Sunday, October 10, 2004

Insane Ranting Obviously the Act of a Desperate Demagogue

Go ahead, read the crap posted below (and doubtless above) this little offering. The creator of this blog tirelessly transfers desperate rants of pathetic conservatives and blind Bushies to this blog to attempt to plug the leaks in his quickly sinking ship.

War in Iraq:

1) Imminent threat from WMD; "smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud"

2) No, wait. That's not it. Stockpiles of chemical and bio weapons. "We KNOW where they are..."

3) No, wait, that's not it either. Links to al Qaeda and participation in the 9/11 attacks. (meeting between Mohammed Atta and senior Iraqi intelligence official in Prague has been "pretty much confirmed" - VP Cheney). Colin Powell and the 9/11 Commission say no such meeting ever took place; Atta was in the United States at the time.

4) Well, hell it doesn't matter. Saddam bad man. Saddam must go. Invade NOW!

So we wipe out the only sectarian, NON-ISLAMIST state in the Middle East with an unnecessary poorly planned, pre-emptive war. And after the bombing and the blitzkrieg, the occupation has been executed with a level of incompetence of staggering proportions.

Meanwhile, real issues:

1) Iran now more dangerous than ever. Islamist extremists emboldened by US bungling in Iraq.
2) Pakistan-with nukes- less stable after fiasco in Iraq. Terror attacks on the rise. Two recent attempts to assassinate our buddy Pervez Musharraf.
3) Islamist influence much greater than ever throughout the Muslim world.
4) Diminised international cooperation with US making the GLOBAL war on terror much harder to wage. Too many nations cannot afford to be seen cooperating with the US. The "coaltion of the willing" has SHRUNK NOT GROWN, with 8 nations having abandoned the effort out of embarrassment or forced out by their own people and poitical pressure--Democracy in action!
5) Oil prices at $52 a barrel funneling more and more money to the Saudis--many of whom are STILL financially supporting the STILL AT LARGE Osama bin Laden and hundreds of new terrorists organizations that are using the US invasion of Iraq as an incredibly effective recruiting tool.
6) US military deaths from combat and suicide now over 1050; evacuated wounded, amputees, and mentally ill US soldiers more than 28,500; estimates of dead Iraqis (apparently many of these Iraqis are FREE but dead nonetheless) over 21,000; US taxpayer money spent on Iraq war approximately $120 billion (the Vice President's own figure)--that, by the way is about $400 for every citizen of this country. It's nearly $800 for every taxpayer. So look at it this way: that fabulous little tax cut you got from Bush (unless you're making $200,000 or so) has ALREADY BEEN SPENT! Like where your money went?
7) L. Paul Bremer agrees with legions of former military officers and past civilian defense leaders that the invasion was poorly managed in that we did not stop rampant looting and lawlessness, leading in large part to the current nationwide opposition to the US and it's appointed puppet government.

The list of reasons to fire the incompetent idiots given their jobs by Bush and Cheney fills volumes. But what do the blathering idiots on the right want you to worry about? They want you to feel comfort in knowing that your president is so stupid and so arrogant that he thinks he's never made a mistake, thereby assuring you that everything he has DONE wrong, he will CONTINUE TO DO WRONG. Please be very afraid of someone who thinks. Stick to someone who apparently has never had a second thought about anything. Onward christian soldiers.

It occurs to me that in every home with a Bush/Cheney campaign sign you have someone who is terrified, hateful, ignorant, or all three. Vote for Bush because you're scared of terrorists. Vote for Bush because you hate homos. Vote for Bush because you're still so unbelievably stupid as to believe that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Vote for Bush because the only thing you know about the Bush administration or candidate Kerry you read in Bush campaign literature or saw in a Bush campaign ad.

The war in Iraq is just the prime example of the ineptitude and incompetence of arrogant ideologues who disdain nuance, ridicule thoughtfulness and learning, and think that refusing to learn and change is a sign of strength instead of proof of stupidity.

Go ahead, vote for this gang. If you win, you will get the world you deserve.

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