Sunday, August 22, 2004

"Your Grandchildren will be Muslim"

We're back after a long business trip week ... here's a comment from the Jihad Watch comments section that bears reading

The racial and religious bigotry of most of the people posting here is truely astounding. You cheer and rejoice every time another innocent Muslim is persecuted by intolerant Western governments, regardless of the fact that most such victims eventually are released for lack of evidence after the desired media propaganda storm has been stirred up. Furthermore, almost never are the accused Muslims charged with any overt acts of violence. Rather, they are seized for falling afoul of trivial bureaucratic regulations established precisely for the purpose of entrapping the innocent.

Of what foul acts is the evil Muslim Amer el-Maati accused? The answer is none. The American secret police allege that this vile criminal may possess knowledge of the diabolical plans of other evil Muslims. That is all - he is not even accused of any actual crimes.

The road to peace is obvious and wide open. Simply stop warring against Almighty Allah (swt) and stop oppressing and abusing Muslims. There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, every one of whom is praying and working to the best of his or her ability to bring about the triumph of Islam. The unbelievers have neither the courage nor the will to long stand against the tide. Embrace Islam now and live in peace in submission to the commands of Allah (swt). Be part of the bright, shining Islamic future, not a forgotten part of a dim, dying past.

Your grandchildren will be Muslim.

Allahu akbar

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