Monday, September 13, 2004


Free Will Blog suggests a sure-fire way to counter Dan Rather and 60 Minutes' Hatchet Job and failure to take credit for it. It will take a massive effort by the blogosphere to make it work. If enough advertisers start questioning this example of poor journalism--heads should roll

As promised, I've collected the sponsor and contact info for 60 Minutes II (listed below). I actually bothered to record 60 Minutes tonight, but since the Sunday edition is actually a different show with different staffers, I've opted not to include them in this information. The information provided is only for the Wednesday edition of 60 Minutes featuring Dan Rather. (It's all part of a day's work for the pajama-wearing right-wing nut professional rumor mill.) Credit to Free Republic for collecting much of this information.

Now, on to the good stuff: As outlined before (with a few amendments), the call for a general boycott of 60 Minutes II sponsors will continue until one of two criteria are met:
A. Dan Rather devotes an edition of 60 Minutes II to the witnesses, family members, independent journalists and experts who uncovered the details of this forgery, and allows them to make their case in full. Rather must fully and thoroughly rebutt each allegation with the support of indepenant experts and witnesses, which is to be quoted verbatim, preferably with actual video clips of their statements.

B. Dan Rather appears on 60 Minutes II and retracts the claims and the memos; apologizes, on the air, on behalf of the entire staff of 60 Minutes II to: the audience of 60 Minutes for misleading them (both about the memos and in the outright lies about the nature of the controversy over the forgery); 60 Minutes II sponsors; CBS; the independant internet journalists they've called childish names and generally treated with condescension and disrespect; Major General Hodges for misleading him and misrepresenting his statement in their interview; Colonel Killian's widow, son and any others who found their protests ignored when they indicated that these were forgeries during production; and the President of the United States, George W. Bush for their shameless and fraudulent attacks. Rather must reveal the source of the forged memos and confirm that the people responsible at 60 Minutes II (who will be named and their role outlined) have been dealt with.
Any 60 Minutes II sponsors who wish to be removed from the boycott list need only contact me via email and provide me with a telephone number where I can confirm that they have removed their advertising from 60 Minutes II. This list will be updated every week, and sponsors who choose to avoid 60 Minutes II will have their information moved to a seperate list specifically indicating that they are no longer included. Here's all the relevant contact info:

60 Minutes II
Media Relations: Kelli Edwards - (212) 975-6795 -
CBS News Comments - (212) 975-3248 (leave a voicemail)

60 Minutes II Sponsors:
(Note: Links take you to contact information pages for each sponsor. Please let them know that you are appalled by 60 Minutes II's behavior, and that you are taking part in the boycott.)
Home Depot - Executives - Investor Relations
Campbell's Soup
Morgan Stanley
Cingular Wireless
Pepcid Antacids
Estee Lauder
You guys know what to do from here. Make sure to pass this list on to interested parties with the handy "Email This!" link under the post. (For readers who aren't familiar with the controversy, just visit the Old Media Vs. Reality category and check out the surrounding days for details.
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