Friday, November 19, 2004

Militants Discuss the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on America

This from:

Source: Al-Ansar | 8:46:50 AM

In a very ominous posting started just yesterday on Al-Qaeda's most popular website, Al-Ansar, Militants are beginning to ask each other whether or not they support the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the United States of America.

The thread has grown to over 3 pages long, with every popular militant getting their opinion in on the use of WMD's. Because every posting carries an ominous response, we will attempt to bring you every response and comment that each militant makes on this growing discussion.

Below we have included some machine translations along with human translations of this ongoing Terrorist Chatter.


"Do you support the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction against the United states?"


"No, No, No, No"


"The American Criminals have used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah and as we all know, Chemical Weapons are a weapon of Mass Destruction. Therefore, we have the right to use them on their own ground, but not chemical weapons, nuclear weapons!"


"We agree on the use of all internationally banned weapons! The banned use of such weapons is forbidden by their Sharia only! They've even used such weapons on us! We grant you permission oh Jihad Lions! Your brother, Allah's Supporters"


"Has anyone even thought about the expected result if we were to use WMD's on the Americans?"


"Yes brother, the world relaxes"


"I grant you 1000 blessings brother!"


"You have my blessings as well"


"Destruction! If Allah were to destroy America with the use of Nuclear Weapons, then we cannot guarantee who will come after us, the European Union, China, or even Russia!"


"They used weapons of mass destruction against the Muslism during the battle at Baghdad International Airport before the fall of Baghdad! They used missiles made from depleted uranium. They used different types of chemical gasses and cluster bombs as well! You have my permission brothers, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."


"I suggest that you use Weapons of Mass Destruction on the half of the country that voted Bush back into office, and then allow the remaining half to stand there in disbelief!"


"Definitely yes, Equal treatment! Also, they've used them in the blockade of Iraq as well as in Fallujah."


"Yes, I support each weapon and the results of the use of each weapon on the Americans. As for the presence of Muslims in America, they may be harmed by this. However the militants and the messenger of Allah has warned them to leave their houses. There is no god except Allah!"


"Yes, oh Yes, and if there is such weapon worse than the weapons of mass destruction, than you have my permission to use those as well!"


"My brothers, it is pretty obvious that Muslims in all Arab countries and Islam's supporters, agree to the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, whether it be chemical or nuclear on the United States of America."


"Allah and O Brothers, I as well as you care about seeing the destruction of this horrible country with the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, however until now they have not attacked us with an Atomic bomb, so we will postpone that response until the Americans start this type of aggression against us. However, there is no harm in using an dirty bomb, which is your everyday explosives carrying radioactive material. A dirty bomb will not carry the same destruction as the bombs that the Americans used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki."


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