Friday, September 17, 2004

America is in Deep Deep Trouble

And this is why. William Webb is a very bright guy and does a lot of thinking. However, like most of the right wing today, he is so upset by a host of distractions and wedge issues, that he will cheerfully scream for Dan Rather's head while his country becomes the world's most despised regime with a 10 trillion dollar deficit his children will have to deal with. But his petty and vindictive issues will get center stage.

First of all, don't get the wrong idea--I am not in favor of journalistic dishonesty nor the forging of documents. Not at all. But a political party and a so-called "conservative" philosophy that has as its most prominent spokesmen paragons of truth and integrity like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and whose favored-son president wouldn't know truth or integrity if it hit him in the face, looks more than just foolish when trying to be indignant about the truth. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence and an intelligence estimate that shows that the entire Iraq adventure is in deep trouble, GW is going around telling everyone just how well things are going. What is he--confused and completely out of touch or a liar? You tell me.

We now have well over 1000 dead and over 7000 wounded in Iraq. The premise for the war was a LIE. Not poor intelligence (unless you equate stupidity with 'poor intelligence'). Millions of us in this country and many millions more all over the world knew that George Bush and Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearle and Condi Rice and Colin Powell were not embellishing the truth--it was obvious they were LYING! Get it? Knowingly portraying something to be true when you know it isn't.

Now let's dicuss why America is doomed. About 50% of "likely voters" (or less than 20% of the population--more on this another time) seems to staunchly support the Bush Administration. The list of bold-faced, arrogant LIES told, starting in the 2000 campaign and continuing to this very day, is astonishing. The fact that 20% (NOT HALF THE COUNTRY) is willing to accept these lies as truth or overlook mendacity in general, is troubling. But what concerns me are the otherwise bright people on the right who don't seem to notice that not all lies are equal. And that 20% acts as if they have a mandate from heaven to run roughshod over the world.

Invading another country based upon lies has serious, REAL consequences. We have spent billions of dollars. More than 1000 people have been killed on our side alone. More than 7000 have been maimed or wounded. Many thousands more Iraqis have died. But, then, I forgot. To the right wingers who deplore being sensitive, Iraqis aren't human and their deaths are just collateral damage.

The right has told so many lies and is so steeped in obvious and arrogant hypocrisy that no one in his right mind would believe this sudden indignance over CBS News. I am waiting to see the outrage the next time Dick Cheney or Colin Powell announces to the entire world that we "know where" non-existent weapons of mass destruction are. That's right, we "know", not "think", not "have reason to believe", we "know". They could launch chemical and biological attacks within 45 MINUTES--remember? We KNEW that too.

Nope. Until you start insisting that your own appointed "leaders" start telling the truth, you have no ground to stand on. Besides, as I pointed out before, everybody who has ever been in uniform knows full well that p0litically connected children of the wealthy DO get special treatment, they don't have to meet their obligations, they just get away with it. So howl and scream about forged memos and superscript "th"s. But don't hold anyone accountable for poor intelligence, poor analysis, poor planning, worse execution, constant misrepresentation, etc., etc. Just pretend that the truth is important to you when the "other" side says something you don't like.


Dan Rather And Mary Mapes--Try Fiction Instead--Seppuku Still The Most Honorable Course

This is my last post on the CBS fraud case--I'm off to Italy for two weeks and will have guest bloggers on both this and

Dan Rather and Mary Mapes conspired to influence an election by using fraudulent documents. When they got caught, CBS came up with this defense: The documents were a lie--a fraud--but were justified because of the greater truth. This is simply bullshit and CBS deserves economic consequences for its fraud.

My advice--take up fiction instead. American's simply aren't that stupid (although Michael Moore's success may belie that statement) When a major news organization has the ethics of Joseph Goebbels and behaves like an arm of the DNC, it deserves consequences.

So keep writing advertisers and affiliates until CBS gives Dan Rather and Mary Maples the ceremonial knives. They are deserving of their fates.

Follow Up On Hijab Story at USF

CAIR released this news story about the USF woman's basketball player who wanted to wear the Hijab and long pants during BB games. Thanks to you who took the time to weigh in on the matter. One of my editors (out there in the world Dan Rather) called USF to verify the initial CAIR release and found that, yes, there was an enormous amount of interest in this story.

I have received a lot of mail on this issue--most agreeing that if Christians wanted to wear Cross headbands and armbands there would have been uproar from the ACLU and USF's liberal faculty would have been adamant in their opposition. I also received a lot of silence--from people who I thought would understand the slippery slope this case represented.

I've also received the usual hate-mail--calling me an islamophobe, bigot, racist etc. and accusing me of Islam-bashing.

So, let me take this moment to state this: I hate neither Muslims nor Islam. A lot of leads I get for come from Muslim friends and people from countries that aren't predominately Christian.

I do hate the Islamists, and will continue to work to have our country kill and destroy every last one of them. I make no apologies for this.

But this is America and it is my right to speak out against things I disagree with. Just because I disagree doesn't mean I hate. There are people that write on my blog that vehemently disagree with my politics. Many of my friends disagree with me daily. They are still my friends and I would do anything I could to help any of them.

Finally, there is one disturbing line in this news release and I just hope this is not another lie from CAIR. If this woman truly received hate mail--this is wrong. There is no place for that in this country.

Fox Sports, 9/16/04,8659,10782613-23769,00.html

A UNIVERSITY of South Florida women's basketball player who wanted to wear
Islamic clothing on the court quit the team today.

Last week, USF had asked the NCAA for an exemption to its uniform policy to
allow Muslim convert Andrea Armstrong, 22, to wear long pants, a top with
long sleeves and a scarf during games.

In a letter to coach Jose Fernandez, Armstrong said she was leaving the
team because she didn't want the uniform issue "to cause further

Armstrong first said last week that she had left the team and lost her
athletic scholarship after Fernandez told her she could not wear
religiously mandated clothing during practices or games.

In a meeting on Friday with Armstrong, university officials and a
representative of Council on American-Islamic Relations, officials agreed
that the team would accommodate her Islamic attire and reinstate her
scholarship. The university also agreed to work with the NCAA on the scarf

But Fernandez said Armstrong requested a meeting with him and left the

"I offered her an opportunity to think further on her decision, and she
assured me the decision is final," said Fernandez.

Armstrong, a senior forward from Lakeside, Oregon, played one season with
the Bulls after transferring from Kansas State University.

CAIR spokesman Ahmed Bedier said Armstrong had not been prepared for the
onslaught of attention, including hate messages, that she received.

"She wanted to put her team first, after her faith, and she didn't want to
be the centre of the controversy," he said.

| Memogate Harming Rather's Ratings.

--Many CBS observers inside and outside the network have long suspected that Dan Rather would not be forced out over Memogate but there is one development that could change that. Despite having been in last place nearly 15 years, Dan Rather's ratings have fallen even lower since questions began emerging about the Sept. 8 60 Minutes report which used forged documents to prove that President Bush evaded his military duties during the 1970s.

Since that time, in the face of highly critical coverage of CBS's story on the internet and in the traditional media, CBS's news division is facing a serious public backlash. A recent poll showed that just 27 percent of the American public believes that the CBS memos are authentic.

But the bad news doesn't stop there. Now, according to the Drudge Report, ratings for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather have fallen even further.

The ratings drop is due almost exclusively to Memogate, one CBS source told Drudge:

"The audience appears to [be] polarized. Rightly or wrongly, we're being perceived as 'anti-Bush,' which I do not think is fair to Dan, who is a fine journalist... of course we do not like to see the ratings coming back the way they are this week."

The ratings drop, most of which has come among loyal viewers offended by CBS's sloppy production, has been enough of a concern to network officials that CBS made up an advertisement which it began running on Wednesday's Evening News boasting of the broadcast's fairness.

"Some people talk about fairness and balance. Other people talk about covering the issues, but it's just talk. CBS News is actually doing something about it," the ad says.

Although the ratings freefall (which in some cases has Rather earning almost cable-level ratings) may finally put in motion Viacom's plan to retire the 72-year-old anchor, there are some indications that this may take a while and that Rather will not be forced out in the aftermath of CBS News's worst scandal in its history.

One factor in helping Rather hang on to the head anchor chair is that he has such tight control over the CBS News management and has succeeded in stopping CBS's younger correspondents from acquiring the needed name recognition to replace him.

"Going out and covering all of the best breaking news stories himself instead of allowing the other guys to do them is the smartest thing that Dan Rather has ever done," says one CBS producer.

Another strategy working in Rather's favor is that the blame for Memogate has been spread around within CBS quite widely--and not by coincidence sources familiar with CBS's management of the scandal tell

"There's a big reason you keep hearing the names like [news president Andrew] Heyward and [Memogate producer Mary] Mapes being thrown about," says one source. "Rather is trying to get this story all over as many people as possible to preserve his viability. The more people's fingerprints on the documents, the easier it is for Dan not to be isolated."

Rather is a master of office politics and has great success at getting his way over the years, outmaneuvering his rival Roger Mudd into CBS's head anchor position; ousting people who got in his way including his former co-anchor Connie Chung as well as two news presidents Ed Joyce and Van Sauter; and managing to hang on to Evening News anchor desk for seven more years than Cronkite did.

Leno on Memogate II

--You can generally tell when a story has reached the attention of a majority of Americans when jokes about it start appearing on the late night shows. This has been the case with Memogate and continues to be.

Last night, NBC's Jay Leno made a barrage of jokes about the scandal:

"A lot of new shows premiering this week. CBS has a new news magazine coming's called "Dan Rather's Believe It or Not."

"You all know CBS, which stands for 'Can't Believe Story.'"

"There seems to be more and more evidence that those documents about George Bush's time in the National Guard that they showed on 60 Minutes might be fake. In fact, on Nightline, Ted Koppel said the Kerry campaign put this stuff out forgeries would be 'unbelievably stupid.' You know what this means? Bush is the smart one."

"What do you call CBS News after they lose all their credibility? Fox News."

One of our readers also discovered the following Letterman "Top Ten" list which, though delivered nearly 10 years ago, is oddly appropriate, particularly item No. 1:

Top Ten Things Dan Rather Would Never Say On The CBS Evening News
10. I'm Dan Rather, your love anchor.
9. Connie, mind if I borrow your mascara?
8. Wanna buy a fake Rolex?
7. And now a report from our White House correspondent, Howie Mandel.
6. Maybe Letterman ought to spend some of that big-time TV money on better wigs.
5. That's the news, I'm Oprah Winfrey.
4. Hey, let's bomb Alaska!
3. Honey, I'll be home soon--have the tequila ready.
2. Good evening. I'm Dan Rather and I'm not wearing pants.
1. I made that last story up.
--From the Late Show February 8, 1995.

WCBS Interview With Rather.

--As we reported earlier, CBS's New York City affiliate WCBS had conducted an interview with its political reporter Marcia Kramer. This interview was distributed to CBS affiliates. Part of this interview is now available on the internet via the WCBS web site.

Interview link:

White House Speaks Out on Memogate; Disputes Latest CBS Source

--The following exchange occurred at today.s White House news briefing with press secretary Scott McClellan:

QUESTION: Scott, can you talk a little bit about last night's remarks by Dan Rather? He seemed to almost personally challenge the President to answer the questions. And he also urged the media to sort of set aside concerns about whether the documents were forgeries and focus on the President's -- on questions about the President's service. Did he watch it? Did you watch it? What's your reaction?
SCOTT McCLELLAN: No, he didn't watch it. I did see it. I did see it. Well, CBS has now acknowledged that the crux of their story may have been based on forged documents. And they have determined that they will follow other news organizations and look into the serious questions that have been raised. There continue to be a number of questions raised about these documents. And you've heard what I've said repeatedly, that these are serious questions and they ought to be looked into fully. And a number of media organizations have been doing that. And now CBS has decided to do so, as well.
QUESTION: As for the -- Dan Rather's, you know, direct challenge, which we saw in The New York Observer yesterday, the interview in The New York Observer, he said: Answer the questions; with respect, answer the questions.
Was that appropriate for Rather to say and --
McCLELLAN: Well, I think it's always best for journalists to stick to reporting the facts and not trying to dispense campaign advice. Did you have another question about last night or --
QUESTION: No. The only other thing was, you know, he spent a lot of time interviewing this 86-year-old former secretary and seemed to -- while acknowledging the possibility that the documents were forged, he seemed to cling to the essence of the accusations in the documents, even if they were phony. What did you think of that?
McCLELLAN: So now some are looking at feelings and not the facts. You know, we don't have to rely on the feelings of a nice woman who has firmly stated her opposition to the President. We can look to the facts. And the facts are that the commanding officer at the time has categorically stated that what had been asserted simply was not the case.

A Look at the Role Players

--Let's take a look at the ideologies of the role players in the Memogate saga.

There is Dan Rather, who appeared on the air to proclaim that CBS had obtained these "previously unknown. documents.

There is Mary Mapes, the controversial CBS News producer who obtained the memos.

There is Bill Burkett, the former National Guardsman who lives 20 miles away from the Kinko.s drop-off point in Abilene, TX.

Dan Rather:

Last night Rather interviewed Marrian Knox, a former secretary in the National Guard office of Jerry Killian. Rather chose to interview her because she believes the contents of the memos are true, although not the documents themselves.

Rather, ironically, shares two beliefs in common with her. The first is that they both believe the contents in the documents are true. The second is that they both believe George W. Bush was "selected. president.

According to the Washington Post, Knox said Bush was "selected, not elected" president. Rather said the same thing to David Letterman after the disputed 2000 election. Every president has the right to choose nominees "once you're elected or selected, whichever word you prefer."

The embattled newsman has also denounced the Swift Boat Veterans for truth when they were first formed in May.

"Playing the Vietnam card. How an experienced and successful Republican operation made up of veterans is attacking Vietnam war hero John Kerry. We'll give you the inside story."

Of course, if you wanted to go back far enough, there.s that statement Rather made at Sam Houston State Teacher.s College: "I'm madly for Adlai [Stevenson, the Democratic candidate for President] first and foremost because I'm a Democrat. I believe in the principles of the Democratic party and believe those principles have given this nation the most prosperous years."

Mary Mapes:

Ms. Mapes is the controversial CBS producer who worked for two months two try and obtain the naked pictures used in the Abu Ghraib scandal. She told Charlie Rose that ""We ended up chasing it, chasing it halfway around the world and back again." Gary Killian, son of the man Rather claims (claimed?) wrote the memo, told Sean Hannity that Mary Mapes ignored what he had to say--which was in support of Bush--and ignored all the former Guardsman he recommended to her would be good to put on 60 Minutes.

Mapes also is likely the one who received the documents from the fax machine. Certainly she saw the Kinko.s label.

She is also a dedicated liberal, according to her father. Mapes worked at a CBS affiliate in Seattle and acquired quite a reputation.

John Carlson hosts a radio show in Seattle and told WilliamWeb that he "worked at KIRO when Mary was there, and interacted with her regularly. At the time I was a news commentator representing the conservative side of a regular .Point Counterpoint. feature. Mary Mapes was actually more liberal - and much more emotional - than the guy I debated with."

Even more, when Carlson speculated on the air that Mapes was behind Memogate, her father called the show. Carlson said he "was being somewhat critical of her lack of impartiality when her father called in. I assumed he was going to grill me for having the audacity to criticize his daughter on the air. But to my surprise he actually said he was 'embarrassed. by his daughter. They haven't spoken in years. There is some bad blood there owing both to political and personal differences."

Bill Burkett:

According to the Associated Press, the retired National Guard officer "says he was present at Guard headquarters in Austin in 1997 when a top aide to then Governor Bush ordered records sanitized to protect the Boss."

Ironically, Burkett complained of fraud in 2001. President Bush tried to appoint Gen. Daniel James III to head the Air National Guard. But Burkett sent a letter to the Senate Armed Service Committee in an attempt to block his appointment.

According to the Dec. 21, 2001 Dallas Morning News:

"Bill Burkett of Abilene, who retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1998 after 28 years in the Army National Guard, said he has given the committee complaints involving Gen. James. 'I have submitted two very, very specific allegations of fraud in which I have first-hand knowledge,' he said. Mr. Burkett said before his retirement he had been asked by Gen. James to develop a strategic plan for the Guard. During his review, Mr. Burkett said, he found widespread 'corrupt activity, including lying about readiness reports, falsification of personnel data' and other violations -- all of which he said were ignored by the general..

Also worth noting is that Burkett (pronounced BURR-kit) was never in the Air National Guard but the Army National Guard. During her interview with Dan Rather last night, the secretary who worked in the office in which Killian did said that the the CBS documents used words and phrases used by the Army, not the Air Force:

"And there are words in there that belong to the Army, not to the Air Guard. We never used those terms," Marion Knox said.

All three are dedicated liberals, and as Bernard Goldberg told, "They wanted the story to be true, so they apparently minimized or ignored any information that contradicted their preconceived notions."


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Update On Mary Mapes--Her father is embarrassed

I called KVI in Seattle and asked for the e-mail of John Carlson who hosts a show by the same name. I asked John if it was true that Mary Mapes father actually called into his show and here is his reply (I'm writing an article for a magazine piece)

"Yes, he was on and it was a shocker. I worked at KIRO when Mary was there, and interacted with her regularly. At the time I was a news commentator representing the conservative side of a regular "Point Counterpoint" feature. Mary Mapes was actually more liberal - and much more emotional - than the guy I debated with.

Anyway, I was relating all this on the show, and was being somewhat critical of her lack of impartiality when her father called in. I assumed he was going to grill me for having the audacity to criticize his daughter on the air. But to my surprise he actually said he was "embarrassed" by his daughter. They haven't spoken in years. There is some bad blood there owing both to political and personal differences"

Now if we use the Dan Rather logic--Mary Mapes is a liberal zealot who knows no objectivity--someone so far out that her father is embarrassed. So this fraud should come as no surprise

Delusion and Confusion from Political

Those are the only words that come to mind when trying to come up with a description of Dan Rather and his boss at CBS, Andrew Heyward. They are completely out of touch with reality. How else to describe this statement by Rather, reported by Howard Kurtz in today’s WaPo?:

“If the documents are not what we were led to believe, I’d like to break that story,” Rather said in an interview last night. “Any time I’m wrong, I want to be right out front and say, ‘Folks, this is what went wrong and how it went wrong.’ ”

Does he not realize that he and his network are the story? And it was broken a week ago. Dan, wake the %*^* up! It is time to pack it in, grab the gold watch and attempt to salvage your reputation.

Andrew Sullivan has regained some perspective and sums things up succinctly:

I have to say that the risible statement given by CBS News last night finally did it for me. Who do these people think they are? They have failed to find a single expert who will back the authenticity of the memos; their own experts say they warned CBS not to go with the story; Killian’s secretary thinks they’re fakes … and yet Rather and Heyward say they stand by their story and will continue to investigate the provenance and dubiousness of the forgeries! This beggars belief. How do I put this to Rather: it doesn’t matter if the underlying story is true. All that matters is that CBS’s evidence is fake. Get it? End of story.

Welcome back to reality, friend. And kudos to Kurtz for covering this fiasco. There are certainly no Pulitzers or ‘atta-boys at the end of this nightmare. Had we been discussing forged Pentagon memos or some such, there would be high-fives all around the newsroom. No, there is no glory in this for the mainstreamers, but it must be covered for the sake of an entire industry.

Keep Writing The Affiliates--Dan and Mary are on the window ledges

--Trying to allay the fears of CBS affiliates across the nation who have been deluged with telephone calls and emails from angry viewers, CBS News sent out a much more comprehensive (but still unconvincing) defense of itself via the internet, including the disclosure of the name of a previously unidentified "document expert," one James J. Pierce of Newport Beach, California.

CBS even took the steps of sending out scanned images of letters vouching for disputed memos' authenticity. We will soon be posting these images after redacting the individuals' addresses. (View the defense here.)

The document drop comes as CBS News has come under fire from some of its own affiliates, including the largest Houston talk radio station KPRC 950, which has forwarded all of its angry emails to CBS and demanded an answer. The station has yanked Dan Rather's radio news summary from its lineup and replaced it with Fox News Radio.

Meanwhile, external critics have continued to apply the pressure to CBS News nationally and to their local affiliates, coordinated in part by a newly launched web site,

In the face of the worst media coverage in CBS News history, the network news division is facing severe credibility problems according to a survey done by Rassmussen Reports.

Among voters who are following the story very closely, over half (56%) believe the CBS documents are faked. Just 27% believe they are authentic.

The story also appears to have attracted a large amount of interest among the public. Nearly three-quarters (72%) say they are following the story either "very closely" or "somewhat closely

Morning CBS Fraud Round Up--More Mary Mapes and Dan Rather Journalism

Courtesy of

Kinko's, A Better Way to Forge?

--Kinko's may indeed be the better way to office, but is it also the better way to forge? Matt Drudge has the following text up on his site, accompanied with the requisite siren:

"CBS Guard Documents Traced to Texas Kinko's...

"WASH POST: Documents allegedly written by deceased officer that raised questions about Bush's service with Texas National Guard bore markings showing they had been faxed to CBS News from a Kinko's copy shop in Abilene, Texas... Developing..."

Abilene is about 20 miles away from Baird, Texas, the home of Bill Burkett, a former Texas National Guard member whom Newsweek magazine reported may have been CBS's source. Burkett is known to have a grudge against George W. Bush, the former governor of his state.

CBS has confirmed that the original producer of its Sept. 8 piece, Mary Mapes, was dispatched to central Texas to interview Burkett, who has said that Bush "would do anything to be 'king' of America."


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Time For Economic Warfare Against CBS's Rather/Mapes

Dan Rather and the left-wing idiot producer Mary Mapes aren't going to admit their fraud--in fact they are using the Fahrenheit 9/11 defense (I may be lying and manipulating but it's for a greater truth)

This is a fraud that has been manipulated to try to influence the election--It's time to boycott advertisers, complain to affiliates and petition the Federal Election Commission, FCC and Justice department to launch an investigation.

Rather and Mapes have tried to dis-enfranchise half the population of the United States and it's time to take away their self-serving hiding behind freedom of the press

If 400,000 North Carolina Driver's Licenses Were Issued without Social Security

Numbers, How Many Voters are Illegally Registered?

FAIR Makes Formal Demand on North Carolina Election Board

(Raleigh, NC – September 15, 2004) The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has issued as many as 400,000 driver's licenses to individuals without Social Security numbers (SSNs) by simply entering “999-99-9999” on the application. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is calling upon the state's Board of Elections to conduct a county by county review of voter rolls because most of these individuals must be assumed to be illegal aliens.
Although the DMV began earlier this year to prospectively verify the SSNs used by applicants for driver’s licenses with the records of the Social Security Administration (SSA), the need to retrospectively verify the SSNs used by applicants already awarded driver’s licenses was ignored.

Under the Motor Voter law, it is reasonable to assume that large numbers of these individuals have also been unlawfully registered to vote. “After all, the DMV clerk only verbally asks if the individual is registered to vote and, if not, if they are eligible to vote. Once the applicant states they are eligible, he/she becomes a registered voter,” states FAIR in a formal demand letter to Board of Elections Executive Director Gary O. Bartlett.

"After the 2000 voting fiasco in Florida, that included allegations of fraudulent voting in addition to the infamous hanging chads, it is vital that every state take precautions to prevent a repeat of the situation," cautioned Dan Stein, President of FAIR. "If the DMV issued nearly 400,000 driver’s licenses to people without Social Security numbers — more than the population of the state capital, Raleigh, NC— there is a very strong possibility that large numbers of people are also improperly registered to vote, and may be in a position to decide a very tight election."

"We learned four years ago that when the integrity of the voter registration process is compromised, the outcome of elections — including the presidency of the United States — can be compromised," said Stein. "In the post-9/11 era, allowing people to fraudulently obtain driver's licenses, voter registration cards and other state-issued ID is also a threat to security.

"The names and addresses of the 400,000 people issued driver’s licenses without Social Security numbers are right there on their licenses. It should not be a major undertaking to cross reference those names against county voter rolls," Stein continued. "We are asking the Board of Elections to make sure illegal aliens are not casting votes in North Carolina.”


Congressman Cox's Letter--Where's the Alamo Kenneth?

Letter to Chairman Fred Upton
By Rep. Christopher Cox (R-California) Information Services
September 15, 2004

(Editor's note: What follows is the text of a letter requesting that the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications investigate CBS News's use of apparently forged documents in a "60 Minutes II" report critical of President Bush's National Guard service.)

September 14, 2004

The Honorable Fred Upton
Subcommittee on Telecommunications


Dear Chairman Upton:

This is a request that you commence a Subcommittee investigation into the continued use by CBS News of apparently forged of documents concerning the service record of President George W. Bush intended to unfairly damage his reputation and influence the outcome of the 2004 presidential election.

In February 2001, the Energy & Commerce Committee held hearings calling the television networks to account for irresponsibly (and inaccurately) calling the outcome of the presidential election in Florida before the polls had closed. At those hearings, CBS News vowed that the competitive drive to get the story first would be subordinated to "making sure we are correct," given that the stakes -- the outcome of the presidential election -- were so high.

On September 14, 2004, the Dallas Morning News reported that the secretary who purportedly typed the documents used by CBS News to criticize the President's service in the National Guard stated, "These are not real." The Washington Post of the same day reported that contrary to representations by CBS News, the expert retained by the network to examine the disputed memos "made no attempt to authenticate the documents" -- and, according to the expert, "there is no way that I, as a document expert, can authenticate them." The Post's own examination of the documents found "dozens of inconsistencies" indicating forgery or tampering. "I am personally 100 percent sure that they are fake," the Post quoted a computer document expert as saying.

Despite the growing abundance of evidence that CBS News has aided and abetted fraud, the network has declined to reveal the source of the disputed documents. USA Today possesses the same documents, obtained independently from a person representing them to be authentic, and likewise is refusing to disclose his identity.

Given the shortness of time between now and the election which the apparent fraud is meant to influence, and the even shorter time before Congress is scheduled to adjourn, 1 strongly urge that the Subcommittee move with all deliberate speed to uncover the facts. Thank you for your attention to this important matter within the Subcommittee's jurisdiction.

Christopher Cox


When all other strategies fail--return to Camelot--the Fetish resurfaces

William's note: Since many 20-somethings aren't aware of Senator Ted Kennedy, The Butcher of Chappaquiddick's past--here's an editorial I wrote earlier with a new lead
If there was justice in the world Ted Kennedy would just now be getting out of prison, with a fancy prison-bitch name like "fudge boy," probably with dentures and certainly not in the bloated physical condition we had to witness during his recent state-of-the-union antics. For those to-young to remember, Camelot's senator was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddik in July 1969. His reprehensible, cowardly and illegal-anywhere-except-if-you're-a-Kennedy behavior is well documented from multiple sources.
With all other strategies failing, John Kerry's campaign is wheeling out the last surviving member of Camelot to actively campaign for his friend John Kerry. In a campaign where character has become an issue--understanding the fetish of Camelot--particularly the character of those involved is crucial

For the un-initiated, fetish, as defined by Webster's is any non-sexual object such as a foot or glove, that abnormally excites sexual feelings. And democratic-hopeful John Kerry's handlers are already tickling the Camelot fetish of downtrodden liberal elites by using what is called in the trade --- reverse black propaganda.

Kerry is denying any connection with Camelot, real or imagined. Yet, behind the curtains campaign operatives are making the connections in hope of mobilizing all those afflicted with this particularly liberal elite fetish. Already articles are popping up in international media discussing everything from Kerry's JFK initials to his dating of Jackie's half-sister. There are pictures of the new JFK boating with the old JFK. Like former President Bill Clinton, Senator Kerry had an almost religious experience from meeting the first JFK.

A casual understanding of what went on with the two deceased members of Camelot, John and Robert Kennedy and you can begun to see how pathetic those afflicted with the Camelot fetish really are. Because, by all accounts, John and Robert were men of action, too busy "collecting butterflies," as they so tastefully call it in Japan. And what a wonderful butterfly collection the two deceased members of Camelot collected.

Make no mistake about it, these Camelot boys were no Clintonian amateurs. There were no over-weight interns with hot cigar tricks nor any woman even remotely guilty of being labeled as trailer trash. The Camelot butterfly list was absolutely stellar. Just a few on the list were: Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Marlene Dietrich, one of mobster Sam Giancana's girlfriends, Inga Artad, Angie Dickinson, Judith Campbell Exner, and a very impressive longer list of wives, ex-wives and girlfriends that should warm the heart of butterfly collectors everywhere.

Now,as an un-apologetic, non-politically correct, anti-metrosexual male I can understand why John Kerry might want to return to the glory days of Camelot. But what I'd like to really understand, and feel free to write us at is: How can any self-respecting woman take any politician seriously who tries to use a return-to-Camelot theme either overtly or in stealth mode?

I'm waiting particularly to hear from women from John Kerry's state of Massachusetts who continually help send John Kerry's good friend and only living member of Camelot, Senator Edward Kennedy to wreak havoc on the body politic. Kennedy is the most evil, morally-bankrupt politician to grace the annals of American politics. He is a cross between Golam and a hideously over-weight hyena. He doesn't have to worry about taxes so is always ready to raise yours and has never seen an immigration bill too liberal to sponsor. Here's a guy who got kicked out of Harvard for cheating, has his own machinations of an Army enlistment, and was present at a rape for which Kennedy justice, yet again, prevailed. However, unlike his deceased Camelot brothers who have only been suspected in Marilyn Monroe's suicide and one other mysterious death, Senator Kennedy was directly responsible for killing one of his butterflys.

If there was justice in the world Ted Kennedy would just now be getting out of prison, with a fancy prison-bitch name like "fudge boy," probably with dentures and certainly not in the bloated physical condition we had to witness during his recent state-of-the-union antics. For those to-young to remember, Camelot's senator was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddik in July 1969. His reprehensible, cowardly and illegal-anywhere-except-if-you're-a-Kennedy behavior is well documented from multiple sources. Yet, the voters of Massachusetts keep sending Camelot's senator back to serve beside his friend John Kerry/

Maybe it's time to think seriously about a candidate who keeps these type of friends. Or, is the Democrat's hatred of President Bush so strong they have to resort to the fetish of Camelot?


The Butcher of Chappaquiddick Campaigns for Kerry

This from Read more about the Butcher of Chappaquiddick People should follow this bloated criminal around with signs!

By LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (news, bio, voting record), often credited with giving a boost to John Kerry (news - web sites)'s presidential campaign, is launching a seven-week election drive for his Massachusetts colleague that will pair fund raising and travel with a barrage of speeches condemning President Bush (news - web sites)'s policies.

Kennedy, D-Mass., will make two campaign stops in Pennsylvania on Friday, in addition to appearances around the country nearly every weekend as a surrogate for Kerry. While the Senate remains in session, Kennedy plans almost daily rebukes of Bush's policies, ranging from the war in Iraq (news - web sites) to health care and education.

Kennedy waged a similar war of words against Bush four years ago for Democrat Al Gore (news - web sites). But this time, his work for Kerry will be more active and involve much more travel, Kennedy's aides said.

They would not release a list of places where Kennedy is expected to campaign, but said the liberal Democrat will be in battleground states across all regions of the country.

Kennedy said he is intent on defeating Bush and putting Kerry in the White House, and will lay out the administration's "incompetence" in its domestic and foreign policies in his speeches.


Internet claim on Bush award disputed

Here's another Bush-bashing story that has gotten lost in the CBS fraud

By Gene J. Koprowski
United Press International

CHICAGO, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- The Air Force has knocked down allegations by a Web site that said President Bush, when serving as an officer in the Texas Air National Guard, wore a ribbon he was not authorized to wear -- a military offense that could have led to a bad-conduct discharge from the service if true.

The original story was offered to United Press International during late August by operatives from, an Internet activist group whose founder had earlier this year served as a source for The Boston Globe and other media outlets on stories about Bush's service in the guard in the 1960s and 1970s.

A summary of the story was also posted on the Web site by Walt Starr of last month, along with a photo from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library of Lt. George W. Bush wearing the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award.

An e-mail message to UPI on Aug. 27 from Bob Fertik, founder of, stated, "Walt Starr called the Air Force and discovered that the only AFOUA given to Bush's unit was in 1975 -- five years after the photo. Case closed!"

The Air Force and the White House last week in interviews with UPI said the allegations were misleading. White House spokesman Trent Duffy referred UPI to the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Colorado where Technical Sgt. Rob Mims is the spokesman.

Mims said the claims were "not true. I verified that (Thursday). Lieutenant Bush received Air Force Outstanding Unit Award while he was in basic training with the 3724th Basic Military Training Squadron at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas."

Starr sent UPI a copy of a file of his research, including correspondence he had with the Air Force seeking to obtain the service records of Bush.

"This means, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that George W. Bush was photographed wearing a ribbon he clearly did not earn," wrote Starr. He said awards earned by the unit were given before Bush joined the unit.

Mims said that personnel records in the military are often incomplete due to "clerical errors."

"But I did verify that that unit did get the award while he (Bush) was there," said Mims.

The sergeant added that the photo in question was "taken after pilot training."

Mims said he confirmed his information about the medal with the Air Force's history office. "It's all there in black and white, we've spelled it out," said Mims.

The White House, through Duffy, said: "Lieutenant Bush at the time was completely authorized to wear those ribbons he has in those pictures. He could only wear those ribbons if he has the wings. He earned his wings in 1969."

When contacted by UPI Monday about the Air Force's statements, Fertik refused to comment.

The news of the Air Force and White House disproving the allegations about the Bush medal came Friday, as CBS News and other news organizations were reeling from the disclosure that they had published or aired possibly forged documents about Bush's military service record.

The source of the CBS story has not been disclosed, but CBS is conducting an internal investigation into the controversy.


More on "They're Terrorists – Not Activists"

This from Daniel Pipes

I published an article by the above title today, criticizing major media outlets for their avoiding the term terrorist in favor of some twenty synonyms. The article has prompted new information from readers.

A CNN viewer notes a marked spike in use of the word terrorist by the station newsreaders and reporters on Sept. 4, one day after the atrocity at Beslan, with 6 usages in just over a half-hour period. The viewer characterizes the T-word being said "more times in a few minutes than in the past year."

In the South Asian context, the press and politicians use such super-euphemisms as intruders, ultras and miscreants.

In the Israeli context, when describing an actual terrorist attack, the Hebrew press always uses the word "terrorist" but when describing, say, an IDF operation against Hamas, Tanzim, etc., it will most often use the term "Hamas activists" (pe'ilay Hamas) or "Tanzim activists" (pe'ilay Tanzim). Also common are the terms "Hamas man" (ish Hamas) or "Hamas men" (anshay Hamas).

Reuters, one of the outlets I named, has posted a page with its "Editorial Policy" that includes a question, "Why don't you describe terrorists as terrorists?" and this reply: "As part of a long-standing policy to avoid the use of emotive words, we do not use terms like ‘terrorist' and ‘freedom fighter' unless they are in a direct quote or are otherwise attributable to a third party. We do not characterize the subjects of news stories but instead report their actions, identity and background so that readers can make their own decisions based on the facts."

The Boston Globe's ombudsman, Christine Chinlund, took on the vexed matter of when to use the term terrorism a year ago. She acknowledged that the Globe routinely describes Hamas, "whose suicide bombers maim and kill Israeli citizens," as a militant, not a terrorist, group, and that this policy "infuriates" some readers. Chinlund justified the terminology by noting that tagging Hamas as a terrorist organization "is to ignore its far more complex role in the Middle East drama" and then fell back on the hoary myth that "One person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter." She reserved the terrorist label "for specific acts of violence," and preferred that it not be applied broadly to groups. Oh, and all that said, she endorsed the Globe referring to Al-Qaeda as a "terrorist network."

Michael King's Great Graphic

Michael King's Great Graphic--Men in PJs Go steal it

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Even the New York Times Can't Stomach Senile Kitty Kelly

Now, here comes the next democratic hit vehicle--but this one stinks so badly that even the New York Times can't bring itself to compliment--

In its review, the New York Times reveals it doesn't have much use for Kitty Kelley's book:

Clearly this book - along with the timing of its publication - is intended to have an impact on the coming election. The book's flap copy reads: "at a crucial point in American history, Kitty Kelley is the one person to finally tell all about the family that has, perhaps more than any other, defined our role in the modern world. This is the book the Bushes don't want you to read." But the author's undisguised contempt for many of the Bushes, combined with her failure to come to terms with politics and policy, and her tireless focus on sex, drugs and alcohol, will likely play into family members' penchant for assailing the media. It will likely give them an opening to shrug off this book as a snarky exercise in gossip, instead of forcing them to deal with substantive questions about their political record. Then again, in an election season willfully focused on the past and the personal and the unproven, this book may provide yet another distraction from issues here and now.


Again--Prove The Memos Are True

President Bush received an honorable discharge from the Air National guard--this is a fact. You may not like the fact--and you certainly may speculate as I may on John Kerry who received three or four purple hearts without ever being hospitalized, a silver star without the valor addition he has claimed and then managed to get the hell out in four months and come home to provide aid and comfort to the enemy as many POWS will attest--then pawn himself off as a war hero--but President Bush received that discharge.

Yes, this is about CBS news and fraud--the media has beat the Iraq
drum (and particularly the Abu Ghraib drum that Mary "I'm a fraud Mapes," was the driving force behind--and guess what-- President Bush is still leading in the polls.

I'm still waiting to hear the CBS fraud disproved--and as you told me--the voters will speak in November on your right-wing shop of horrors--although at least today--you may not like the sound

Cogent Argument

If truth is the first casualty of war, it is certainly an unknown entity in the service of the right wing. When confronted with the possibility that someone else is playing the "tell the BIG lie" game as well as they, the right suddenly finds a conscience and wants to discuss "truth". The boundless and shameless hypocrisy of conservatives who shout "foul" when the crap is thrown back at them beggars belief and induces violent nausea.

You want a "cogent argument" related to right wing/liberal politics as it relates to George Bush's military service or shall we quibble over whether the dot on the third "i" in the second paragraph of document 327 appears to be in a different ink? The "cogent argument" that's relevant to this whole mess has nothing to do with CBS, the integrity of news organizations, or the authenticity of the "Killian Memos". It has to do with legerdemain and the art of the BIG LIE.

My point--clear enough I should think for someone of even moderate intelligence to grasp--is that all of this sudden indignance over accuracy and integrity in news has nothing--repeat NOTHING--to do with the central issue. Note that there was not a single challenge to my characterization of preferential treatment and failed obligations in military service. No, once again, in order that we pay no attention to Karl Rove behind the curtain or actually LOOK at G.W. Bush the military man, we are screamed at about bad documents. Let's argue over dead officer's families, let's pay no attention to the obvious and criminal incompetence of the necons and their misleading a nation into a war that has now killed more than 1000 of its soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen, sent over 7000 of them home without limbs or with other horrendous injuries, has mired the US in Iraq--a chaotic mess with death and destruction on all sides and no end of any kind in site.

There was no outrcry from these hypocrites when every corporate-sponsored news organization in the USA helped to beat the drum for war. The was no outcry when our journalists failed to investigate or verify any of the propaganda put out by Rumsfeld's Pentagon, by Wolfowitz, by Pearle, or by Condi (I don't have a clue) Rice. No, the integrity of the news being reported to the American people only matters to the right wing when they dare to disagree. We need not mention Faux News nor Sinclair Broadcasting and it's almost fascist use of the public airways to support WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR.

So don't give me this pious crap about caring that CBS maintains its journalistic morality. There is nothing quite so pathetic as a card-carrying hypocrite crying foul over the hypocrisy of others. No. This is what you brought on when you got in bed with the religious right and spent six years in a hate-filled witch hunt to depose the last president. This is what you get when have hateful ideologues like the "Velvet Hammer" and Bill Frist in charge of Ccngress with their sneering, heavy-handed condescension. No. You guys on the right wanted there to be some ass-kicking. Well, as usual with the kind of gutlessness associated with an adminsitration full of those who did NOT serve and will not serve--only send others out to die--when the ass that gets kicked is yours you whine and whimper and snivel and ask Mommy to make it better.

Well take this--your puppet in power with the rapidly deteriorating nutcase Cheney behind him pulling the strings--was a privileged, rich boy coward who took the easy way out. And that 'truth' will not change no matter what memos come and go. And those of you who wore the uniform of this country KNOW it--deep in your guts, you know it.


Hypocrits and Idiots for Kerry?

Again, great to see my liberal friend posting again--but sorry he picked such a loser of a candidate--I mean cause--to blog about this time. When a news organization commits fraud in their hatred for one political candidate--using a constitutionally-mandated freedom of the press to try to influence an election--well it's a serious offense. And Dan Rather and Mary Mapes should be exposed for the frauds they have become.

There is little doubt this is a fraud from CBS news--read The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, ABC News and others--all hardly bastions of support for conservative causes and posistions. All the liberal left can offer is conjecture as my good friend on this blog offers--Bush was the son of a politico so he had to have received special treatment. As my good friend knows, I actually agree with that probability. But for a news organization to manufacture memos to influence an election--the liberal left can not offer any rational argument for doing that--other than their "remove President Bush at any cost," where any hypocrisy, lies and propaganda is OK. I challenge any liberal to make any cogent argument in the face of all the evidence to prove these memos are real--


Time for Rather and Mapes to Perform Seppuku?

CBS News acting like an organ of the DNC, or at least the anatomical end of the alimentary canal, is disturbing in so many ways. Is it time for CBS executives to give two ceremonial knives to Rather and Mapes and have some true reality TV?

Rather Forges Ahead, Leaving Career in the Dust.


--CBS News has gone into full "CYA" mode. After being attacked continuously for the past six days by everyone ranging from posters at, to Web sites like, Powerline, and, to large media organizations like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and its network television rivals, CBS mounted another defense of itself tonight.

Just as his Friday defense of failed to convince, Rather's Monday defense was almost completely ineffectual. Several points stand out:

1. Rather finally stated that not all of his critics are politically motivated, something he was unwilling to do last Friday.

2. Rather's report did not feature a single quotation from any of its critics, something that an objective news organization would do if it were covering the story of accusations made by political campaigns against each other. For CBS Evening News viewers who have not been following the scandal, this must have been a strange spectacle. To receive no background on the story and only one side of it.

3. Bill Glennon, the typewriter repair guy whom CBS featured tonight said that the documents "could have" been prepared on a 70s-era typewriter with "custom feature" attachments, hardly a ringing endorsement, especially since he failed to specifically name a typewriter which did have the capability. That a hypothetically very expensive typewriter using optional parts could even be found in a National Guard unit which normally operate with hand-me-down office equipment from the full-time services hardly seems likely.

4. Richard Katz, the "software designer" of unnamed employer clearly is not familiar with Microsoft Word. To disable its automatic superscripting, all one has to do is put a space after a word before typing the "th". What kind of software expert is not aware of that?

5. Referring to one of the memos which appears to use the letter "L" instead of the number one, Katz according to Rather, says that "would be difficult to reproduce on the computer today." That is complete nonsense. Is it really that hard for someone to type "L" instead of "1" within Microsoft Word?

6. Does the el versus one point made by CBS hold water? One of our readers responds:

"As an 'old' teacher who was teaching 'typing' in the 1970's, let me submit one more item that could be added to the list of discrepancies: Even with the advent of the IBM Selectric typewriter, we continued to teach students to use the lower case of the letter L for several years because it was presented that way in the book!!

"It took me years to personally convert to using the number 1 on the top row of the keyboard; and, I submit to you anyone who learned to type by the touch method in the 1960's and/or early 1970's continued to use the lower case of the letter L.--because it was learned intuitively."

Peter Nelson has further thoughts on this.

7. Rather's defense failed to note any of the arguments made by Jerry Killian's family who said he never took notes, said he did not have others make them for him, and said that CBS refused to put them on the air. The anchor also failed to respond to remarks from many of CBS's sources who have either backed away from, or outright denounced the memo story as false.

8. Just days after a former CBS official denounced internet forum posters and bloggers as "a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas," it appears that CBS may have used one such pajama person as a new "expert" source. According to The New York Times, Bill Glennon, typewriter repairman, is said to have "posted his thoughts on the memos on a blog."

9. CBS's original expert, Marcel Matley, who has since backed away from supporting the network's case that the documents are genuine, has a very checkered past according to New York Post. In 1995 court testimony, Matley acknowledged that he had had no formal training in a document lab, or in "machines, typewriters, photocopies." The paper also discovered that Matley has published works on "spirituality in handwriting" and "female/male traits in handwriting," with such lines in them as: "For your male client, you will be able to recognize the facade of machismo--and also recognize the hurt boy-child who uses that as a defensive hiding place."

10. Rather also failed to respond to a barrage of charges raised by Washington Post, including confirmation of a scoop first reported by that Bush's Air National Guard office did not use expensive IBM typewriters capable of printing documents in a proportional font.

11. Other Post charges: More typographical concerns raised by a genuine expert in fonts, Joseph Newcomer, incorrect addresses, improper military signature lines and abbreviations, quotes from Thomas Phinney, a font developer at Adobe (the company which oversaw the late 1980s modification of Times New Roman into its current form), an admission from Glennon that he is not a document expert, and more backtracking from Matley.

12. At the end of the piece, reporters Michael Dobbs and Howard Kurtz talk to Sandy Genelius, one of our favorite spokesfriends at CBS News. She apparently didn't get the memo from Dan to defend at all cost, backpedaling tremendously from Rather's knee-jerk: "In the end, the gist is that it's inconclusive. People are coming down on both sides, which is to be expected when you're dealing with copies of documents."

13. Rather's response also failed to respond to critics who raised finer points about the font issues, including one point about kerning raised by Stephan Braddy, a software engineer who appears to have launched a new blog with a first post on Memogate stating that all available evidence suggests that "it is a mathematical certainty that the CBS Bush National Guard documents are fraudulent."

"The fact that the CBS Bush National Guard overlay matches perfectly and shows no signs of compounding deviation makes it a mathematical certainty that the two documents were both created by Microsoft Word, and therefore not in 1973. It is nearly impossible to create two documents with two different kerning systems that can survive the overlay test, especially if those two kerning systems are separated by 30 years in technology and design."

14. It's also worth noting that the two "experts" used to support its evidence Monday night were not involved with the original authentication and had merely looked at the online copies of the documents, something which Rather on Friday said he had a problem with, given that "deterioration occurs each time a document is reproduced and the documents being analyzed outside of CBS have been photocopied, faxed, scanned and downloaded and are far removed from the documents CBS started with which were also photocopies." Strangely, Dan did not repeat this assertion Monday night.

Other instant responses from Politicalities and Ed Morrisey. Send yours to

While you're out on the web, see this parody interview with an IBM Selectric typewriter as well as this hilarious eBay listing for a Selectric auction. We also note the creativity of the individual who came up with this image juxtaposing the CBS Eye onto the famous Tower of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Also see these related Memogate cartoons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Why all the funny links at the end? Because at this point, Dan Rather's credibility is so diminished it's quite comedic to watch him try to hold back a tsunami of evidence that he's been duped worse than the old lady who believes The Weekly World News.

If CBS is smart, and we have reason to believe that there are many people within the network who are, it will fire Rather before the bottom falls out any further. The CBS Evening News has consistently been the lowest-rated nightly news program on broadcast for nearly 15 years now. After Memogate, we have no doubt the ratings will fall even further with Rather at the helm.


More Hypocrites and Idiots for Bush

Let's argue about superscripted "th"s after cardinal numbers in order to prove that a memo puported to have been written on a typewriter in the 1970s MUST have been forged on a PC in 2004. We could argue that someone bold enough and with enough connections to get a national argument going over Bush's air guard service (again) could also find an old typewriter to improve his forgeries. But no, we are to believe that these documents were dashed off by a partisan moron in a few minutes, fired off in the mail to a gullible (excuse me, partisan) CBS news staff, "researched" by CBS in only a half-hearted or perfunctory manner (or not at all), and aired just because CBS (Viacom) just like the evil, disingenuous John Kerry just hates our wonderful, effective, and truthful president, George W. Bush. GAG GAG GAG!

Let's tell some more fairy tales. The son of a powerful, wealthy, and well-connected Texas congressman, applies to serve in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War because his chief concern in those days was protecting Texas by flying an obsolescent (F102) fighter. Amazingly, even though all of us who were alive then know how many guys wanted into guard and reserve units, without any special treatment at all, GWB gets in--ahead of several hundred other applicants.

Anyone who has served in the military as an officer knows that every one of your Officer Effectiveness Reports (OERs) will be "firewalled"--that is, scored at the highest possible score in each category--unless you are a complete screw up. And if you are politically connected to congress, senior political party members, or federal executive branch officials, even if you ARE a complete screw up, your OER will be firewalled. Anyone with experience in the officer corps should have the integrity to disabuse any naive fellow Americans who don't believe that these things happen. They DO. Such practices are Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)... (just like the overuse of Three Letter Acronyms [TLAs]) .

Do we have NO veterans with enough integrity to stand up and say that no matter what the paperwork, forged or legitimate, supporting Bush or condemning him, a pilot who ducks a flight physical and is grounded has NOT completed his military obligation? PERIOD. Will none of our veterans tell their friends and neighbors that perferential treatment and special favors for politically connected service members is as old as the military?

Do we have to argue about typewriters and 30 year old memos from now-dead officers to know that getting into the Air Guard in the first place rather than serving in Vitenam was the easy way out? Every one of us who watched in fear as our Selective Service System televised the first FAIR (fair and impartial random) draft lottery, wondering if our birthdays would be drawn early enough to send us to Vietnam, knew that guard duty or Canada were the only two ways out of a terrifying situation.

How in the hell can ANY veteran be stupid enough to be satisfied by an "Honorable Discharge" as the end-all, be-all of proof for honorable military service? What military did YOU serve in? For much of our recent history, any officer had to work pretty hard at being an idiot to get anything OTHER than an honorable discharge. And let me ask any former O3s and up (majors to generals) this question: how many of you had (or would have had) the cojones to kill the career of any junior officer who was the son of a US Congressman by giving him a bad OER? Tell the truth--go ahead, try it! Would you? Can you spell "congressional investigation"? How long would it have been until your career was gone? A month, a week?

Face it. George W. Bush is and has been, for his entire life, the cowardly pampered son of power and influence. He took the easy way out during the Vietnam era and didn't even put in the effort to complete his obligation to the easy way out. He has admitted to being an alcoholic and has refused to deny that he used cocaine. The fact that the flight physical he refused to take was the first to require drug screening is only coincidental, I'm sure. But he was not, is not, and never will be a brave and decisive leader and officer. And it doesn't matter at all whether the "Killian Memos" are genuine or forgeries. Those of us who have served in uniform know deep down in our guts just how the whole George Bush in the Air Guard comedy went down.

And for all you vets who support the current president because you believe he is a good commander in chief... I ask you one more, critical question.

You are in a platoon on patrol in enemy infested jungle tasked with a recon mission. You know it will be tough and your squad is likely to take casualties. Your platoon leader? George W. Bush. You have a choice. Do you go into that jungle led by GW? Would you? Would you put your life on the line based upon his ability to make critical command decisions under fire? Would you trust him to assess tactical situations and deploy resources to save your ass?

I thought so.


The Washington Post Knows Journalistic Malpractice When It Smells It

Will Dan Rather and Mary Mapes now be forced to dig their own graves and dropped off on a deserted island with ravenous crocodiles and only two bullets?

Expert Cited by CBS Says He Didn't Authenticate Papers

By Michael Dobbs and Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, September 14, 2004; Page A08

The lead expert retained by CBS News to examine disputed memos from President Bush's former squadron commander in the National Guard said yesterday that he examined only the late officer's signature and made no attempt to authenticate the documents themselves.

"There's no way that I, as a document expert, can authenticate them," Marcel Matley said in a telephone interview from San Francisco. The main reason, he said, is that they are "copies" that are "far removed" from the originals.

Matley's comments came amid growing evidence challenging the authenticity of the documents aired Wednesday on CBS's "60 Minutes." The program was part of an investigation asserting that Bush benefited from political favoritism in getting out of commitments to the Texas Air National Guard. On last night's "CBS Evening News," anchor Dan Rather said again that the network "believes the documents are authentic."

A detailed comparison by The Washington Post of memos obtained by CBS News with authenticated documents on Bush's National Guard service reveals dozens of inconsistencies, ranging from conflicting military terminology to different word-processing techniques.

Read the rest of the sordid story here!


By RODERICK BOYD Staff Reporter of the Sun

Four little-known online commentators — known as Web-loggers, or bloggers for short— were instrumental in landing a blow to CBS News with their reports that documents involving President Bush’s Air National Guard service may have been faked.

The four — John Hinderaker, William Ardolino, Charles Johnson and the pseudonymous “Allah” — led an interconnected real-time investigation into the authenticity of four documents that CBS, in its “60 Minutes II” broadcast last Wednesday, said proved that Mr. Bush applied pressure to get out of his Air National Guard service in August 1973.

Starting Thursday morning, the four bloggers — simultaneously doing original reporting and investigative work — created enough skepticism over CBS’s reporting that the network was forced to dedicate the opening segment of last Friday’s “CBS Evening News with Dan Rather” to defending itself.

The allegation leveled by the four bloggers is that the documents CBS used are sloppy and politically motivated forgeries. They base their claims on assertions that the documents contain spacing and typographical constructions that were impossible to make using electric typewriters available in 1973.

CBS News, which did not return a telephone call from the Sun, has said it stands by its report. During last Friday’s “CBS Evening News with Dan Rather” broadcast, Mr. Rather defended CBS News’ use of the documents, asserting “Definitive proof has not come out to refute them.”

The New York Sun interviewed three of the four bloggers — Charles Johnson did not return repeated e-mailed requests seeking comment — and was able to create a timeline of how these four nonjournalists created an ongoing dilemma for one of the largest and most established journalistic organizations in America.

At 7:51 a.m. last Thursday, Mr. Hinderaker, a Minneapolis-based trial lawyer and co-author of the politically conservative “Powerline” blog, noted that several of his readers had e-mailed him with questions over the typographical appearance and tone of the alleged documents.

He told the Sun that most of his early correspondents referenced a post from the previous night on the FreeRepublic Web site dated at 11:59 p.m. by a poster named “Buckhead” that disputed the memo’s veracity based on typographical issues; repeated attempts to reach “Buckhead” via e-mail were unsuccessful.

Mr. Hinderaker described the outpouring of reader commentary and interest on the issue as “incredible. We had ex- and current-military types writing in,saying the language in the memo was wrong.We had computer and typewriter hobbyists writing in saying that there was no way 1973-era typewriters were capable of those fonts.”

Mr. Hinderaker said the comments came in to their blog “so fast that we could only post samples of what we got. And anything we posted got linked by other blogs and generated hundreds more e-mails from people familiar with military memos and typewriters.” He said that there was virtual unanimity from these e-mailers that the documents were, as he put it, “utter B.S.”

At approximately 8:30 a.m.,Washington D.C.-based marketing manager Mr. Ardolino logged on to his computer at his job. Mr.Ardolino, who runs the politically conservative INDC Journal blog, said he noticed the Powerline blog entry and was interested in it, so he followed the link provided to CBS News’s Web site and downloaded the documents.

“Reading [the documents] made clear to me that something was wrong,” he said. “Their tone read more like an e-mail than a formal analysis filed by career military men. I didn’t believe that anyone would title a memo “CYA,” even if they were trying to [protect themselves.]”

Shortly after 9:30 a.m., Mr. Ardolino took matters into his own hands and sought an expert opinion on document forgery. As he described it, “I simply [searched out] a forensic document members organization and somehow wound up speaking to Dr. [Phillip] Bouffard.”

Dr. Bouffard designed the database program of old fonts that is widely used by academic and law enforcement organizations worldwide to determine the authenticity of documents. Dr. Bouffard, while acknowledging that a conclusive opinion is difficult to generate given the absence of the original document, told Mr. Ardolino he was “more than 90% certain they were fakes.”

The linking generated by Mr. Ardolino’s posting of the interview at 2:41 p.m. drew more than 25,000 hits to his eight-month-old site.

For its part, CBS News said it had consulted with “numerous” handwriting experts who validated its work.The only expert it acknowledged consulting, Marcel Matley, a San Franciscobased librarian, has a background in handwriting and signature analysis.

At 10:36 a.m., “Allah,” the proprietor of a heavily trafficked news analysis site called, posted his first links to the developing controversy.

“Allah,” who declined to give his real name or occupation, told the Sun via email that he came across the controversy on Powerline “and found it interesting. Much more so than the usual ‘tinfoil hat’ stuff that’s typically involved in conspiracy theories.”

“Allah’s” site acted as a clearinghouse of sorts for Web log readers, offering detailed commentary on the various posts and links going up around the Internet on the document controversy.

Seizing on the typeface and font inconsistencies, Allah’s site linked to a half-dozen other sites where bloggers were investigating the authenticity of the documents, all of which precisely replicated the allegedly typewriterproduced documents.

Later that evening, “Allah” got a lengthy e-mail from an Air National Guard officer which took exception with CBS’s documents from the standpoint of what he alleged were “egregious formatting and terminology errors” with respect to military bureaucratic protocols of the 1970s.

“Allah” did not provide the Air National Guard officer’s name, but wrote on his blog that the officer’s name and rank appeared on several documents he discovered in an online search.

The most detailed analytic work done on the documents was by Charles Johnson, a Web-site designer whose “Little Green Footballs”Web site, with nearly 25,000 visitors a day, is a highly read blog focusing on national security issues. Mr. Johnson, according to Messrs. Hinderaker and Ardolino, did the most exhaustive typeface and font testing of CBS’s documents.

At 11:30 a.m. last Thursday, Mr. Johnson posted the first of what would be almost a dozen tests over the next few days on the CBS documents, all of which showed remarkable similarities between the allegedly typewritten documents and documents produced by Microsoft Word.

To demonstrate the similarity, he overlaid his MS Word version against numerous CBS document that he downloaded from CBS News’s Web site. Each document lined up perfectly.

“When you saw a guy like Charles Johnson, who has been deeply involved with computer publishing since the 1970s, provide a detailed series of tests indicating that there was no way these documents were cr0eated on anything other than Microsoft Word, you became comfortable in asserting to everyone these were fakes,” Mr. Hinderaker said.


Monday, September 13, 2004

Who is Mary Mapes--Perpetrator of Journalistic Fraud?

Bet she isn't a Republican---

--Talon News reports today that CBS spokesperson Kelli Edwards confirmed to them that Mary Mapes was the CBS representative who obtained the disputed documents that allegedly give details of George W. Bush's National Guard service.
CBS producer Mary Mapes is a controversial figure who has made headlines in her own right.

In 1999 she was threatened with jail time if she did not turn over a transcript and videotape of an interview with the murderer of James Byrd. CBS finally relented and put up an online transcript, but only after CBS News president Andrew Heyward said, "Journalists cannot be seen as tools of law enforcement or the judicial system."

Ms. Mapes is also responsible for CBS's reporting on the Abu Ghraib pictures, a story she helped break. According to TV reporter Gail Shister, "The scoop was the result of more than two months' legwork by "60 II" producer Mary Mapes." To interview Charlie Rose, Mapes described how hard she worked to find the incriminating pictures:

"We ended up chasing it, chasing it halfway around the world and back again. Trying not just to chase the rumors of it, but---but to find out what the reality of it. And in the beginning, a lot of it was whispered accounts of pictures that existed somewhere, an investigation that was going somewhere against someone, and we were able luckily to narrow that down and get our hands on the pictures which really gave us our first real hard proof that this was real."

In the Memogate scandal, Mapes played a key role in acquiring the statements of former Guardsmen who served with Bush.

The son of the man CBS alleged wrote the memos, Gary Killian, described on Fox's Hannity and Colmes his dealings with Mapes.

HANNITY: Your father liked George Bush. Your stepmom even went as far as to say that he thought he was an excellent aviator, an excellent person, happy to have served with him, and have him serve under him. Is that true?
KILLIAN: Absolutely.
HANNITY: Yes. And now, you told this to a CBS producer for this piece prior to the "60 Minutes" piece airing. Is that correct, sir?
KILLIAN: That's right, Sean. In fact, even gave her other names of folks that he flew with, including his primary instructor and a fellow that he flew with and actually roomed with.
In fact, Sean, as you know, I sent you an e-mail to that effect.
HANNITY: Yes, and "60 Minutes" excluded both you and your stepmom, told them specifically about what your father had said to both of you about George W. Bush, the good words you had to say that you relayed to "60 Minutes" about what your father had said about him.
KILLIAN: That's true.
HANNITY: They ignored what you said, correct?
KILLIAN: That's true. And apparently, they ignored testimony from other officers within the unit that knew him and flew with him.

Killian recommended to her former Guardsmen who would be willing to vouch on Bush's behalf. But just like Killian, they were ignored and excluded from 60 Minutes. They were not the kind of sources Mapes was looking for.

Newsweek spoke of one particular source with whom she was intrigued, Bill Burkett, "a disgruntled former Guard officer who lives in Baird, Texas, who says he was present at Guard headquarters in Austin in 1997, when a top aide to the then Governor Bush ordered records sanitized to protect the Boss."

Continued Newsweek, "Burkett was impressive enough to cause CBS producer Mary Mapes to fly to Texas to interview him." Newsweek also speculates that Burkett is the source of the documents. If so, we know to whom he gave them.

The American Spectator, who before Memogate claimed to have a CBS source who said Rather was planning a hit piece, says today that a CBS producer told them "[a]ll day Friday, Rather, his producer on the story, Mary Mapes, and other 60 Minutes staffers were scrambling to shore up support from their sources on the story."

But that didn't go well as all of their publicly state sources have recanted their support for the documents.

Mary Mapes didn't turn over her transcript in 1999 in order to save "journalistic integrity." Today, the reason she doesn't wish to turn over her document source is to save her own skin, and Rather's as well.

Rather Says CBS Will No Longer Address Charges of 'Professional Rumor Mill.'

--Dan Rather was quoted in the New Zealand Herald as saying that there was no use debating the authenticity of his documents which he claims are proof that George W. Bush committed any number of unethical acts while in the National Guard.
"Until someone shows me definitive proof that they are not [authentic], I don't see any reason to carry on a conversation with the professional rumour mill."

Does Dan's "professional rumor mill" include ABC News, NBC News, and the Washington Post?

Dan, no one needs to show you "definitive proof that they are not" authentic. The burden of proof is on you. You introduce photocopies of suspicious documents that can easily be replicated on Microsoft Word. You don't provide the originals, which you say you don't have, and you don't tell where you got them.

You also have not produced a single typography, signature, or typewriter expert who is willing to go on the record and say all of the documents are real. All the experts you have cited have either comments were misrepresented. The only CBS "expert" who has not recanted his testimony somewhat is Jim Moore, an author of two anti-Bush books whom you described simply as "author Jim Moore [who] has written two books on the subject."



Free Will Blog suggests a sure-fire way to counter Dan Rather and 60 Minutes' Hatchet Job and failure to take credit for it. It will take a massive effort by the blogosphere to make it work. If enough advertisers start questioning this example of poor journalism--heads should roll

As promised, I've collected the sponsor and contact info for 60 Minutes II (listed below). I actually bothered to record 60 Minutes tonight, but since the Sunday edition is actually a different show with different staffers, I've opted not to include them in this information. The information provided is only for the Wednesday edition of 60 Minutes featuring Dan Rather. (It's all part of a day's work for the pajama-wearing right-wing nut professional rumor mill.) Credit to Free Republic for collecting much of this information.

Now, on to the good stuff: As outlined before (with a few amendments), the call for a general boycott of 60 Minutes II sponsors will continue until one of two criteria are met:
A. Dan Rather devotes an edition of 60 Minutes II to the witnesses, family members, independent journalists and experts who uncovered the details of this forgery, and allows them to make their case in full. Rather must fully and thoroughly rebutt each allegation with the support of indepenant experts and witnesses, which is to be quoted verbatim, preferably with actual video clips of their statements.

B. Dan Rather appears on 60 Minutes II and retracts the claims and the memos; apologizes, on the air, on behalf of the entire staff of 60 Minutes II to: the audience of 60 Minutes for misleading them (both about the memos and in the outright lies about the nature of the controversy over the forgery); 60 Minutes II sponsors; CBS; the independant internet journalists they've called childish names and generally treated with condescension and disrespect; Major General Hodges for misleading him and misrepresenting his statement in their interview; Colonel Killian's widow, son and any others who found their protests ignored when they indicated that these were forgeries during production; and the President of the United States, George W. Bush for their shameless and fraudulent attacks. Rather must reveal the source of the forged memos and confirm that the people responsible at 60 Minutes II (who will be named and their role outlined) have been dealt with.
Any 60 Minutes II sponsors who wish to be removed from the boycott list need only contact me via email and provide me with a telephone number where I can confirm that they have removed their advertising from 60 Minutes II. This list will be updated every week, and sponsors who choose to avoid 60 Minutes II will have their information moved to a seperate list specifically indicating that they are no longer included. Here's all the relevant contact info:

60 Minutes II
Media Relations: Kelli Edwards - (212) 975-6795 -
CBS News Comments - (212) 975-3248 (leave a voicemail)

60 Minutes II Sponsors:
(Note: Links take you to contact information pages for each sponsor. Please let them know that you are appalled by 60 Minutes II's behavior, and that you are taking part in the boycott.)
Home Depot - Executives - Investor Relations
Campbell's Soup
Morgan Stanley
Cingular Wireless
Pepcid Antacids
Estee Lauder
You guys know what to do from here. Make sure to pass this list on to interested parties with the handy "Email This!" link under the post. (For readers who aren't familiar with the controversy, just visit the Old Media Vs. Reality category and check out the surrounding days for details.

Where is The ACLU and All The Anti-Religion Liberals Whining About Church And State?

CAIR, the pseudo-civil rights group put out this news release Friday. Where is the ACLU and all the other separation of church and state activists? This is a blatant religious symbol that has no business in a public or private school. Write the media, write your representative and let's stop this before it goes any further. Send President Genshaft a letter voicing your displeasure. Do it today. Here are the Florida ACLU contacts:

Executive Director: Howard Simon
4500 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 340
Miami, FL 33137
Phone: (305) 576-2336
Fax: (305) 576-1106

Legislative Office:

Larry Helm Spalding
Legislative Staff Counsel
American Civil Liberties Union
314 West Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301-1608
Office: (850) 425-1050
Fax: (850) 425-5097

Here are the Tampa Tribune Contacts
Editor and Vice President, Frank M. Denton
Newsroom Phone:
(813) 259-7600


Agreement comes following meeting with CAIR-FL

(TAMPA, FL, 9/10/04) - The Florida office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) announced today that a female Muslim athlete at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa will be allowed to wear hijab on the basketball court. SEE:

The 22-year-old Muslim convert left the USF basketball team and lost her athletic scholarship last week after allegedly being told by her head coach that she could not wear the religiously-mandated scarf during practices or games.

In a meeting today between the basketball player, university officials and a representative of CAIR-FL, it was agreed that the team would accommodate her Islamic attire and reinstate her scholarship. The university also agreed to work with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on any issues related to existing headwear policies. "We thank the University of South Florida for its swift and decisive action in resolving this issue," said CAIR-FL Communications Director Ahmed Bedier, who took part in today's meeting. "An athlete should not be asked to choose between engaging in healthy sporting activities and her deeply-held religious beliefs."

Ahmed noted that the Prophet Muhammad himself recommended that children betaught activities such as swimming, horseback riding and archery.


Contact the university to thank them for accommodating the Muslim athlete's Islamic beliefs religious practices.


Ms. Judy Genshaft, Ph.D.


University of South Florida

4202 E. Fowler Ave., ADM241

Tampa, FL 33620-6150

TEL: (813) 974-2791



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