Thursday, October 14, 2004

John Kerry is a Pre-Senile Jimmy Carter

What They're Saying: Debate Three, Volume Five

The Arizona Republic Editorial: "So, Who Won The Tempest In Tempe? The Candidate With The Painting Of A West Texas Dawn In His Office." (Editorial, "New Dawn For Bush," The Arizona Republic, 10/14/04)

The Boston Globe's Peter Canellos: Bush's Was "A Performance That May Well Deliver More Core Supporters Than He Attracted Four Years Ago." (Peter S. Canellos, "Debates Leave Both Men Set For Battle To The Wire," The Boston Globe, 10/14/04)

The Boston Globe's Anne Kornblut And Glen Johnson: President Bush Appeared "Confident And In Command Of Facts And Figures." (Anne E. Kornblut And Glen Johnson, "Foes Fire Away In Final Round," The Boston Globe, 10/14/04)

Washington Post Editorial: Kerry's Social Security "Solution Amounted To Repeating His Unwise Promise Not To Cut Benefits And Hoping That Economic Growth Would Somehow Get Him Out Of The Fix. 'I Didn't Hear Any Plan To Fix Social Security,' Mr. Bush Said Of His Opponent, And He Was Right." ("Debate Ducking," The Washington Post, 10/14/04)

Washington Post Editorial: "Asked More Than Once How He Could Pay For His Health Care Plan And Honor His Pledge Not To Raise Taxes On Anyone But The Rich, Mr. Kerry Didn't Give A Direct Answer." ("Debate Ducking," The Washington Post, 10/14/04)
Los Angeles Times Editorial: "Kerry Was In Full Pander Mode On Social Security, And Bush Was Both Profound And Sincere In Discussing His Religious Faith And Its Influence On His Policies. ("Overall, A Convincing Winner," The Los Angeles Times, 10/14/04)

The Associated Press' Scott Lindlaw: "Bush Seemed To Find His Stride." (Scott Lindlaw, "Bush, Kerry Duel Over Domestic Policy," The Associated Press, 10/14/04)

Boston Globe Columnist Jeff Jacoby: "Kerry Was A Bit Less Sharp Than In The First Two Engagements, Bush Turned In His Most Confident Performance Yet." (Jeff Jacoby, "One Answer Not Given," The Boston Globe, 10/14/04)

Boston Globe's Cathy Young: President Bush "Was Self-Confident, In Good Command Of Both His Facts And His Language, And Aggressive Without Coming Across As Mean-Spirited." (Cathy Young, "Little Change In Momentum," The Boston Globe, 10/14/04)

New York Post Editorial: "John Kerry's Claim That He Would 'Never Turn The Security Of The United States Over To Any Other Nation' Rang Hollow." ("Talkers And Doers," New York Post, 10/14/04)

Former Clinton Aide Dick Morris: "Bush's Sallies Over Taxes And His Attacks On Kerry's Liberalism Won Points For His Candidacy And On Specific Issues Like Gay Marriage, Bush Was Able To Score At The Democrat's Expense." (Dick Morris, "Draw, Advantage Kerry," The

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