Monday, October 11, 2004

A John Kerry Ad I'd Like To See

Mind in the Qatar submits this .....

Scene 1
Audio: "John Kerry says he is qualified to be President because he likes hard work.
Video: Pan photo of Kerry carrying Snowboard
Text: "I welcome hard work, I like hard work."

Scene 2
Audio: "However during his 20 years in the United States Senate, John Kerry sponsored only 8 bills, none of which promoted a major policy."
Video: Kerry looking stern while lecturing press at Senate press room lecturn
20 Years in the Senate
Sponsored only 8 bills
- 5 Ceremonial bills
- 2 Fishing & Marine Research bills
- 1 Small Business Grants for Women

Scene 3
Audio: "John Kerry has criticized President Bush about his Medicare policies, however he sponsored ZERO bills to help improve Medicare. President Bush increased Medicare by XX."
Video: start with John Kerry lecturing someone again, then fade to Bush signing Medicare Bill in Rose Garden
Kerry Sponsored ZERO Medicare bills
Pres. Bush increased Medicare by XX

Scene 4
Audio: "John Kerry has criticized President Bush concerning his handling of Sept 11 and Iraqi intelligence. However in his 8 years years on the Senate intelligence Committee, John Kerry skipped 76% of all committee meetings and also wanted to cut the Intelligence budget by XX. President Bush has increased the Intelligence budget by XX."
Video: Show Kerry's empty seat in committee room
John Kerry skipped 76% of Intelligence Committee meetings
President Bush bolstered Intelligence by XX

Audio: "Lastly, as one of the leading Veterans in the Congress, John Kerry has criticized President Bush for his handling of the veterans affairs and military personnel. But John Kerry, a veteran himself, has sponsored ZERO Veterans legislation and ZERO military compensation legislation. President Bush has increased veterans spending by XX and military compensation by XX
Video: Pan photo of Kerry saluting at DNC fade to Bush in flight suit surrounded by sailors on the carrier
Veteran John Kerry sponsored ZERO Veterans bills
President Bush increased Veterans spending by XX.

Scene 5
Audio: "John Kerry likes to say he enjoys hard work, but thats probably because he's never had to do it. It makes you wonder what exactly was he doing during his 20 years in the Senate?
Video: Kerry Windsurfing
Text: What hard work HAS John Kerry done?

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