Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Fight White House Pressure to Strip Immigration Provisions from House Bill to Implement 9/11 Commission Recommendations

In an act of utter hypocrisy President Bush is quietly trying to strip the homeland security-related immigration enforcement and document security provisions from the House leadership bill, H.R. 10, to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations. He is doing this even as he travels the country telling voters how committed he is to protecting homeland security.

In addition to the White House, House Democrats are pressing hard to get these key recommendations of the 9/11 commission removed from the bill. Your help is desperately needed now. With congress poised to adjourn for the elections on Friday, time is short. Take the actions described below to urge the House Leadership to hold the line against White House and Democrat demands to gut the legislation implementing the 9/11 commission's recommendations.


Click on the "take action now" box to send FREE faxes to the House leaders. Type your zip code in the "take action now" box to send FREE faxes to the your representative stressing the dire need for keeping the immigration-related provisions in H.R.10.

Follow up your faxes with phone calls. Call the White House comment line (202-456-1111) to leave a message for President Bush. Call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121) to leave messages for House Majority Leader Tom Delay, House Speaker Hastert, and your representative.

This past Saturday, the Bush Administration sent his White House lobbyists to the Hill telling the House Leadership to remove the immigration enforcement and document security provisions of H.R.10. Earlier last week, during committee consideration, several Democrats unsuccessfully offered amendments to water down or completely remove these provisions.

Tonight House Republicans will meet to decide whether to take H.R. 10 to the floor with or without the immigration provisions the White House opposes. The House will be debating H.R.10 beginning on Wednesday, and the open borders advocates will undoubtedly continue to push for the removal of these important provisions.

With your help, we will pound the House leaders with faxes and phone calls, urging them not to buckle under White House pressure by removing these provisions. If we win this one, and the immigration provisions make it through a House/Senate conference, we will score a major victory for immigration reform!

To learn just how big of a victory this could be, read our summary of the immigration-related provisions in H.R.10.

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