Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hypocrits and Idiots for Kerry?

Again, great to see my liberal friend posting again--but sorry he picked such a loser of a candidate--I mean cause--to blog about this time. When a news organization commits fraud in their hatred for one political candidate--using a constitutionally-mandated freedom of the press to try to influence an election--well it's a serious offense. And Dan Rather and Mary Mapes should be exposed for the frauds they have become.

There is little doubt this is a fraud from CBS news--read The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, ABC News and others--all hardly bastions of support for conservative causes and posistions. All the liberal left can offer is conjecture as my good friend on this blog offers--Bush was the son of a politico so he had to have received special treatment. As my good friend knows, I actually agree with that probability. But for a news organization to manufacture memos to influence an election--the liberal left can not offer any rational argument for doing that--other than their "remove President Bush at any cost," where any hypocrisy, lies and propaganda is OK. I challenge any liberal to make any cogent argument in the face of all the evidence to prove these memos are real--

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