Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Again--Prove The Memos Are True

President Bush received an honorable discharge from the Air National guard--this is a fact. You may not like the fact--and you certainly may speculate as I may on John Kerry who received three or four purple hearts without ever being hospitalized, a silver star without the valor addition he has claimed and then managed to get the hell out in four months and come home to provide aid and comfort to the enemy as many POWS will attest--then pawn himself off as a war hero--but President Bush received that discharge.

Yes, this is about CBS news and fraud--the media has beat the Iraq
drum (and particularly the Abu Ghraib drum that Mary "I'm a fraud Mapes," was the driving force behind--and guess what-- President Bush is still leading in the polls.

I'm still waiting to hear the CBS fraud disproved--and as you told me--the voters will speak in November on your right-wing shop of horrors--although at least today--you may not like the sound
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