Wednesday, September 15, 2004

If 400,000 North Carolina Driver's Licenses Were Issued without Social Security

Numbers, How Many Voters are Illegally Registered?

FAIR Makes Formal Demand on North Carolina Election Board

(Raleigh, NC – September 15, 2004) The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has issued as many as 400,000 driver's licenses to individuals without Social Security numbers (SSNs) by simply entering “999-99-9999” on the application. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is calling upon the state's Board of Elections to conduct a county by county review of voter rolls because most of these individuals must be assumed to be illegal aliens.
Although the DMV began earlier this year to prospectively verify the SSNs used by applicants for driver’s licenses with the records of the Social Security Administration (SSA), the need to retrospectively verify the SSNs used by applicants already awarded driver’s licenses was ignored.

Under the Motor Voter law, it is reasonable to assume that large numbers of these individuals have also been unlawfully registered to vote. “After all, the DMV clerk only verbally asks if the individual is registered to vote and, if not, if they are eligible to vote. Once the applicant states they are eligible, he/she becomes a registered voter,” states FAIR in a formal demand letter to Board of Elections Executive Director Gary O. Bartlett.

"After the 2000 voting fiasco in Florida, that included allegations of fraudulent voting in addition to the infamous hanging chads, it is vital that every state take precautions to prevent a repeat of the situation," cautioned Dan Stein, President of FAIR. "If the DMV issued nearly 400,000 driver’s licenses to people without Social Security numbers — more than the population of the state capital, Raleigh, NC— there is a very strong possibility that large numbers of people are also improperly registered to vote, and may be in a position to decide a very tight election."

"We learned four years ago that when the integrity of the voter registration process is compromised, the outcome of elections — including the presidency of the United States — can be compromised," said Stein. "In the post-9/11 era, allowing people to fraudulently obtain driver's licenses, voter registration cards and other state-issued ID is also a threat to security.

"The names and addresses of the 400,000 people issued driver’s licenses without Social Security numbers are right there on their licenses. It should not be a major undertaking to cross reference those names against county voter rolls," Stein continued. "We are asking the Board of Elections to make sure illegal aliens are not casting votes in North Carolina.”

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