Saturday, October 09, 2004

What They're Saying: St. Louis Debate, Volume Seven

The Washington Post: "Mr. Kerry Seemed Unable, Even At This Late Date, To Articulate One Clear Position. 'I Do Believe Saddam Hussein Was A Threat,' He Said, But Only Minutes Later He Criticized The President For Being 'Preoccupied With Iraq, Where There Wasn't A Threat.'" (Editorial, "Round Two," The Washington Post, 10/9/04)

Philadelphia Inquirer's Dick Polman: "Kerry Was Also Forced Last Night To Defend Himself From Bush's Charge That All His Domestic Promises Would Trigger New Tax Hikes On All Americans. Even His Own Campaign, Since Spring, Has Failed To Explain How Kerry Would Pay For Everything By Simply Hiking The Taxes On Rich People." (Dick Polman, "Back And Forth They Went, Battling For Every Last Vote," Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/9/04)

Former Clinton Aide David Gergen: "The President Got The Upper Hand In Much Of The Foreign Policy Debate." (MSNBC's "News Live," 10/9/04)

Zogby Focus Group Of Ohio Swing Voters Shows President Bush Gaining Support After Debate. "Whether significant votes were swayed by either man's performance can't be known until opinions firm over several days and new surveys are taken, but one focus group of 12 swing voters in Cleveland organized by pollster John Zogby may offer clues to public reaction. Of the 12 voters, seven leaned toward Kerry as the debate began and stayed with him. Only one favored Bush before the debate, but four backed the president after it ended, primarily on his strength as commander in chief and his defense of the war in Iraq. One voter remained undecided." (Ron Hutcheson And Mark Johnson, "Sharp Exchanges Punctuate Debate On Host Of Issues," Knight Ridder Newspapers, 10/9/04)

Dayton Daily News: Kerry Failed To "Explain How His Proposed Tax Reform Will Save Many Jobs From Going Overseas." (Editorial, "Round 2: Bush Gets It Together," Dayton Daily News, 10/9/04)

Dallas Morning News: "President Bush Gave One Of His Best Answers About Iraq" During The Debate. (Editorial, "Heavyweight Round: Powerful Exchange Emphasizes Differences," The Dallas Morning News, 10/9/04)

Dallas Morning News: Kerry "Got Into His Old Mumbo Jumbo When He Said He Had A Plan For This And A Plan For That." (Editorial, "Heavyweight Round: Powerful Exchange Emphasizes Differences," The Dallas Morning News, 10/9/04)
Time Magazine's James Poniewozik: Kerry Was "Literally More Stiff Than Bush" And "Almost Seemed To Carry An Invisible Podium With Him." (James Poniewozik, "Round Two: Bush Versus Bush,", 10/9/04)

St. Petersburg Times: "But As The 90-Minute Debate Wore On, The Famously Loquacious Senator Occasionally Lapsed Into Convoluted Answers For Simple Questions." (Editorial, "Round Two," St. Petersburg Times, 10/9/04)

The Nation's David Corn: Kerry's "I-Have-A-Plan" Line Had A "Hollow Feel." (David Corn, "Capital Games," The Nation Website, 10/9/04)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jon Sawyer: "Kerry Appeared More Tentative, And Sometimes Defensive, In Answering Bush's Repeated Attempt To Define Him As A Big-Taxing, Big-Spending Liberal Out Of Touch With The Values Of Mainstream Americans." (Jon Sawyer, "Kerry, Bush Come Out Combative," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/9/04)

The New York Times' Todd Purdum: In Contrast To President Bush, Kerry "Never Gave A Direct Answer" On Whether He Would Allow Tax Dollars To Pay For Abortions. (Todd S. Purdum, "Best Defense: More Offense," The New York Times, 10/9/04)

Arizona Republic: President Bush "Came Across Assured, Winking At People Off Camera, And For All Appearances Happy To Be There." (Editorial, "Round 2 To Bush," The Arizona Republic, 10/9/04)

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