower, Moscow, or any of a hundred other “legitimate” targets of the terrorists’ choosing.

There is much that can be done to limit the chance of this “doomsday” event actually taking place, and there is no lack of knowledge or expertise regarding the steps required to prevent such a scenario from occurring. What is missing is a clear and cohesive commitment by the nations of the free world to seriously confront this threat. Countries at risk must establish high priority policies that clearly define the actions needed to combat the threat, and they must vigorously implement those policies. To deal successfully with the global war declared on them by the likes of Osama bin Laden, the free democracies of the world must unite not only in a global campaign against the phenomenon of Islamic terror, but specifically against the possibility of their obtaining and being able to use weapons of mass destruction.

All-out war by the terrorists must be met by all-out war in return. Certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, and certainly not all Muslims agree with the terrorists’ “jihad” against the “infidels”, “Crusaders”, and “Zionists”. But the stakes in this new type of global war are too high to allow us to get dangerously bogged down by excessive political correctness, or by high-minded commitments to treat these terrorists as a sociological phenomenon to be reasoned or negotiated with, as if they were rational human beings whose political “causes” should be considered as mitigating factors when dealing with them.

Only an uncompromising commitment to an aggressive and focused offensive will help prevent another 9-11, and ensure that we are never witness to the unthinkable scenario of a mushroom cloud over Manhattan or Washington D.C., or over Buckingham Palace, Dizengoff Center, or the Champs-Elysees.


BBC World News, 21 June 2004 -
Nicholas D. Kristof, N.Y. Times, August 11, 2004


Rewriting History Before the Ink is Dry

Open Borders Lobby Falsely Claims that Immigration Reforms in H.R. 10 Were Not Called for in the 9/11 Commission Report

(Washington, DC – October 18, 2004) In what must be a new world's record for historical revisionism, open border lobbyists from both the political left and right are fighting to remove critical immigration policy reforms from the final version of a bill that would implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. The House version of the legislation, H.R. 10, includes numerous provisions designed to minimize the possibility of terrorists taking advantage of loopholes in U.S. immigration law. Open border lobbyists are vigorously fighting to strip these provisions from the final draft as the House-Senate conference committee is meeting this week to hammer out the differences between their respective bills.

While the 9/11 Commission report ranks No. 1 on The New York Times nonfiction bestsellers (for the 11th week in a row), open borders advocates are mounting a massive disinformation campaign aimed at convincing Congress and the American public that the reforms included in H.R. 10 were not called for by the Commission. "The immigration provisions of H.R. 10 correspond precisely to the failures noted by the 9/11 Commission and the recommendations they made to rectify the conditions that contributed directly to the ability of the terrorists to attack us on Sept. 11," said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). "To say that the 9/11 Commission did not call for sweeping reforms to U.S. immigration policy and immigration enforcement is an act of sheer audacity and falsehood."

Among the critical immigration policy reforms specifically called for in the 9/11 Commission Report are:

Requiring the use of valid passports for all travel within the Western Hemisphere (p. 388).

Detention of unauthorized aliens and enhanced interior enforcement (Staff Report p. 95)

Improved document security, including uniform standards for driver's license issuance and barring the acceptance of foreign consular IDs (p. 390).

Expedited removal of illegal aliens who have been in the U.S. less than five years (p. 384).

Denial of asylum claims of individuals suspected of having ties to terrorist organizations (Staff Report pp. 98-99).

Limiting judicial review of orders of deportation (Staff Report, p. 95 and p. 143).
FAIR has prepared a comprehensive analysis of each of the immigration reform provisions included in H.R. 10, citing the precise recommendations as they appeared in the Commission's report.

"The 9/11 Commission did not limit the scope of its investigation to intelligence failures, and passing a reform bill that address only intelligence failures is tantamount to fixing the hole in sail while ignoring the crack in the keel," said Stein. "9/11 was a multifaceted failure of intelligence, bureaucratic turf wars, immigration policy and enforcement, and common sense that led to catastrophic consequences. For Congress to cave-in to special interest pressure and remove the immigration reform provisions of the bill and claim that the problem has been fixed would be an act of unprecedented irresponsibility. To deny that immigration reforms were even called for is simply an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has read the report."

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Mexico al-Qa'ida 'back door' to US

Politics is going to get many people killed.

Terrorists may have found a new American blind spot

Robert Lusetich

INTELLIGENCE reports that 25 Chechen terrorism suspects have illegally entered the US from Mexico have refocused attention on a porous border from which many believe the next major attack on Americans could come.

Despite the $US9 billion ($12.326 billion) budget, and assurances from President George W. Bush that border security is tighter than it has ever been, public figures of all political stripes in the border states say the danger of al-Qa'ida infiltrating the US from Mexico has never been higher.
The Washington Times newspaper reported that a source told US intelligence officers the Chechens, seen carrying backpacks, were shepherded from northern Mexico in July through a remote mountainous region of Arizona that is notoriously difficult to patrol.

It is not known if this intelligence was behind the warning issued by the US Education Department for American schools to be vigilant after Chechen militants took over a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, last month, a tragedy that cost at least 344 lives, half of them children.

The Chechen report has angered those who have been warning for months that US borders are insecure.

"In the name of national security we must do something about our wide-open southern border," said Arizona Republican congressional candidate Stan Barnes. "We are now in a war mentality. The first duty of a country in a war situation is to protect its borders."

Experts say it is not difficult for terrorists to blend into a vast sea of an estimated 13million illegal aliens, most of them impoverished Mexicans seeking work.

To make matters worse, the Department of Homeland Security is so hopelessly overstretched that it has taken to releasing what it calls OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) because it cannot house them until it arranges for deportation hearings.

"If they're deemed not dangerous, they're given a notice to appear in court, and the border patrol agents even have to drive them to a bus station and watch these people get on buses for New Jersey or California," said Cathy Travis, a senior aide to veteran Texas congressman Henry Ortiz.

Fewer than 30 per cent of the OTMs released into the US actually show up for their hearings, meaning an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens are currently in the US after being caught and released.

Officially, fewer than 100 border jumpers apprehended along the Mexican borders within the last year were from nations associated with Islamic terrorism.

However, Travis said that few of these people had identification papers, and many lied and said they were from South America in order to evade attention and have a better chance of being released.

"We have heard from border patrol agents that they're being told to let people who look like they're from East Africa and the Middle East go because they say their name is Juan Pablo Garcia from Guatemala -- except that they don't speak a word of Spanish," she said.

Congressman Ortiz has said that intelligence shows al-Qa'ida working with El Salvadorean criminal gangs as well as reports of Brazilians being recruited to accompany Arabs to illegally cross the US border. If they are apprehended, the groups say they are Brazilian -- knowing there are few Portuguese-speaking border patrol agents -- and are usually released into the US.

Sheriff D'Wayne Jernigan, of Del Rio, Texas, last month publicly blasted the dubious policy after being ordered by the Homeland Security Department to release 17 captured Brazilians before they had been interrogated.

Congressmen Ortiz, a Democrat, and Henry Bonilla, a Republican, also of Texas, wrote to Mr Bush and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge last month seeking an urgent solution.

"We simply cannot continue allowing US citizens to be under the mistaken impression that OTMs from countries that should raise suspicion are being detained in the US when, in fact, they are free to roam the nation at will," the congressmen wrote.

But the issue, surprisingly, has hardly made the front pages. "It's an election year," Travis explained.

"This is a very sensitive time. People on both sides have reasons not to want to talk about it. For Republicans, they don't want to upset the apple cart for Bush, while for Democrats, they know this whole issue of the border is very sensitive within the Hispanic community."

The FBI and CIA, however, are apparently very interested, especially after intelligence reported that a key lieutenant to Osama bin Laden, Adnan El Shukrijumah, was seen in Honduras and northern Mexico in recent months.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bad News For The Gigilo and Ambulance Chaser

October 14-16
Choice for President

Likely Registered
Voters Voters

Bush 52% 49%
Kerry 44 46
Nader 1 1


Interviews with 1,013 adult Americans, including 788 likely voters and 942 registered voters, conducted by telephone on October 14-16, 2004

Although Americans think John Kerry did the best job in the debates, that has not translated into an increase in his popularity, which in turn means that he appears to have lost a little ground to Bush. Among registered voters, a 48%-48% tie is now a 49%-46% edge for Bush -- not much of a difference and, with the sampling error, not a significant change. The Gallup likely voter model, which identified those respondents who are most likely to cast a ballot, is magnifying those shifts, with a 49%-48% advantage for Kerry turning into a 52%-44% lead for Bush. What's going on?

For one thing, the charge that Kerry is too liberal, which Bush emphasized mostly in the third and last debate on Wednesday night, seems to be sticking. Nearly half say Kerry's political views are too liberal. (Four in ten say Bush is too conservative.) But didn't Kerry win the debate? Yes, as with the first two debates, the public thinks Kerry did the better job on Wednesday night. But as Al Gore learned in 2000, winning a debate on points does not necessarily translate into votes or make a candidate more popular. As in 2000, Bush's favorable ratings -- Americans view of him as a person -- went up after a debate that he lost. Kerry's favorable rating has remained flat. Republicans seem more enthusiastic about the election, and thus more likely to vote, as reflected in the Gallup likely voter model.

Bush may have energized his base in the final debate at the expense of not appealing to a wider audience -- but he managed to do so in a way that made him more popular than Kerry.



Bin Laden bought ship ‘for terror’

The Sunday Times - World

October 17, 2004

SPANISH authorities are seeking the extradition of a German-based Syrian businessman suspected of helping Osama Bin Laden buy a ship, write Peter Conradi and Justin Sparks.
Marmoun Darkanzali, 46, believed to have been close to several of the hijackers on September 11, 2001, is alleged to have helped the Al-Qaeda leader with the purchase of a freighter. A source close to German intelligence named the ship as Jennifer and said it had been bought in 1993.

Spanish authorities claimed Darkanzali had been an important figure, providing logistical and financial support to Bin Laden in Britain, Spain and Germany since 1997.

Darkanzali was first arrested in 2001 but released. He has been under investigation for some time by German federal prosecutors. He was arrested in Hamburg on Friday on a Spanish international warrant.

It was not clear to what use Bin Laden would have put the vessel but there has long been speculation that Al-Qaeda has been amassing a fleet to raise money and for use in attacks.

German prosecutors said Darkanzali will contest the extradition. In the past he has denied any links with Al-Qaeda. He faces up to 12 years in jail in Spain if convicted of charges of membership of a terrorist organisation.


"Hero" Without a Clue

For those of you who believe that W is a great leader and should guide the US on foreign policy and global issues, here is just ONE example of his great intellect and curiosity:

"In the Oval Office in December 2002, the president met with a few ranking senators and members of the House, both Republicans and Democrats. In those days, there were high hopes that the United States-sponsored ''road map'' for the Israelis and Palestinians would be a pathway to peace, and the discussion that wintry day was, in part, about countries providing peacekeeping forces in the region. The problem, everyone agreed, was that a number of European countries, like France and Germany, had armies that were not trusted by either the Israelis or Palestinians. One congressman -- the Hungarian-born Tom Lantos, a Democrat from California and the only Holocaust survivor in Congress -- mentioned that the Scandinavian countries were viewed more positively. Lantos went on to describe for the president how the Swedish Army might be an ideal candidate to anchor a small peacekeeping force on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Sweden has a well-trained force of about 25,000. The president looked at him appraisingly, several people in the room recall.

''I don't know why you're talking about Sweden,'' Bush said. ''They're the neutral one. They don't have an army.''

Lantos paused, a little shocked, and offered a gentlemanly reply: ''Mr. President, you may have thought that I said Switzerland. They're the ones that are historically neutral, without an army.'' Then Lantos mentioned, in a gracious aside, that the Swiss do have a tough national guard to protect the country in the event of invasion.

Bush held to his view. ''No, no, it's Sweden that has no army.''

The room went silent, until someone changed the subject.

A few weeks later, members of Congress and their spouses gathered with administration officials and other dignitaries for the White House Christmas party. The president saw Lantos and grabbed him by the shoulder. ''You were right,'' he said, with bonhomie. ''Sweden does have an army.''


Yes, Mr. Genius, "Sweden" is not "Switzerland". But the really scary part is not that you don't know. It's that you don't care.

Karl Rove: The Man Behind the Curtain

Rove Trims Sails but Steers for Victory

By Mike Allen
Washington Post Staff Writer

A few months before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Karl Rove held clinics for White House officials in which he laid out what amounted to his early game plan for reelecting President Bush in 2004: improving the party's performance among blacks, Hispanics, Roman Catholics, union households and the "wired workers" of the technology world.

Bush had won about 8 percent of the African American vote in 2000, and Rove insisted that number needed to be pushed higher.

His Office of Strategic Initiatives, a creation that is known around the West Wing as "Strategery," handed out colorful laminated cards so that aides could remember their goals.

Those PowerPoint presentations in the infancy of Bush's presidency were an early indication that, although his 2000 campaign had many architects, Rove alone among staffers would bear ultimate credit or blame for the outcome of the 2004 election.

Back then, Rove did not strive simply to produce a convincing victory but to create a permanent Republican majority.

Now, two weeks before the election, the Bush-Cheney campaign would be happy to eke out the barest, skin-of-the-teeth majority, and aims to cobble it together by turning out every last evangelical Christian, gun owner, rancher and home schooler -- reliable Republicans all. It looks like the opposite of Rove's original dream.

Polls show the incumbent in a dead-even race, and a majority of voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Facing those bleak facts, well-known Republicans are quietly wondering whether Rove's luck has finally run out. So far, most believe he will wind up making a winner of a troublesome hand that he largely dealt himself.

Read the rest of the story here.


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