Sunday, October 10, 2004

What They're Saying: St. Louis Debate, Volume Eight

Roll Call's Mort Kondracke: "Now, When The -- All Of The Analysis Goes On, I Think, There's Going To -- There Are Going To Be A Lot Of Questions Raised About What Kerry Said. The Idea That He's For Tort Reform? Please. He's -- You Know, He Is A Follower Of The Trial Lawyer Lobby All The Way Down The Line. The Idea That General Shinseki Was Fired, That's Wrong, And There Were Other Things That Were Wrong In What Kerry Said." (Fox News' "Special Coverage," 10/8/04)

CNBC's Gloria Borger: Kerry "Was Sort Of Twisted In A Pretzel Yet Again Trying To Explain His Views On Abortion." (NBC's "Saturday Today," 10/9/04)

The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes: "Bush Looked Comfortable" And "Put Kerry On The Defensive Several Times." (Fred Barnes, "If At First You Don't Succeed…," The Weekly Standard, 10/18/04)

The New York Times' Todd Purdum: President Bush "Gain[ed] Comfort As The Encounter Wore On, Sounding Considerably More Confident And Collected." (Todd S. Purdum, "Best Defense: More Offense," The New York Times, 10/9/04)

Boston Globe's Peter S. Canellos: Kerry "Was Less Crisp." (Peter S. Canellos, "After First-Debate Stumbles, President Regains Footing," Boston Globe, 10/9/04)

Rocky Mountain News: "The President Succeeded In Putting The Ongoing War In A Broader Context: Iraq, He Said, Is Part Of A Global Security Strategy That, Beyond Pre-Empting Terror At Its Source, Envisions The Spread Of Freedom As An Antidote To Hatred And Tyranny." (Editorial, "Bush Regains Ground In 2nd Round," Rocky Mountain News, 10/9/04)

Rocky Mountain News: "Likewise On Iran, Kerry Fumbled A Chance To Explain What He Would Do Differently From Bush To Deter That Nation From Developing Nuclear Weapons." (Editorial, "Bush Regains Ground In 2nd Round," Rocky Mountain News, 10/9/04)

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