Thursday, November 04, 2004

Getting Past The Euphoria--Time For Republicans To Get To Work

By any measure, this week's wins have left many republicans giddy with post-election euphoria. "A decisive blow has been dealt." "A clear message has been sent." "Values won out in the end." "mainstream America sent the limousine liberals packing." "The party of Michael Moore and George Soros is dead." and so on.

Now that the post-election parties are over--it's time to come to the realization that republican's must now govern--and there will be nobody to truly blame (although in Washington it's always the "other" party) for a host of staggering issues that will require reaching out across the aisles and working with those same people that have been demeaned and demonized during this very ugly political season. In short-republicans will truly have nobody else to blame for a scary list of problems that have serious consequences if not corrected.

Iraq, real homeland security, social security, the economy, Iran, the deficit, real tax reform, illegal immigration and border control and a myriad of other issues await something more than campaign rhetoric and sound bites.

It's time to quit campaigning and get to work
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