Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Even the New York Times Can't Stomach Senile Kitty Kelly

Now, here comes the next democratic hit vehicle--but this one stinks so badly that even the New York Times can't bring itself to compliment--

In its review, the New York Times reveals it doesn't have much use for Kitty Kelley's book:

Clearly this book - along with the timing of its publication - is intended to have an impact on the coming election. The book's flap copy reads: "at a crucial point in American history, Kitty Kelley is the one person to finally tell all about the family that has, perhaps more than any other, defined our role in the modern world. This is the book the Bushes don't want you to read." But the author's undisguised contempt for many of the Bushes, combined with her failure to come to terms with politics and policy, and her tireless focus on sex, drugs and alcohol, will likely play into family members' penchant for assailing the media. It will likely give them an opening to shrug off this book as a snarky exercise in gossip, instead of forcing them to deal with substantive questions about their political record. Then again, in an election season willfully focused on the past and the personal and the unproven, this book may provide yet another distraction from issues here and now.

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