Tuesday, September 14, 2004

More Hypocrites and Idiots for Bush

Let's argue about superscripted "th"s after cardinal numbers in order to prove that a memo puported to have been written on a typewriter in the 1970s MUST have been forged on a PC in 2004. We could argue that someone bold enough and with enough connections to get a national argument going over Bush's air guard service (again) could also find an old typewriter to improve his forgeries. But no, we are to believe that these documents were dashed off by a partisan moron in a few minutes, fired off in the mail to a gullible (excuse me, partisan) CBS news staff, "researched" by CBS in only a half-hearted or perfunctory manner (or not at all), and aired just because CBS (Viacom) just like the evil, disingenuous John Kerry just hates our wonderful, effective, and truthful president, George W. Bush. GAG GAG GAG!

Let's tell some more fairy tales. The son of a powerful, wealthy, and well-connected Texas congressman, applies to serve in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War because his chief concern in those days was protecting Texas by flying an obsolescent (F102) fighter. Amazingly, even though all of us who were alive then know how many guys wanted into guard and reserve units, without any special treatment at all, GWB gets in--ahead of several hundred other applicants.

Anyone who has served in the military as an officer knows that every one of your Officer Effectiveness Reports (OERs) will be "firewalled"--that is, scored at the highest possible score in each category--unless you are a complete screw up. And if you are politically connected to congress, senior political party members, or federal executive branch officials, even if you ARE a complete screw up, your OER will be firewalled. Anyone with experience in the officer corps should have the integrity to disabuse any naive fellow Americans who don't believe that these things happen. They DO. Such practices are Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)... (just like the overuse of Three Letter Acronyms [TLAs]) .

Do we have NO veterans with enough integrity to stand up and say that no matter what the paperwork, forged or legitimate, supporting Bush or condemning him, a pilot who ducks a flight physical and is grounded has NOT completed his military obligation? PERIOD. Will none of our veterans tell their friends and neighbors that perferential treatment and special favors for politically connected service members is as old as the military?

Do we have to argue about typewriters and 30 year old memos from now-dead officers to know that getting into the Air Guard in the first place rather than serving in Vitenam was the easy way out? Every one of us who watched in fear as our Selective Service System televised the first FAIR (fair and impartial random) draft lottery, wondering if our birthdays would be drawn early enough to send us to Vietnam, knew that guard duty or Canada were the only two ways out of a terrifying situation.

How in the hell can ANY veteran be stupid enough to be satisfied by an "Honorable Discharge" as the end-all, be-all of proof for honorable military service? What military did YOU serve in? For much of our recent history, any officer had to work pretty hard at being an idiot to get anything OTHER than an honorable discharge. And let me ask any former O3s and up (majors to generals) this question: how many of you had (or would have had) the cojones to kill the career of any junior officer who was the son of a US Congressman by giving him a bad OER? Tell the truth--go ahead, try it! Would you? Can you spell "congressional investigation"? How long would it have been until your career was gone? A month, a week?

Face it. George W. Bush is and has been, for his entire life, the cowardly pampered son of power and influence. He took the easy way out during the Vietnam era and didn't even put in the effort to complete his obligation to the easy way out. He has admitted to being an alcoholic and has refused to deny that he used cocaine. The fact that the flight physical he refused to take was the first to require drug screening is only coincidental, I'm sure. But he was not, is not, and never will be a brave and decisive leader and officer. And it doesn't matter at all whether the "Killian Memos" are genuine or forgeries. Those of us who have served in uniform know deep down in our guts just how the whole George Bush in the Air Guard comedy went down.

And for all you vets who support the current president because you believe he is a good commander in chief... I ask you one more, critical question.

You are in a platoon on patrol in enemy infested jungle tasked with a recon mission. You know it will be tough and your squad is likely to take casualties. Your platoon leader? George W. Bush. You have a choice. Do you go into that jungle led by GW? Would you? Would you put your life on the line based upon his ability to make critical command decisions under fire? Would you trust him to assess tactical situations and deploy resources to save your ass?

I thought so.

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