Monday, November 01, 2004

Sore Feet-Muscle Aches--But I finished the 2004 Marine Corps Marathon

I'm hurting today--to be expected after a 26.2-mile jaunt in unseasonable 80-degree heat. My feet are blistered--the insides of my thighs and nipples abraided. These 40-something legs feel much older on this pre-election Monday.

But I finished the 2004 Marine Corps Marathon and i'd like to congratulate every one of the 18,000 plus who responded to the firing of the howitzers. The U.S Marine Corps, the police of many cities, all the volunteers and the thousands of spectators who cheered us on are worthy of every thanks.

No, I didn't run as fast as I had planned. I didn't even place in my age group. But I did enjoy running through our nation's capitol and appreciating the fact that I am an American and am in excellent health.

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