Friday, November 12, 2004

Islamist Websites and their Hosts

Part II: Clerics
By Marie-Hélène Boccara & Alex Greenberg*


This is the second part(1) in a series of reports on Islamist websites, focusing on those with Internet Service Providers (ISP's) in the West.(2) For the benefit of the reader and to facilitate understanding of what the websites contain, we have added an example from the contents of each website. It should be noted that a large number of Islamist websites are often hacked or shut down, but reappear on other servers, sometimes under new domain names, sometimes they just disappear. All details are valid as of publication date.
Affiliation: Website of Al-Qa'ida spokesman Sheikh Suleiman Abu Gheith, originally from Kuwait.(3)
Registered by: Details unavailable.
IP address:
ISP: Lycos Tripod (Spray) in Stockholm, Sweden.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Lycos Netblock in Geutersloh, Germany: IP- and Spray Network Services in Stockholm, Sweden: IP- and IP-
Excerpt from the website (audio recording of Friday sermon, undated):
"... [Allah,] the Almighty and Great! When he wanted to help our religion [to win] and in order to render His word supreme and to humiliate his enemies, he brought out these heroes, these men, the Jihad fighters who seek death as others seek life and seek Allah's promise in the Koran and sacrifice their property, their blood, and their lives as a sign of the sincerity of their faith. When Allah wanted [to bring the downfall of] the country of heresy [i.e. the U.S.] and humiliate it and grind its nose into the ground, he brought out Osama [bin Laden]."(4)
Affiliation: Website of Palestinian Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, a pseudonym for 'Asem Al-Burqawi, who was expelled from Kuwait to Jordan after the first Gulf War, and in November 2001 was arrested by the Jordanian authorities.
Registered by: Ahmad Ali in London, Great Britain.
IP address:
ISP: Virtual Development in Clifton, New Jersey, United States; and Interserver Inc. in Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Interserver Inc. in Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States: IP-
Excerpt from the website (Friday sermon, August 21, 2004):
"I say: Cutting off heads is a part of our religion. Indeed, by God, slaughtering Allah's enemies is part of our religion. It should be done in accordance with the interests of the Islamic nation...

"Cutting off heads and slaughtering Allah's enemies is part of this religion, as is written in the biography of the leader of the Jihad fighters [i.e. the Prophet Muhammad]...

"Slaughtering is the appropriate message and the effective remedy for those who understand only the language of blood and the logic of force, those who pounded the villages in Afghanistan with B-82 planes and with Tomahawk missiles and murdered old people, women and children by the thousands...

"When a Jihad fighter kills some barbaric infidel, the whole world is in turmoil, and they [the infidels] call the Jihad fighters terrorists and murderers.

"The defeatists, in acquiescence to them [i.e. the infidels], announce that cutting off heads is not in accordance with Islam and that these Jihad fighters have no mercy in their hearts. No, by God, this is mercy ... because those [infidels] can only understand the language of slaughtering, murder and blood.

"May your right hand be blessed, my brother Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi!

"May your right hand be blessed, my brother Abu Hajar, 'Abd Al-'Aziz Al-Muqrin!...

"Acting in accordance with the Prophet Mohammad's mercy, we slaughter the criminals and aggressors and hold sacred the lives of Muslims and help the oppressed."(6)
Affiliation: Website of Saudi Sheikh Nasser bin Hamed Al-Fahd, a prominent Salafi scholar. He was arrested by Saudi authorities in November 2003.
Registered by: Details unavailable.
IP address:
ISP: C I Host in Bedford, Texas, United States; and CIHS in Bedford, Texas, United States.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: C I Host in Bedford, Texas, United States; and CIHS in Bedford, Texas, United States: IP-
Excerpt from the website (book titled 'Exposition about the Heresy of Those who Aid the Americans'):
"You already know that the Crusading infidel attack - led by the enemies of Allah, the Americans and their allies from among the other infidels and hypocrites - is directed against Islam and the Muslims. Therefore, [you should] know that any aid to them in their war - whether in body, in weapons, in tongue, in heart, by [means of the] pen, money, or in opinion, or anything else - is heresy and apostasy."(7)

Excerpt from (treatise 'Ruling Regarding the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction' [Against the Infidels]):
"If a bomb was dropped on them [i.e. the Americans] that would annihilate 10 million and burn their lands to the same extent that they burned the Muslim lands - this is permissible, with no need to mention any other proof. Yet if we want to annihilate a greater number, we need further evidence...

"Texts that prove it is possible to carry out a surprise nighttime attack on the polytheists even if their offspring will be harmed by it...

"On this matter, Hamed wrote: 'Although it is proven that the Prophet forbade the killing of women and children, if you collect these hadiths you will find that this is a prohibition against the premeditated killing of them. But if their being killed is the result of a surprise attack and a raid, and an inability to distinguish among them [i.e. the enemy under attack] then there is nothing wrong with it, and the Jihad is not called off because of the presence of the women and children of the infidels'..."(9)
Affiliation: Website of Saudi Sheikh Abd Al-Mun'im Abu Halimah (aka Abu Baseer Al-Tartousi), a leading Saudi cleric.
Registered by: Arkan Abu Shihab in London, Great Britain.
IP address:
ISP: Lycos Webcenter (Spray) in Stockholm, Sweden.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Lycos Webcenter in Stockholm, Sweden: IP-,, and Spraynet in Stockholm, Sweden: IP-
Excerpt from the website (article published July 6, 2004 'Dubious Issues that Arise with Regard to Pacts and Assurance of Protection'):
"One must not confuse right and wrong. America should be rightly defined as a tyrannical state that is waging war against Islam and the Muslims. It is in fact involved in a direct and ongoing war against the Muslims in more than one Muslim country. Therefore, there can be no contract or agreement of safe passage [that would guarantee the life of American citizens] between it [i.e., America] and those whom it fights. It is obligatory to wage Jihad and fight [America]...

"It is, however, wrong to assume that each and every individual of the 280 million American people cannot enjoy the rights of safe passage or a contract if he is granted such a contract by an individual Muslim or by some Muslims, even though his government is at war with Islam and the Muslims...

"[As for the question] whether the American troops in the Gulf states are occupiers or ahl dhimma [i.e., a protected non-Muslim minority]...

"The American troops in the Gulf states are not ahl dhimma ... they are invaders and occupiers. No perceptive rational person would doubt this."(10)
Affiliation: Website of the conservative Saudi Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali, who was imprisoned in 1994 due to his opposition to the Gulf War and was released in 1999. He professes to have had a drastic change of heart in recent years.
Registered by: Fouad Ahmad Alfarhan in Jedda, Saudi Arabia.
IP address:
ISP: Almina Multimedia Services in Ottawa, Canada.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Almina Multimedia Services in Ottawa, Canada: IP-
Excerpt from the website (fatwa concerning current Jihad regulations, taken from lecture titled "The Duty of Muslims for the Grace of Allah"):
"Once we realize [all that is required by] the faith of Islam and monotheism, once we propagate the message of Allah and overcome our evil inclinations, then we shall vanquish our enemies, Allah willing. It is our duty to carry out these two kinds of Jihad in every Muslim country...

"We should begin by propagating the message of Allah and end by fighting the infidels and conquering countries. All of this is called Jihad of Da'wa [the propagation of Islam]. As for defensive Jihad [which is a personal obligation for every Muslim] - most Islamic lands are now under occupation [by infidels], be they Russian, Shi'ite, Baathist, socialist or democratic - all of which are doctrines of unbelief."(11)
Affiliation: Umbrella website that provides links to numerous Islamist clerics.
Registered by: Saaid.NET in Umloj, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.
IP address:
ISP: Services Inc. in Dallas, Texas, United States.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Everyone's Internet in Houston, Texas, United States: IP-
Examples of links:
1. Website of Yemenite Abd Allah Al-Ahdal, President of the Department of Islamic Studies at the University of Medina, Saudi Arabia.
Excerpt from the website (article: "Who are You?"):
"The explosions that occur and which cause hundreds and dozens of Muslims to lose their lives are forbidden according to Allah's law... We ask them [those who kill Muslims]: Who are you? Do you consider yourselves Jihad fighters? Against whom are you waging Jihad? Are you waging Jihad against the Jews on the blessed land, against whom every Muslim knows there is an obligation to wage Jihad? Are you waging Jihad against the aggressive Crusaders, who helped the Jews to kill the leaders of Jihad and others in Palestine and who occupied Muslim countries and spread corruption in Afghanistan and Iraq? They fight the Islamic da'wa [the propagation of Islam] and those who propagate [Islam], and they fight the Islamic relief organizations on every inch of the land, and prepare to occupy other Muslim countries, Arab and non-Arab...

"If you had carried out these attacks in those lands against the aggressors and conquerors, being devoted to Allah and defending the necessities of life of the Islamic Nation, then the fallen among you would have entered Paradise and the fallen among your enemies [would have entered] hell..."( 12)

2. Website of the late Saudi salafi Sheikh Hamud bin 'Uqala' al-Shu'eibi [d. 2001].
Excerpt from the website (fatwa issued on April 26, 2001, concerning the nature of martyrdom operations):
"These operations of seeking martyrdom are in accordance with the shari'a [Islamic law] and they fall under the definition of Jihad, if they are carried out with sincere intention. This is one of the most successful and effective means of Jihad against the enemies of this religion because it causes much damage and many casualties, both dead and wounded, and because it spreads terror and fear and dread among them, and because it emboldens the Muslims against them and strengthens the hearts of the Muslims and breaks the hearts of the enemies and brings much slaughtering upon them...

"In sum, all the above shows that Jihad fighters can sacrifice themselves in operations of martyrdom for the purpose of Jihad and to cause damage to [the enemy] ... because there are such great benefits in Jihad, many [prohibited] things which are not [generally] forgiven, such as lying and deceiving, are forgiven for the sake of Jihad. Thus, it is permitted in Jihad to kill those who [It is generally prohibited to kill, such as the above-mentioned Muslims used as human shields by the enemies, and the women and children of the infidels]. That is the general rule in the questions of Jihad, and therefore the question of martyrdom operations falls under this category."(13)
Affiliation: Website of Egyptian-born Sheikh Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, one of the most prominent figures in the Muslim Brotherhood movement and a religious authority for most Sunni Islamist organizations and movements.(14)
Registered by: Qaradawi Net in Doha, Qatar
IP address:
ISP: Data Pipe, Hoboken, New Jersey, United States; and Atef Alqashqish, private residence, Hoboken, New Jersey, United States.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Alabanza Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland, United States: IP-; Data Pipe in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States: IP-; UUNET, Ashburn in Virginia, United States, and CIS in Waretown, New Jersey, United States: IP-
Excerpt from the website (from statement in the Qatari daily Al-Watan, which appeared on Qaradawi's website on October 25, 2004, "Martyrdom Operations Are the Greatest Form of Jihad"):
"Dr.Yussuf Qaradhawi has confirmed that the operations carried out by the Muslim youth that defend the lands of Islam and the religion and dignity of Islam are the greatest forms of Jihad for the sake of Allah. They fall under the definition of legitimate terrorization... I maintain that it is wrong to consider these acts as 'suicidal,' because these are heroic acts of martyrdom, which are in fact very different from suicide..."(15)
Affiliation: Website of Sheikh Faysal Al-Mawlawi, Secretary-General of the Al-Jama'a Al-Islamiyya organization in Lebanon and spiritual leader of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France.
Registered by: Openface Inc. in Montreal, Canada.
IP address:
ISP: Openface Inc. in Montreal, Canada.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Openface Inc. in Montreal, Canada: IP-
Excerpt from the website (fatwa #751, issued on May 26, 2003, "Waging Jihad in Iraq"):
"There is no doubt that if a Muslim land is under attack, Jihad becomes a personal duty incumbent upon all of its inhabitants and upon all of its neighbours until aggression is defeated. But in our time, because the Islamic Nation is divided into many countries - each with its own government and its internationally recognized borders and specific laws and treaties - this Islamic shari'a duty is [applied] on two levels. The first is the Islamic governments. The participation in Jihad against the aggressive U.S. forces and assistance to the Muslim people of Iraq is considered a personal duty of each of the [Islamic governments]. It is true that this obligation depends upon the [government's] ability, like any other shari'a obligation, but this condition must not be used as a pretext to avoid giving any kind of assistance, let alone [a pretext] to help the aggressive forces. This is strictly forbidden. This is [the kind of] association with infidels that Allah forbade. The second [level] is [that of] the individual Muslims worldwide and the Jihad in Iraq, meaning participation in the fight against the aggressive armies. This is not considered to be a personal duty [required] of them, but it is desirable for those who are capable of it. Whoever carries out [that duty] will receive the reward of a Jihad fighter, God willing, and whoever is killed from among them is a martyr [shahid], God willing."(16)
Affiliation: Website of Syrian Dr. Mohammad Al-Bouti.
Registered by: Dar Al Fikr in Damascus, Syria.
IP address:
ISP: C I Host in Bedford, Texas, United States.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: C I Host in Bedford, Texas, United States, and CIHS in Bedford, Texas, United States: IP- and IP-
Excerpt from the website (Friday sermon, June 13, 2003):
"...O brethren! The circumstances that make Jihad necessary require every Muslim to rise and, to the best of his ability, to carry out the obligation which Allah placed on his shoulders. The land of Iraq is an Islamic land: Islamic history is proud of it, and it is proud of [its] Islamic history. Now it is occupied by enemies that have come from afar, claiming they were looking for WMD. But once they occupied the land they forgot what they were looking for..."(17)
Affiliation: Website of Dr. Muhsin Al-'Awwaji, a Saudi Islamist and a former professor of political science who was jailed in the 1990s for his opposition to the state.
Registered by: Dr. Mohsen Al-Awajy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
IP address:
ISP: Nashirnet in HV Bennekom, the Netherlands.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: Nashirnet in HV Bennekom, the Netherlands: IP-
Excerpt from the website (article published April 13, 2002:
"The American Zionist Enemy - May Allah Fight Them!"): "Where is the spirit of sacrifice and the seeking of glory and martyrdom [shahada]? Do we fear death so much, [death] from Jihad or from lesser things?...

"O Allah! Grant us victory over the Christian Crusaders in Afghanistan, over the usurping Jews in Palestine. O Allah, show us the wonders of your strength and the suddenness of your vengeance on the belligerent U.S."(18)
Affiliation: Website dedicated to the late Egyptian Sheikh Hassan Al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood movement [d.1949], containing his writings.
Registered by: Details unavailable.
IP address:
ISP: University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, United States.
Domain/Nameserver Provider: University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, United States: IP-, IP- and IP-
Excerpt from the English version of the website (article "To What do we Summon Mankind?"):

"One of them will say to you: 'The time for Jihad and good works is long over.' Another will dampen your zeal by saying that means are lacking and that the Islamic nations are shackled. A third will be content to give his religion lip service, prating about it day and night, and satisfied to limit his religious duties to bowings which he performs without inner conviction. No, no, brethren! The Koran in your possession calls out to you clearly and unambiguously: 'The believers are only those who have believed in Allah and His Apostel [sic], and then have not doubted, but have striven with their wealth and their persons in Allah's way - these are the sincere'..."(19)

*Marie-Hélène Boccara is a Research Fellow at MEMRI and Director of the Scandinavian Department. Alex Greenberg is a Research Fellow at MEMRI.

(1) The first report in this series, Special Report No. 31 "Islamist Websites and Their Hosts Part I: Islamist Terror Organizations" was released on July 16, 2004,
(2) Sources: , , , ,
(3) Suleiman Abu Gheith was reportedly jailed by Iranian authorities in May 2003, but Iran has denied this.
See MEMRI, Special Dispatch No. 388, June 12, 2002,, for excerpts from an article by Abu Gheith, "In the Shadow of the Lances", which was posted on another website, belonging to the Center for Islamic Research and Studies. In this article, he wrote: "We have the right to kill four million Americans - two million of them children - and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, it is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons, so as to afflict them with the fatal maladies that have afflicted the Muslims because of the [Americans'] chemical and biological weapons.
"America knows only the language of force. This is the only way to stop it and make it take its hands off the Muslims and their affairs. America does not know the language of dialogue!! Or the language of peaceful coexistence!! America is kept at bay by blood alone."
(5) , and share contents and IP address.
(8) Excerpt from Sheikh Al-Fahd's previous website , which was hosted by another American ISP until a month ago, when it was shut down. An earlier version of the website is , which can be viewed in the web archives, See also MEMRI Special Report No. 25, January 27, 2004"Contemporary Islamist Ideology Authorizing Genocidal Murder," .
(9) After his arrest in November 2003, Al-Fahd appeared on Saudi TV and rescinded some of his previous fatwas as mistakes. It is not clear if this is one of them:
(14) See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 794, October 6, 2004, "Reactions to Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi's Fatwa Calling for the Abduction and Killing of American Civilians in Iraq",, for excerpts from Al-Qaradhawi's statements at a convention on "Pluralism in Islam", in late August, 2004 at the Egyptian Journalists' Union in Cairo, that "all of the Americans in Iraq are combatants, there is no difference between civilians and soldiers, and one should fight them, since the American civilians came to Iraq in order to serve the occupation. The abduction and killing of Americans in Iraq is a [religious] obligation so as to cause them to leave Iraq immediately. The mutilation of corpses [however] is forbidden in Islam." This fatwa was affirmed by Isam Talima, director of Al-Qaradhawi's office. It should be noted that ten days later, following heated reactions in the Muslim world, Al-Qaradhawi denied having made this statement, in a fax to the office of the Al-Hayat London daily.

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