Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Democrats Whining and Chest Beating Is Pathetic

After vigorously promoting Michael Moore's propaganda film, defending Dan Rather and Mary Mape's journalistic fraud--and rationalizing ABC New's decision to somehow hold President Bush more accountable for campaign whoppers than the Gigilo and Ambulance Chaser, the democratic whine machine is in full gear today.

The DNC is whining to the FCC about Sinclair Broadcasting decision to air a documentary that looks at John Kerry's activities after the Vietnam war. Free speech is good when it attacks the president or vice president--wrong when it attacks John Kerry or John Edwards.

This is the leftist, liberal fascism that has given us political correctness and stifled any type of debate within the universities. The democrats and the left want free speech as long as you agree with them--but label you a racist, idiot, right-winger, neo-con and all their other labels when you don't.

Last night I watched Dave Matthews and another of his band explain why they were one of a dozen or so rock stars on a tour trying to get people not to vote for President Bush. While I disagree with their politics--I certainly stand behind them or anyone else having the RIGHT to say whatever they desire.

John Kerry refuses to release his war records. Voters have a right to know why. Is it because the man who wants to sit in the most powerful chair in the world--wrote his own combat history--managed to receive enough purple hearts to get the hell out(without being hospitalized)and then set himself up as a war hero?

His questionable and maybe treasonable activities upon his return--are all matters of public record. Why can't voters see them? Why doesn't Sinclair broadcasting have a right to show them?

Maybe a bigger question is why won't the other major news organizations ask the questions as well?
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