Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Nutwatch 2004--The Ultimate Left-Wing, Tin Foil Hat Plot

Sweet grunting mother of Buddha! The winds of insanity are blowing hurricane force and the gene pool crys out for purging.

Nutwatch 2004 has finally seen the ultimate in madness. Here at, Seriously Deranged Democrats is a story that evolves from news that al Qaida plans assassinations of politicians. But of course, some twisted no-longer-on-their-medication member of the left sees a plot.

Yes folks, President Bush is going to have Kerry whacked and blame it on al Qaida! Snuffed out as he and Theresa sit down for a bowl of pasta when they make a campaign stop to Baltimore's Little Italy.

I'm certain that Michael Moore is already planning to cover it in one of his pseudo-documentaries and Al Jazeera will somehow miraculously cover it in their continuing search for truth.

Now, i know their is precedent here--people in Texas will still tell you that Johnson had Kennedy snuffed out--but that was two democrats--so only a minor party foul if it were true.

How can any sane person be a member of this party? As a group, they have elevated schizophrenia to a constitutional right--

Nutwatch 2004 is upon you
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