Monday, October 04, 2004

Brokaw: You are a political Jihadist

This from Julian Guthrie of the San Francisco Chronicle

New York -- Network news anchors Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings launched a defense Saturday of their embattled colleague Dan Rather, saying the intensive criticism of CBS and its top reporter amounts to a smear campaign.

"There's a political jihad against Dan Rather and CBS," said NBC's Brokaw, referring to the network's reliance on forged documents to report a story challenging the president's National Guard service. "We know a mistake was made, but it's been blown out of proportion. It's an attempt to demonize CBS news. It's a demagoguery unleashed on the Internet

Blown out of proportion? Demagoguery? Political Jihad? An Attempt to demonize CBS News?

Let's see, Tom. A left-wing producer--so far out even her father thinks she is an embarrassment--uses fake documents to attempt to discredit a sitting president and influence an election and the people bringing the message to light are the bad guys?

It's OK for mainstream journalists to lie now? To practice propaganda rather than journalism? And then react with arrogance and hurt when a bunch of people in pajamas and now--political jihadists--uncover the scandal?

Maybe its time to let Tom Brokaw feel the heat
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