Sunday, October 10, 2004

Dark Nights and Long Knives--Kerry and Edwards Supporters Are Nervous

I'm always amused when President Bush and Vice President Cheney have a good week. My liberal friends come out chattering like a group of Gibbons on speed.

This has not been a nice set of days for Kerry/Edwards. First, Cheney exposed John Edwards,the ambulance chaser, as not ready for prime-time--certainly not ready to be president should Kerry be blown up by one of the deranged Islamists who have been waging war since the most pathetic of presidents, Jimmy Carter.

Then, President Bush rebounded from his disastrous first debate performance to begin to remind the world of John Kerry's 20 years of non-distinguished service in the Senate. It is one thing to spend 120 billion (not 200-plus as the gigilo keeps asserting) on a war in Iraq. It is yet another, to strap us down with a mega-trillion dollar healthcare scheme that will become another massive entitlement program or raise taxes on those who already pay a ridiculous rate in our socialized income tax system.

There is not a democrat alive who wishes ANYBODY but these two far-left liberals were running against the President they all have a pathological hatred against.
So let's go down the list and see what is upsetting Michael and the left today:

IRAQ: As Michael well knows, I disagreed with the decision to invade Iraq. We simply don't have enough room here to go over all the statements that were made during PRESIDENT CLINTON A DEMOCRAT'S administration that suggested Iraq had WMD's. Where the administration has made the mistake was not just admitting we had a bad intelligence failure and going on.

As for the Al Qaida connection, democrats can't get over the fact that many Al Qaida operatives received medical care, passage and training at Salmon Pak before 9/11.

Iraq a mistake? I happen to agree with Michael. Was everybody fooled on both sides of the aisle? I suggest the Democrats read the records. Are you gullible enough to believe the administration would have knowingly gone into Iraq, with full knowledge NOTHING would be found? There is a big gulf between a bad decision and "lying" as nutcases like Michael Moore and John Kerry want people of lesser brainpower than my good friend Michael to believe.

Was Iran somehow emboldened by bungling? It's a completely unprovable assertion. The Iranians have been working on nuclear weapons for more than 15 years. The Libyans seem to have gotten the message though. At the very least, the Israelis will soon rid the world of Iran's nuclear capability. As Michael knows, this would have been my choice--a proper ass kicking of the Mullahs.

Pakistan less stable? Another wild assertion. Musharraf saw the light after two attempts on his life and has come down very hard on the nutcase Islamists. As Michael knows full-well, Pakistan with nukes has been dangerous for us since they tested the first one. Of course what he or none of the other democrats want to talk about is General Khan's nuclear proliferation ring that had been operating since mid-Clinton administration.

Islamist influence greater throughout the Muslim world? Again, another wild charge leveled at President Bush that has little validity. The Islamists declared war on the west as far back as 1996 (although they will point to weak-dick Jimmy Carter and even Ronald Reagan's failure to turn the Bekaa valley into a glass parking lot as the start of our decline) Like it or not democrats, the Islamists and their supporters have declared war on you and all the singing around the campfire in the world is not going to stop them. Being weak by checking world opinion will not but us any less trouble.

Diminished international cooperation with US making the GLOBAL war on terror much harder to wage? Again another TERRIBLE LIE the democrats are spewing. Even France and Germany are cooperating with the U.S. in the war on terror. Intelligence flows back and forth every day from most civilized nations. Even Syria, who is fighting us in Iraq, is cooperating in the war against the Islamists. So let's not use Iraq (in which Germany, France and Russia had major BUSINESS interests)and the war on terror that is being waged by most nations.

Oil prices at $52/barrel? Yes, kind of knocks over the great conspiracy theory between the house of Bush and the house of Saud, yes? Don't you think the sheikhs could help their boy out? As for supporting bin Ladin, well yes they do. What I'd like to hear a democrat tell us is how they would deal with the Saudis? Like it or not, an enormous amount of America's economic growth has come because of that relationship. Cheap oil for security. Tell us how the Giglio will do it better?

Finally, what do the democrats really have to offer but the kind of ranting that Michael does in the last of his paragraphs?

"It occurs to me that in every home with a Bush/Cheney campaign sign you have someone who is terrified, hateful, ignorant, or all three. Vote for Bush because you're scared of terrorists. Vote for Bush because you hate homos. Vote for Bush because you're still so unbelievably stupid as to believe that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Vote for Bush because the only thing you know about the Bush administration or candidate Kerry you read in Bush campaign literature or saw in a Bush campaign ad."

Sweet Jesus--have some wine tonight my friend. The only thing I'm scared of is a liberal, do-nothing Senator who managed to weasel out of a combat zone after a 4-month tour and come back and slander and dishonor the sacrifices of all those he fought with. The last thing this country needs right now is his waffling.
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