Friday, October 29, 2004

Al Jazeera:Muslim voters focus on Patriot Act

When the Islamists finally detonate a nuclear weapon in a city--and that IS coming--remember this--American Muslims are essentially voting against common-sense counter-terror measures--raising the fifth-column question

By Benjamin Duncan in Washington DC

American Muslims are expected to vote for their freedom

While national polls show the war on terrorism, Iraq and the economy are the top issues for most voters in the upcoming election, a majority of Muslim Americans are deeply concerned about their loss of basic freedoms over the past three years.

Like most Americans, Muslims are not single-issue voters. They worry about their wallets, access to affordable healthcare and quality education for their children.

This year, however, the issue of civil liberties has leapt to the forefront of an election in which large segments of the Muslim American community feel "under siege" from various federal security measures, representatives from several Muslim organisations say.

"The government, in affect, has significantly abridged the civil liberties of the Muslim community," said Agha Saeed, a spokesman for the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT), an umbrella organisation comprising 10 Muslim advocacy groups.

In particular, Muslim leaders cited the US Patriot Act as the principle source of tension and fear among members of their community.

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