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Come Closer to Allah Through Killing Infidels

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Special Dispatch - Jihad and Terrorism Studies Project
October 22, 2004
No. 804

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Al-Qa'ida Internet Magazine Sawt Al-Jihad Calls to Intensify Fighting During Ramadan- 'the Month of Jihad'

In issue #27 of Sawt Al-Jihad, an Internet journal affiliated with the branch of Al-Qa'ida based in the Arabian peninsula, several articles were published in honor of Ramadan, which discussed the importance of Jihad in the month of Ramadan, and called for Jihad fighters to intensify the fight against infidels this month. The following are excerpts from two of the articles that appeared in the journal:(1)

'Come Closer to Allah Through the Blood of Infidels'

Sa'ud Bin Hamoud Al-Utaybi, who is wanted by the Saudi authorities, wrote the following in the journal's opening editorial: "Muslims! Go out to [fight] Jihad for the sake of Allah! Paradise has already flung open its gates and the virgins of paradise are already decked out in anticipation of their grooms - this is Allah's promise. He [Allah] will not grant peace of mind to anyone who has a heart until he has gone out to fight against Allah's enemies, as he was commanded. He who does not act [i.e., fight the Jihad] out of obedience to Allah's command, and out of zeal for the honor of the Muslim women which was defiled at Abu Ghreib and in the other prisons of the leaders of unbelief, and out of fervor, and out of mortification at [the thought of] shirking [battle] - what else could arouse him [to go to battle] other than all of these?...

"Muslims! You should at the very least pray for your brothers the Jihad fighters, who gave their lives and spilled their blood for Allah in defense of the holy sites that were desecrated and in revenge for the pride of the Muslim nation that was wounded by the cross bearers and by the Jews. Don't forget to pray for your brothers in Fallujah...

"We pray for the Jihad fighters in Fallujah and in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, the Arabian Peninsula ... in wounded Palestine, which the most wicked of all humans have been flooding with iniquity for more than 50 years, without there being anyone to stop them, and in Egypt, in whose borders your valiant brothers took action and attacked a hotel in which Jews were gathered and killed dozens of them as an offering to Allah before Ramadan. We ask of Allah that he not deny them [their] reward for this colossal feat.

"Don't forget your brothers in Algeria who have been fighting for Allah for more than ten years. [These fighters] have suffered from the abandonment of those close to them, from the enmity of those far from them, from the enemy's assault and from [various] afflictions and tribulations, but this has not weakened them. We appreciate them, and Allah will grant them their reward. We ask Allah to grant victory to them and to the other Jihad fighters everywhere...

"Jihad fighters everywhere! This month of Jihad has come with all its blessings and with the double reward [granted to Jihad fighters] in its course. Come closer to Allah through the blood of infidels, do not relent in spilling [their blood], and through [this blood] wipe out humiliation and disgrace from among your Muslim nation! Make this month like the month of the Battle of Badr,(2) the conquest of Mecca,(3) [the conquest] of Shaqhab,(4) and other Islamic victories.

"We ask Allah to turn this Ramadan into a month of glory, victory, and might, to hoist high in [this month] the banner of religion, to strengthen Islam and the Muslims, to humiliate polytheism and polytheists, to wave the banner of monotheism, to firmly plant the banner of Jihad, and to smite the perverts and the obstinate..."

In the Month of Ramadan 'the Heads of the Bravest Infidels from the Tribe of Quraysh Were Sent Flying'

Another editorial was penned by Sheikh Aamer Bin Abdallah Al-Aamer, titled "Men of Jihad, This Is Your Festive Season:" "Men of Jihad, this is your festive season since Jihad, in a state of fasting, has a particularly delectable taste for the believers, especially [when together] with the dignity of the month of Ramadan. How wonderful it is to delight in the breaking of the fast and to taste the killing of infidels, to delight in the sound of the wailing of tyrants and lowly degenerates, and [in the sound of] the voices of the wicked [i.e., Arab leaders] on the television stations ... condemning the death of their infidel masters and their servants. [This is a] month of fighting, of self-sacrifice, of military victories, of the victory of religion and the humiliation of the infidels. The most courageous and finest forays took place in Ramadan, for in the battle of salvation - the Battle of Badr - the heads of the bravest infidels from the tribe of Quraysh were sent flying, and Allah gave His Messenger and Prophet victory [with the help of] an army of His Hosts....

"In [the month of] Ramadan a great conquest was made, [both] of lands and of hearts - [I mean] the conquest of Mecca - in whose wake people adopted the religion of Allah, whether by choice or by coercion, and the [Arab] tribes adopted Islam ... and this is what the Glorious and Exalted One said: 'You will see the people adopting Allah's religion in droves.' [Koran 110:2]

"The Prophet Muhammad - in a prophetic tradition related on the authority of Abu Hurayra, [explaining] God's words, 'You are the best community ever raised for mankind' [Koran 3:110] - said: 'That means you are the best people for mankind [because] you lead them, with chains on their necks, so that they accept Islam.' This tradition is related by Al-Bukhari. Ahmad [Ibn Hanbal] relates a tradition, with a proper line of transmitters, on the authority of Anas, that the Messenger of Allah said to someone: 'Embrace Islam!' The man answered: 'I find myself reluctant.' So [the Prophet] said: 'Even if you are reluctant.'

"Is there anything more enraging to the enemies of God than Jihad? Look at their leader, the Devil, who during the Battle of Badr was encouraging the infidels, making them promises and raising their hopes. When he saw the angels [coming to the aid of the Muslim army] he fled and threw himself into the sea....

"The Devil, the enemy of Allah, tries hard to extinguish the light of Allah and his being viewed as One. To this purpose, he entices his allies, the infidels and the hypocrites, and urges them [to sin]. Nowadays, human devils do the same, as do the tyrants of the Arabian Peninsula, who encourage their slaves in the secret service, the police, and the people as well, and make them promises of money, gifts, and other material comforts. Allah said: 'He makes promises and stirs them, but all that the Devil promises them is a delusion.' [Koran 4:120]

"Likewise, these tyrants try to seduce you, [claiming] that you will be martyrs on behalf of the homeland after your death and that the governor of the region will pray over you and will promote you after death, after the grave has been closed on you and your ribs have been mangled [by the torments of the grave]. You will then receive [the consequences] of your evil deeds, namely, fighting to defend the cross and to protect the [Arab] tyrants. The gate to Hell will be opened to you, because Hell is your abode. What do you say then? [That] perhaps the Day of Judgment will not come? Or the Day of Resurrection?...

"Oh, men of Jihad everywhere! There are two types of Jihad in Ramadan: The diurnal Jihad [expressed by] fasting and the nocturnal Jihad [expressed by] prayer. Perform the Jihad against your enemies with your [own two] hands, sacrifice your souls and your property in fighting your enemy, as an imitation of [the acts of] your Prophet [Muhammad] in the month of Ramadan [and in order to] enrage your enemies.

"Oh, men of Jihad, the victory of Allah's religion will be as [Allah] said: 'Fight them until there is no civil strife [fitna] in the country, and God's religion shall reign supreme.' [Koran 8:39] For the country is full of civil strife and unbelief.

"Oh, men of Jihad, cleanse the country of unbelief and unbelievers by means of Jihad and war [and by means of] the sword and the spear. Do not be led astray by the power of the infidels because their strength, be it what it may, is under Allah's control and His agenda.

"Know that Allah grants you victory and supports you as He promised. Make use of this glorious month because it brings together great elements: fasting, nocturnal prayer, the reciting of the Koran and other good deeds. Therefore, trust in your Lord, fight your enemies, and cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of the unbelievers."

(1) Sawt Al-Jihad (#27).
(2) The Battle of Badr was fought in 624 between Muhammad and the Quraysh tribe.
(3) Muhammad conquered Mecca in 630.
(4) Shaqhab was a city south of Damascus and the site of a battle between the Tatars and the Muslims in 1304, at which Ibn Taymiyya was present.

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