Wednesday, October 06, 2004

John Edwards Got Outclassed By Dick Cheney

Newseek's Howard Fineman: "On Foreign Policy And Defense, [John Edwards] Got Outclassed By Dick Cheney. The Reason Is, Agree With It Or Not, Dick Cheney Clearly Has A Comprehensive Theory And Philosophy That He Shares With The President About How To Fight The War." (MSNBC's "After Hours," 10/6/04)

The Washington Post: "The Vice President Vigorously Defended The Administration's Record In Iraq And Repeatedly Turned The Focus To Kerry's Credibility." (Dana Milbank, "Candidates Play To The Jurors – That Is, Voters," The Washington Post, 10/6/04)

The Boston Herald's Mike Barnicle: "I Thought That Cheney Came Incredibly Well Prepared. Very Substantive, The Research That He Had Done--The Opposition Research Was Clearly Top Shelf. He Has, For That Format, An Amazingly, Amazingly Familiar Way About Him. It Was As If He Was There With Dr. Phil Being Interviewed. For A Guy Whose Reputation Is So Dark, So Brooding, He Was Very Comfortable, I Think, To The American Television Audience." (MSNBC's "After Hours," 10/6/04)

New York Times Columnist David Brooks: "I Thought There Were Some Points When Cheney Was Talking About Zarqawi Where He Seemed Like A Man Who Had Been In Charge And Really Had A Depth Of Experience That Maybe Edwards Couldn't Match." (PBS's "Special Coverage," 10/5/04)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough: "I Think Dick Cheney Clearly Had The Upper Hand Tonight." (MSNBC's "After Hours," 10/6/04)

Fox News' Sean Hannity: "The Vice President Is Brilliant And He Won On Style and Substance Tonight And I Think He Just Outclassed Edwards On A Lot Of Areas." (Fox News' "Hannity And Colmes," 10/5/04)

The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol: "I Think Cheney Clobbered Edwards In The First Half Of The Debate On National Security. He Didn't Clobber Edwards. More Precisely He Clobbered John Kerry. He Put Kerry's Senate Record Front And Center And Edwards Never Defended Kerry's Record." (Fox News' "On The Record," 10/6/04)

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny: "A Question Edwards Surely Needed To Answer Succinctly -- What Makes Him Qualified To Be A Heartbeat From The Presidency -- Was One Of His Most Meandering." (Jeff Zeleny, "'Fierce Proxies' For Their Bosses," Chicago Tribune, 10/6/04)

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny: "If Democrats Hoped That Edwards' Winsome Smile And Persuasive Optimism Would Make Cheney Come Off As Gruff Or Irritated, They Might Be Disappointed." (Jeff Zeleny, "'Fierce Proxies' For Their Bosses," Chicago Tribune, 10/6/04)

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