Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day 2004--Still hurting Physically--Voting With A Heavy Heart

I'm getting ready to go vote early and wanted to record a few thoughts .... I am not feeling optimistic about a second President Bush term .... yet I will predict the election will be contested either way .... there has been massive vote fraud already .... and with the legions of lawyers waiting on both sides .... we should finally have a president by inauguration day.

If the President does lose, it will be because of Iraq .... he is ultimately responsible for some decisions--which still will have to viewed through the prism of history--but right now doesn't appear to have been the correct decision. However you spin it, the Iraq war intelligence was a massive failure and the President's handlers have never seen fit to admit it. It is more-than-likely going to put a far-out liberal who would have NEVER made it out of the primaries in a normal year into the White House.

The only solace that I have this morning is that the Kerry regime will last one term. The next four years are going to be filled with problems that the far-out left can't imagine.

It's time for all Republican's to get ready for the battle of our lives
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