Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bin Laden's nuclear plot

This from,,2089-1357695,00.html Myself and others have been writing about this for several years now and don't really understand why Michael Scheur thinks this is a revelation
Osama Bin Laden approached a prominent Saudi Arabian theologian to obtain religious approval for the use of a nuclear weapon against the United States, according to a senior CIA analyst who led the hunt for the Saudi-born terrorist chief, writes Tony Allen-Mills.

The theologian provided a “rather long treatise” that concluded Bin Laden was entitled to use the weapon because America was responsible for “millions of dead Muslims around the world”, said Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA unit dedicated to tracking Bin Laden.

Scheuer resigned from the CIA last Friday to enable him to speak freely about what he regards as the agency’s failures to take Bin Laden seriously prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001. He was previously known in intelligence circles as the anonymous author of the book Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror.

In an interview to be broadcast on the CBS 60 Minutes programme in America tonight, Scheuer says Bin Laden was criticised in some Muslim circles because he failed to provide advance warning of the September 11 attacks and, according to some interpretations of Islamic law, should first have offered to help convert his victims to Islam.

Scheuer argues that Bin Laden’s recent video appearance amounted to a warning of a future attack.

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