Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dateline Florence--Another Lie Un-Masked

Greetings from Florence!!!!

Although not of Italian descent--although spiritually so-- I have attempted to sample as many different types of Italian wines as possible during the past ten days--I am proud to report the labels are in the twenties--and am still not so brain-addled to find the blogger log-in and remember the password--Carpe Diem, eh?

It has been good to get away from the senseless gibberish of this years political campaign--but I am happy to report the unmasking of a lie that our media, fat-boy Michael Moore and most Democrats have been worried about: that the rest of the world hates Americans

Guess What? Another pack of lies. I have yet to find ONE Italian, German, French, Swedish, British or Russian person who has treated me badly or said they hate Americans.

Yes, many of them, as well as other Americans (including myself I might add) disagree with the Iraq War but as an eclectic group of Europeans told me this afternoon--We do not hate Americans because of it. You are a great people. (So screw you Michael Moore)

So sleep better America--and start travelling again--the wine is fine

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