Monday, September 06, 2004

Teri O'brien's Blog About Kerry and Media Hypocrisy

This Dog Won't Hunt
Recently, a Washington Post news analysis piece contained the following paragraph:

“Privately, key Democratic strategists fear that attack ads against Kerry will undermine the Democratic presidential nominee's character and credibility, no matter whether the charges are accurate, because they dovetail with an argument Bush's campaign has tried to pound home in its advertising -- that Kerry is unreliable and untrustworthy. Many of the charges have been rebutted by veterans who served with Kerry and by military records.

But some Republican strategists see the potential for a backlash developing that will hurt the president, who they say must overcome doubts about his leadership on Iraq and the economy and can ill afford voters concluding that he and his campaign orchestrated the attacks on Kerry by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. “
“Dispute Over Kerry's Vietnam Service Cuts Both Ways,” Dan Balz and Jim VandeHei, August 25, 2004

The mainstream media may think it’s the “attack ads against Kerry” that undermine his credibility, but is that really true? Isn’t that a little like saying that the Modesto County DA undermined Scott Peterson’s reputation as a faithful husband?

After all, Mr. Peterson may in fact be innocent and nothing to do with killing his late wife, but it was the charge that revealed the awful truth of his two-timing, cheating, lying double life. I submit that the Swift Boat ads that have caused Sen. Kerry so much distress are the direct result of his own invitation—no brazen dare—to look into his heroic war record. If a liar’s lies are pointed out, who undermined his credibility—the liar or the one who pointed it out?
Then there were the foreign leaders who told him that he had to beat President Bush, his claim that he “volunteered” to go to Vietnam when he sought and was denied a deferment, and of course, the now infamous many-versioned story of Christmas in Cambodia. So, no doubt about it—his character and credibility have taken a beating, but like that first Purple Heart related injury, it was self-inflicted.

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