Tuesday, December 28, 2004


By Franco Zerlenga adapted from the Italian newspaper IL FOGLIO

A frightening article attracted my attention while I was reading the weekend edition of the Financial times USA /Saturday December4/Sunday December 5,2004. The headline read: “Dutch parliamentarian resigned to life under protection” by Gordon Cramb in The Hague. A parliamentarian resigned to life under protection: protected from whom? Who is so powerful to intimidate and destroy the basic freedom of Europe, which fought so hard against Fascism and Nazism? Who are these people that are more powerful than the Nazis and the Fascists? Who are these people who control de facto the basic freedoms not only of the common citizen of the Netherlands, but also of the their representatives? Since when have people, who are worse than Hitler and Stalin occupied the Netherlands? Who are these people, because of whom, a government, instead of using the swift power of the state to destroy them, resorts to a pathetic and cowardly action?

Reading the article I realized who they are: Islamic murderers who had infiltrated Europe as immigrants, “ looking for work”, and exploiting the political correctness of the Europeans: “enter my home and you can kill us when we express our freedom of speech and opinion, which we Europeans for the last 3 centuries fought to achieve. We will not disturb you, we will not go after you, we will respect you, and if you incite in our country your Islamic brothers in the name of Allah the great and his prophet Mohammed (peace upon him) to kill us we will ask you to spend 120 hours ‘community service”, in the Islamic community, of course, where you will continue to incite and spread your hate against us while being paid by the Dutch community”.

Reading further, I found that the MP Mr. Wilders is labeled a conservative. As an ultraliberal [I fought all my life for freedom against oppression and dogma, and discrimination], the adjective conservative put me on alert. I asked myself: what did this conservative do against Islam that angers the Muslim so. Indeed, after the brutal murder of Theo Van Gogh he said “ who is now a resident in the Netherlands, if he oversteps the mark of our democratic society and our constitution, I have one message: there is the door”.

In other words, MP Wilders is an idealist and like the majority of Europeans, does not know the nature of these murderers. Like many Europeans, Wilders, even after having read the message stabbed on the body of Van Gogh, does not get that the murderers of Van Gogh, their community and their Mosques cannot be democratic. This is frightening indeed and yet MP Wilders is called conservative. He wants to “brick up”the “radical Mosques”. (The euphemism “radical” means, in realty, the wahhabi salafist brand of Islam, which is supported and practiced in that wonderful land of all freedoms,-- especially the freedom of religion,-- that is called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a.k.a., “The Taliban regime in luxury”). How can Wilders dare say such a thing? Where does he think he is? In Saudi Arabia Christians are forbidden to have the Bible in their house. It is not a crime to kill an infidel in Saudi Arabia. The only undecided issue is whether his body can be cut in pieces. It seems that beheading and refrigerating the head are permissible.

From the article we find out that Mr. Wilders is considered a “ conservative” because he urges an immediate halt to enlargement of the European Union: “No Turkey, no Bulgaria.” Let’s see if I have this straight: to affirm the obvious, that 71 million Muslims who believe, as does their Prime Minister Erdogan: “ Minarets are our bayonets, Domes are our helmets, Mosques are our barracks. Believers are our soldiers” cannot enter Europe, makes Wilders a conservative? What will Europe do after letting 71million Muslims into Europe? Put them under surveillance? And if now, with 15 million immigrant Muslims the MP has to have protection simply to survive, imagine what Europe will do with 71 million Turkish Muslims? Convert to Allah and his messenger Mohammed (peace upon him)? Because one thing is certain, and there is no secret, once 71 million Turkish Muslims enter Europe, they will spread and infiltrate a macchia d’olio. They will destroy Europe from within. At last, they will get revenge for the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio. When 71 million Turkish Muslims are in Europe, a fatwa will be requested and given, like the fatwa for the destruction by genocide of the Armenian Christians.

Remember, on Nov14, 1914, in Ottoman Turkey, the spiritual leader of the Sunni Muslims, the Sheik UL Islam, called for jihad against all “infidels and enemies of the faith.’ The principal “enemies of the faith” were the Armenian Christians, whose ancestors had lived in the Turkish region for two millennia. On April 24,1915- a black day- Ottoman Turkey began a reign of terror against its Armenian Christian minority throughout Anatolia. A million and half Armenians died, many during deportations and death marches. Remember the Arab Muslim principle, what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine. What you have, you give to me or I take from you. That is their history of conquests and domination. There is nothing wrong or right with that. They are what they are. The problem is with the current leaders of Europe, who refuse to recognize that history and deal with it in order to insure our freedom and security from such a lethal enemy.

Only ignorant and cowardly leaders would allow enemies of the freedom of critical thinking and exegetical criticism to enter Europe. No Islamic country allows this kind of thinking. All the departments of Islamic studies in Europe that practice a critical scholarly approach to the Noble Qu’ran and to Islamic history {not Islamic stories} would be shut down as “offensive”. Where there is no freedom of critical thinking, there can not be a genuine democracy and a healthy and creative culture. The stagnation of Arab culture in the last seven centuries is testimony to that.

It has to be very clear that the West is not fighting another crusade against Islam, because the crusade was a battle between two dogmatic creeds. The Western world is fighting for something more precious than a dogma: it is fighting for what it has conquered in the last 300 years -- the freedom of thought and expression without fear of intimidation of any kind, free and creative scientific research in every field for the betterment of humankind. This is not part of the last seven centuries of Arab history. Indeed, Saudi Arabia is not famous for its Nobel prizes in medicine or in other scientific achievements. It is famous for its repugnant ‘faith based’ xenophobia and for having produced and supported murderers of high quality like Bin Ladin. Saudi Arabia was on the side of Hitler in the Second World War. Saudi Arabia is the ideal of Islam realized. Study Saudi Arabia and you will see what Turkish Islam will be in 20 years from now in Europe. For now, listen to the preaching of hatred in the European Mosques supported by Saudi Arabia in the European Union. .

The adaptation of the Swiss code by Ataturk is in the past. It was an experiment never digested by the Turks. Only ignorant people do not realize the unintended and not so unintended consequences of bringing 71million Muslim Turks to Europe. Of course in order to get in, the techniques of concealment and dissimulation will be used.

The five techniques, used by Islam during the 14 centuries of dealing with the West are 1) concealment and 2) dissimulation: Recent use of these two techniques are made by the teaching and writings of so-called scholars in the Islamic Studies Centers in American and Europeans Universities, and by Bin Ladin when he was fighting with the CIA in Afghanistan, by the representatives of Saudi Arabia when they talk with the gullible and still ill informed American journalists, 3) Infiltration without integration: preached by the Whahhabi in the Mosques in Europe subsidized by Saudi Arabia. The infiltration happens through the immigration process. 4) Intimidation: recently, Muslim professors in the Middle East Studies Program intimidated Jewish students at Columbia University. The University’s President was forced to start an investigation.5) Assassinations and mass murder if there is no submission: 9/11;Theo Van Gogh: Madrid: the Armenian genocide: the assassinations and beheadings by Taliban regime, the genocide in Darfur by Sudan regime: both regimes supported by Saudi Arabia- the whahhabi Saudi Arabian jihadists in the triangle of death in Iraq.

The infidels have no right to know what a Muslim really thinks because by Islamic definition an infidel is inferior. As a devout Muslim, Prime Minister Erdogan has to act like he is acting, and he is doing nothing wrong. If the Solanas and Straws and Fishers of the European Union are gullible, ignorant and careless about the safety and the security of Europe and do not understand what a Muslim is, it is not the fault of Mr.Erdogan. If you know who Al Capone, Reina, Provenzano are, and you want to believe them when they tell you that they are the incarnation of the legality, you are not liberal and open minded. You are a very dangerous member of your community. The degree of your “pericolisita’” is in proportion to your position in your community.

A partnership is sufficient for Turkey. It is certain that Turkey is not an European country.

For starters, if Erdagan wants to show that he is different, he can return Haghia Sophia to its original function[ Emperor Justinian opened the church officially on Dec 27, 537]as one of the most beautiful Christian churches in the world instead of continuing to humiliate Christians. One of the most glorious and oldest temples of their worship reduced to a museum. Respect, the Muslims have to understand, is a two way street. It is up to us to send a clear and unambiguous message without any form of appeasement. In the long run the result will be a solid peace

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