Friday, November 05, 2004

Will of Voters Trumps Political Correctness in Arizona

FAIR Congratulates Arizonans for Decisive Victory for Immigration Enforcement

Arizona Vote Sends a Message to Washington And is a Model for the Rest of the Country
Proposition 200's decisive 56 percent to 44 percent victory in yesterday's election is a testament to how strongly people in Arizona and the rest of the country feel about the need to deal with the burgeoning problem of mass illegal immigration. Voters in Arizona told unresponsive politicians in Arizona and across the country that if they do not address mass illegal immigration, the public is prepared to go over their heads.

The Arizona Taxpayer and Citizens Protection Act prevailed at the polls despite the fact that it was opposed by the leadership of both political parties and opponents of the measure significantly outspent the proponents of the initiative. "It seems that everyone in Arizona was against Prop. 200, except for the voters," commented Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "Voters in Arizona saw through a well-financed campaign of disinformation and voted for an initiative that calls upon state officials to carry out their responsibilities to protect our borders, our security, and the jobs and tax dollars of ordinary Americans. We applaud their efforts and are gratified that FAIR was able to play a role in helping them win a victory for sensible immigration policy."

When the 109th Congress convenes in January they will have an opportunity to respond to the will of voters all across the United States who, like Arizonans, are deeply concerned about the costs and security risks associated with a failed immigration policy. It is also likely that voters in other states that are inundated with mass illegal immigration will see the enormous victory of Prop. 200 as a model of grassroots activism that can be replicated in their states.

"We see Prop. 200 as the beginning of a process to take the immigration reform message directly to voters all across the country who, like people in Arizona, have lost patience with an unresponsive political establishment," Stein said.

In addition to the need for the new Congress to act on immigration policy reform and stepped up enforcement against illegal immigration, the vote on Prop. 200 demonstrates that people believe that it is an issue that must also be dealt with by state and local governments. "Too many state and local governments - many facing several fiscal problems - continue to encourage illegal immigration by promoting all sorts of benefits for illegal aliens, including the issuance of driver's licenses, or adopting 'Don't ask, don't tell' policies with regard to people who are violating U.S. immigration laws. Voters in one state sent a powerful message on Election Day and it is a message that we believe will sweep across the country," Stein concluded.

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