Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kerry's Claim: Kerry Says He Will Not Increase Taxes For Anybody Earning Less Than $200,000.

Think about it--it's your money

The Facts:

Kerry's Tax Increase Already Starts At $147,000, Not $200,000. Kerry has already broken his pledge to not increase taxes for anybody earning less than $200,000. The tax increase Kerry has admitted to in his 1-page budget would "restore top two rates" for individual income taxes to their levels prior to the 2001 tax relief bill. The second highest tax rate begins at $146,750 in taxable income for singles and $178,650 in taxable income for couples. (Table on page 7 of "The Kerry-Edwards Plan to Keep Spending in Check While Investing in Priorities and Cutting Wasteful Spending," Kerry-Edwards 2004 Inc, 8/3/04,; "Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax," IRS, 2/04)

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