Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ilegal Immigrants Should Begin To Fear--Arizona Law is Just One Of Many

CBS News, who has yet to FIRE Dan Rather and Mary Mapes for their fraudulent document story had this heartbreaker about how ILLEGAL Immigrants are worried. Well they should be--although both campaigns sidestepped it this year--some 90 percent of Americans want something done about the invasion that has been allowed to unabated for the past decade or so--politicians will ignore this problem in the future at their own peril.

New Ariz. Law Worries Immigrants

"It's a very reasonable fear."
Thomas Saenz, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

(AP) Immigrant parents have been flooding community leaders with calls and pulling their children out of Head Start this week after Arizona voters approved a ballot measure aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration, Hispanic officials said.

Proposition 200 requires proof of citizenship when seeking public benefits or when registering to vote. Government employees are required to report suspected illegal immigrants seeking public benefits or else face jail time and fines.

Martin Delgado, a legal resident, said he fears for his wife who is here illegally. She is among the estimated 300,000 to 350,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona.

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