Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Talk is Cheap: President Bush Can Act NowTo Implement Some of the 9/11 Commission's Recommendations

William's note: Talk is cheap .... I challenge all BLogs for Bush to let their voices be heard. It's time to get control of our borders and who is allowed entry into the United States. Even the idiots on teh 9/11 commission understand this now. This is a FAIR news release.

Against the backdrop of new warnings of an imminent terrorist attack, members of nine congressional committees are giving up at least part of their summer vacations in an election year and returning to Washington to hold hearings on how to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. While the work of these committees is vital, President Bush can immediately implement key Commission recommendations to correct fatal weaknesses in our immigration and documentation policies.

Among the flaws cited by the Commission as contributing the tragedy of 9/11 were lax enforcement of our immigration laws and the failure to secure vital identity documents. Some of these loopholes can be closed immediately by executive order from the President.

With new threats to major financial institutions on the east coast and landmarks on the west coast, the Federation for American Immigration Reform is urging President Bush to enact the following administrative reforms to protect America's homeland security:

Bar federal acceptance of foreign-issued identity documents, including the Mexican-issued matricula consular.
Reverse Department of Treasury rules allowing the use of the matricula consular for opening a bank account in the U.S.
Suspend the Visa Waiver Program that allows nationals of 27 nations to enter the U.S. without prior screening by a consular officer.
Instruct the Department of Justice to actively promote cooperative programs in enforcing federal immigration law with state and local governments.
Instruct the Federal Aviation Administration to discontinue acceptance of driver's licenses issued by states that do not require and verify applicants' Social Security numbers for the purpose of boarding commercial flights within the United States.
Proclaim federal standards for a national birth/death registry database and anti-fraud features to protect Americans from identity theft.
Reverse the announcement that Mexican and Canadian travelers will be exempt from the USVISIT requirements for a machine-readable travel document with a biometric identifier. Specify that the data be entered into the USVISIT database.
"President Bush, Senator Kerry and just about every other responsible political figure in America has expressed wholehearted endorsement of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations," noted Dan Stein, executive director of FAIR. "Some of the critical recommendations of the Commission, such as the reorganization of our intelligence services, will require time, money and congressional action. Enforcement of immigration laws and matters relating to securing vital identity documents can be implemented immediately, without congressional action and at little or no cost.
"Every week, it seems, brings new warnings of a terrorist threat against America and American interests," Stein continued. "It is vital that the President act immediately to make it more difficult for potential terrorists to get into the country, more difficult to evade detection from law enforcement, more difficult to obtain valid identity documents or use counterfeited documents, and more difficult to finance their operations.
"Talk is cheap. Using the power he has at hand to make America more secure will come at the cost of some of the President's political capital with a handful of vocal special interests that continue to resist efforts to enforce our immigration laws. Not acting, however, runs the risk of far greater costs to the security of our nation," said Stein.

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