Thursday, September 16, 2004

Update On Mary Mapes--Her father is embarrassed

I called KVI in Seattle and asked for the e-mail of John Carlson who hosts a show by the same name. I asked John if it was true that Mary Mapes father actually called into his show and here is his reply (I'm writing an article for a magazine piece)

"Yes, he was on and it was a shocker. I worked at KIRO when Mary was there, and interacted with her regularly. At the time I was a news commentator representing the conservative side of a regular "Point Counterpoint" feature. Mary Mapes was actually more liberal - and much more emotional - than the guy I debated with.

Anyway, I was relating all this on the show, and was being somewhat critical of her lack of impartiality when her father called in. I assumed he was going to grill me for having the audacity to criticize his daughter on the air. But to my surprise he actually said he was "embarrassed" by his daughter. They haven't spoken in years. There is some bad blood there owing both to political and personal differences"

Now if we use the Dan Rather logic--Mary Mapes is a liberal zealot who knows no objectivity--someone so far out that her father is embarrassed. So this fraud should come as no surprise
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