Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kerry's Claim: The Ban On Reimporting Drugs From Canada Should Be Repealed.

The Facts:

Kerry Missed 36 Of 38 Votes On Medicare Reform And Prescription Drug Benefit, Including Final Passage Of Bill.

Kerry Was One Of Only Two Senators To Miss Final Vote On Conference Report. (Sam Hananel, "Kerry, Lieberman Skip Final Medicare Vote To Return To Campaign Trail," The Associated Press, 11/25/03)
Kerry Raised More From Lobbyists Than Any Senator Over The Past 15 Years. (Jim VandeHei, "Kerry Leads In Lobby Money," The Washington Post, 1/31/04)

Since 1989, Kerry Received $203,155 From Pharmaceutical/Health Products Industry Employees. (Center For Responsive Politics, , Accessed 2/2/04)
The Congressional Budget Office Has Found Little Or No Savings From Imported Drugs. ( "Would Prescription Drug Importation Reduce U.S. Drug Spending?",, 4/29/04 )

FDA Inspections Show That 88 Percent Of Drug Shipments From Other Countries Contained Unapproved Drugs. (Finance Joint Subcommittee On Health Care And Subcommittee On International Trade,, 4/27/04)

President Bush Is Concerned About The Safety Of The Drug Supply. Two HHS cabinet secretaries--both a Democrat and a Republican--have refused to allow importing drugs from Canada because of safety concerns, because the FDA has evidence of harmful, unapproved drugs being imported illegally from Canada. Unlike Kerry, President Bush will not allow importing unless the FDA says that it is safe. He does not want Americans to be harmed by bad medicines.

Recent FDA Investigation Showed Safety Concerns Remain With Canadian Drug Reimportation. Investigation targeted Internet stores selling reimported Canadian drugs to American seniors:

FDA agents posing as customers ordered the powerful antidepressant Serzone and received a counterfeit, foreign-made drug.
All websites investigated by FDA officials shipped the acne drug Accutane without warning customers the drug could cause serious birth defects and should not be taken by women before a pregnancy test is administered.
FDA warned Canadian regulators their pharmacies were filling orders for Canadian-made drugs with shipments of foreign-made drugs. ("Risks From Canadian Drug Purchases," Daily Policy Digest, National Center For Policy Analysis, 9/15/03)

Question Seven: Compassion & Values
Kerry's Claim: President Bush's Supreme Court Nominees Would Roll Back The Right To Choose.

The Facts:

Kerry Used To Oppose Litmus Tests For Judicial Nominees. "This threat is that of the appointment of a judiciary which is not independent, but narrowly ideological, through the systematic targeting of any judicial nominee who does not meet the rigid requirements of litmus tests imposed …" (Sen. John Kerry, Congressional Record, 2/3/86, p. S864)

But Now Kerry Says He Would Only Support Supreme Court Nominees Who Pledge To Uphold Roe v. Wade. "The potential retirement of Supreme Court justices makes the 2004 presidential election especially important for women, Senator John F. Kerry told a group of female Democrats yesterday, and he pledged that if elected president he would nominate to the high court only supporters of abortion rights under its Roe v. Wade decision." (Glen Johnson, "Kerry Vows Court Picks To Be Abortion-Rights Supporters," The Boston Globe, 4/9/03)
President Bush Does Not Use Litmus Tests. President Bush does not use litmus tests when appointing judges. He appoints judges on the basis of their competence and judicial philosophy. President Bush's judicial nominees have a proven track record of rigorously upholding all rights that are found in the United States Constitution.

President Bush's Nominees Regularly Promise To Uphold The Law Even Where They Disagree With It. (Pryor,; Estrada,

President Bush Has Made Great Strides In Protecting The Rights Of Women. President Bush has tripled prosecutions of human traffickers; passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act to protect pregnant women; increased prosecution of crimes of violence against women by 35%; increased funding for the Office of Violence Against Women by $100 million (35%); and increased enforcement of employment laws. (White House Fact Sheet: "Preventing Domestic Violence," 10/8/03,; Department of Justice, State & Local Assistance Programs Budget Summaries – FY 2002-2005; White House Press Release: "President Bush Signs Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004," 4/1/2004,; House Report No. 108-420, Part 1 (2004); DOJ Fact Sheet: "Civil Rights Accomplishments," 7/23/2003; Testimony Of Alex Acosta Before The House Committee On The Judiciary, Subcommittee On The Constitution, 3/02/2004;

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