Thursday, November 04, 2004

Post Election Blog Comments--3

Political Brief looks at all the BILLIONS who were disenfranchised
The voice of America indeed - but which America? How so many people voted for Bush is mind-boggling. An absolute disaster. This is a tragic day for our planet and for all of us, wherever we live. - Raymond Perrez, Toulouse, France

People from the USA, UK, Finland, New Zealand, France, Sweden, Canada, Greece, Germany, Belgium, St Bees, Lebanon, and Japan bemoan the right of the American people to elect their own president.

To me the most interesting and the same time the most frightening fact related to this election-like reality show, is that we discuss and care about it. It seems that the American control over the planet enlarges to a fascistic dimension. - Thanos Didangelos, Athens, Greece

It looks as though George Bush is to be re-elected. I used to believe that Americans were largely well meaning, peace loving people. Now I feel that at least half of the country is driven by fear and selfishness to the detriment of themselves and the world. - Michael, Himeji, Japan

Bush wins, and it really tells something about people of the United States. More war and misery. - Annika, Helsinki, Finland

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