Friday, October 15, 2004

The Jack Booted-Left Marches Towards a Kerry Coup

This is a pivotal election and you can only hope the silent, sensible majority are ready to vote.

The jack-booted left are poised to steal, intimidate and basically do anything to influence this election.

Think about it and urge all to act now:

The mainstream media CBS, ABC, the usual far-left newspapers and even CNN have not made an attempt to disguise their desire for President Bush to be defeated. In CBS's case, they were willing to commit fraud to defeat the president. The media refuses to question Kerry's refusal to release his dubious Vietnam record and has given him a free pass on his treason upon his return.

Violence against President Bush supporters and vandalism of property is rising.

The NAACP, which has basically become a racist, economic terrorist organization is traveling around the country trying to stir up racial hatred.

John Kerry is "preaching" in black churches using racist rhetoric.

The far left has aligned itself with fundamental Muslim groups, like the pseudo-civil rights group CAIR, to begin to brand anybody that is against terrorism as an islamaphobe.

Michael Moore, George Soros, Ted Kennedy and former President Jimmy Carter and their left-wing, anti-American organizations have aligned with our enemies in their effort to demonize President Bush.

The democrats have assembled an Army of lawyers with a playbook to steal this election--to claim fraud if they don't win.

Sounds like the brown shirts are here
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