Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Cogent Argument

If truth is the first casualty of war, it is certainly an unknown entity in the service of the right wing. When confronted with the possibility that someone else is playing the "tell the BIG lie" game as well as they, the right suddenly finds a conscience and wants to discuss "truth". The boundless and shameless hypocrisy of conservatives who shout "foul" when the crap is thrown back at them beggars belief and induces violent nausea.

You want a "cogent argument" related to right wing/liberal politics as it relates to George Bush's military service or shall we quibble over whether the dot on the third "i" in the second paragraph of document 327 appears to be in a different ink? The "cogent argument" that's relevant to this whole mess has nothing to do with CBS, the integrity of news organizations, or the authenticity of the "Killian Memos". It has to do with legerdemain and the art of the BIG LIE.

My point--clear enough I should think for someone of even moderate intelligence to grasp--is that all of this sudden indignance over accuracy and integrity in news has nothing--repeat NOTHING--to do with the central issue. Note that there was not a single challenge to my characterization of preferential treatment and failed obligations in military service. No, once again, in order that we pay no attention to Karl Rove behind the curtain or actually LOOK at G.W. Bush the military man, we are screamed at about bad documents. Let's argue over dead officer's families, let's pay no attention to the obvious and criminal incompetence of the necons and their misleading a nation into a war that has now killed more than 1000 of its soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen, sent over 7000 of them home without limbs or with other horrendous injuries, has mired the US in Iraq--a chaotic mess with death and destruction on all sides and no end of any kind in site.

There was no outrcry from these hypocrites when every corporate-sponsored news organization in the USA helped to beat the drum for war. The was no outcry when our journalists failed to investigate or verify any of the propaganda put out by Rumsfeld's Pentagon, by Wolfowitz, by Pearle, or by Condi (I don't have a clue) Rice. No, the integrity of the news being reported to the American people only matters to the right wing when they dare to disagree. We need not mention Faux News nor Sinclair Broadcasting and it's almost fascist use of the public airways to support WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR.

So don't give me this pious crap about caring that CBS maintains its journalistic morality. There is nothing quite so pathetic as a card-carrying hypocrite crying foul over the hypocrisy of others. No. This is what you brought on when you got in bed with the religious right and spent six years in a hate-filled witch hunt to depose the last president. This is what you get when have hateful ideologues like the "Velvet Hammer" and Bill Frist in charge of Ccngress with their sneering, heavy-handed condescension. No. You guys on the right wanted there to be some ass-kicking. Well, as usual with the kind of gutlessness associated with an adminsitration full of those who did NOT serve and will not serve--only send others out to die--when the ass that gets kicked is yours you whine and whimper and snivel and ask Mommy to make it better.

Well take this--your puppet in power with the rapidly deteriorating nutcase Cheney behind him pulling the strings--was a privileged, rich boy coward who took the easy way out. And that 'truth' will not change no matter what memos come and go. And those of you who wore the uniform of this country KNOW it--deep in your guts, you know it.

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