Thursday, November 04, 2004

Post-Election Blog Comments

Just a Girl has some very good advice for the democrats

After years of watching this election campaign. I watched all of it - - the coverage, the stump speeches, the debates - from both sides. I think today was John Kerry’s finest moment - where was that passion during the campaign? The grace? I guess it’s easy to be graceful once you’ve lost.

Not for nothing, but the Dems really need to get a stronger message out there instead of “We hate Bush". We realize you hate Bush - that’s a given. Listening to Kerry, Edwards - any of the Dem operatives, pundits, spin masters and even the Dem websites and blogs - - the strongest message they had throughout all of this was how much they hate Bush, what Bush did wrong and why Bush needs to go away.

That’s all well and good - - they’re obviously passionate about what they hate. They are articulate about what angers them and in defining what they feel are miserable failures and betrayals, in their definition.

That was the bulk of their message throughout their entire campaign, from the initial nominations to the primaries up until the last day. Kerry never really did get around to fully and strongly defining himself for all the anger and hatred. Well, that and the Bush campaign kept him on the defense for the better part of this year with the hits against his Senate record.

Kerry’s speech was tremendous and more than I could ever hope for and expect out of the Democratic candidate who just lost the bid for Presidency. I have to commend him. It moved even me.

I’m just saying - - the Dems need a stronger message. It needs to be communicated, strongly and passionately. Voting for Kerry because you want to vote against Bush really didn’t say a whole lot for the candidate. Anger and hatred, while obviously borne of passion, isn’t going to take you all the way. There needs to be passion for your cause - - they need to put a positive spin on their message. Anyone but Bush wasn’t going to win this for them

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