Friday, October 22, 2004

New Kerry Campaign Talking Point

Dubya has been criss-crossing the so-called battleground states "campaigning"--which consists of repeating sound-bites to crowds of carefully screened sycophants while they cheer. And even the legions of mindless faithful were stonkered a few days ago when an oblivious Bush clearly proclaimed that the US will "not have an all-volunteer military". When the crowd was silent, Bush looked up puzzled. Toadies near the stage called out "we DO have an all-volunteer military". Bush finally realized what he had said and corrected himself. Ah, genius at work.

However, more recently Karl Rove and his minions in the dark, "undisclosed location" bunkers where the RNC strategists figure out what to lie about next, have instructed the Bush-puppet to repeat over and over again that Kerry is "weak" on terrorism.

Given what is going on in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, the Sudan, and Saudi Arabia, it behooves Kerry to begin repeating a new phrase--one that is far too apt for this administration:

Bush is STUPID on terrorism
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