Monday, August 23, 2004

More Hacker Info

Here's more info on lunatic left's anarchist campaign Nuts The FBI Should Know About

Hidden with code "Rated Down"
Announcement :: Protest, Resistance & Direct Action
ProtestWarrior has been HACKED Current rating: -2
by your friendly neighborhood hacker anarchist
(No verified email address) 22 Aug 2004
ProtestWarrior has been hacked today as part of an electronic civil disobedience campaign against Republican and pro-'American' websites.
The following text was placed on the ProtestWarrior website. The website was promptly removed.

Also note that the contact information / passwords of the head protest warriors are listed below. At the bottom of this message is a complete email list of everyone registered as a protestwarrior member. Please utilize the following information. =)

This action was part of a larger hacktivist campaign against the Republican National Convention. Participate in the online sit-in at


Modern day nazis pledging their obedience to the State and the platform of state-sponsored terrorism - neo-fascist ProtestWarriors, you have been HACKED by your friendly neighborhood hacker anarchist =)

Right-wing extremists are modern-day brown shirts who abuse and harass activists who are fighting for social justice while claiming to be in the moral right. By infiltrating and crashing legal, peaceful assemblies, the ProtestWarriors are fighting against the democratic process while claiming to uphold the 'core values of this country'. It is unpatriotic to blindly accept and obey the dogma of the ruling classes, and to lash out at peace activists who are trying to build a better world is intolerable. We're shutting you down.

Operation Liberty Rising is right. The Republicans think that they can rape NYC and the 9/11 attacks to further their political agenda of endless war and breaks for the rich upper classes and multinational corporations. The people of New York are rising up to let them know that they won't be getting away with it. Millions of people in the streets will be shutting the convention down, and your extremist right-wing minority can do nothing to stop it.

We're not fighting to put Kerry in office, and we're certainly not fighting for a socialist dictatorship. We are building a society free from all parasitic ruling classes... Democrats, Republicans, they're all on the same party of capitalism and the state. We dream of a world free from presidents and politicians who exploit us enslave us and do everything except represent us. We've had enough, and we will settle for nothing short of total world liberation for one and all. And we're willing to do whatever it takes to achieve these visions of a free society.

On our way to discovering what we love, we will discover everything we hate, everything that stands in the way of freedom and justice for all.

ProtestWarriors, give up! We have you surrounded and outnumbered. See you on the streets,

Before I go, some fun facts for the whole family: personal details of the head organizers of ProtestWarrior, complete with password information(works with at least the the ProtestWarrior HQ and the ProtestWarrior Forums!)

Some cool links:

Electronic Civil Disobedience against the Republican National Convention

ProtestWarrior EXPOSED!








Campaign Website:

Hackers are organizing for a massive electronic civil disobedience campaign against the Republican party to coincide with the massive protests in New York City for the Republican National Convention. This document contains logistical information on how people can participate in this campaign.

We won't stand idly by while the Republican Party exploits the democratic city of New York to further their agenda of endless war, attacks on our freedoms and and breaks for corporations. We demand an end to the so-called "war on terrorism", which is nothing more than a pretext for empire and the erosion of our civil rights. As long as Amerikkka continues to further their war on the poor for the benefit of the rich, we will use all weapons at our disposal to disrupt the RNC - on the streets, and on the net.

All are encouraged to help out this campaign in any way they can. Deface websites, flood email servers, cause financial disruption, change electronic billboards. Turn the system over and put the people on top. Hacktivists of the world, unite!

What will be happening?

August 22nd - Day of online direct action a week before the convention begins. All are encouraged to attack as many right-wing, corporate, government or military sites as possible. Web defacements, email attacks, financial disruption, anything and everything. These attacks will be used to stir discussion of the RNC, encourage people to participate in the protests in NYC itself, and to build for the mainstream electronic sit-in on the 29th.

August 29 - September 2nd - Mainstream electronic sit-in while the RNC is in session. The actions will commence on noon of each day. The protests will utilize a wide diversity of tactics including email, web, fax and phone disruption. The logistical details of this campaign are included in this document below.

Who are we flooding?

The email addresses, fax numbers, and phone numbers listed below are various contacts of the Republican National Committee and the official George W. Bush re-election staff.

Isn't this cyber terrorism?

It is important to make a distinction between electronic civil disobedience and terrorism. Civil disobedience is a fundamental part of the democratic process which our country was founded upon. Like Henry David Thoreau and our revolutionary forefathers who shot up the pigs at Lexington and Concord, electronic civil disobedience is the logical continuation of these theories applied towards the internet as a medium for disruption. ECD is a legitimate protest act.

Terrorism tries to instill fear into people through violence and destruction. Terrorism is not an act of liberation or unity but of division fear and conquer. A bitter act of desperation that solves no problems, makes no statement, and disempowers many. Electronic civil disobedience causes no harm to people or property. Instead of disempowering, ECD tries to bring people together to realize and exercise their power over oppressive governments and corporations using hacking as a means of fighting for social justice.

Who are we?

There is no 'us'. This is a decentralized campaign - there are no leaders or orders or hierarchy. Most of us don't know the other people working on this project. None of us know what sorts of attacks are being planned. This is an autonomous call out, anyone who agrees with what we've said and wants to participate in this campaign is welcome to resist the RNC in any way they can.

This call out is issued by the CrimethInc Black Hat Hacker's Bloc. We are not participating in any of the actions or any illegal activities ourselves. We recognize the political significance of the RNC and realize that one way or another there is going to be some sort of cyber attack. We are simply serving as a press tool to communicate with the media about different electronic methods people are employing to protest the RNC.

Contact Us:

CrimethInc Black Hat Hacker's Bloc

Campaign Website:


This is an autonomous call out for electronic direct action against the RNC. This document contains a number of resources that can help people who choose to participate in such actions. If you decide to help out, you do so on your own terms and accept responsibility for what might happen. However, there is safety in numbers and there are a number of people who plan on a number of actions and there is a very low risk. So hack on!

If you participate...
Let us know what you're up to! We are communicating with the media on this project and we want to post on our website what sorts of attacks are being made. Feel free to rip bits of text from our website, this document, or any other press release we have made and use it in your messages. Make sure to link to our page!

Fellow citizens, PARTICIPATE!


You do not need to be an experienced hacker to help this campaign: we've made it easy for people to help out through a variety of different ways. The mainstream electronic sit-in is composed of several methods of disruption: flooding RNC websites, email addresses, fax and phone numbers. Listed below are the targets and explanations / tools you can use to help this campaign.



We are asking people to use all tools at their disposal to bombard the given servers with so much traffic that it will become unable to serve any more web requests. People can participate in the actions by using the given floodnet scripts on the campaign website or by launching your own distributed denial of service attacks.

The Republican National Convention:

The Republican National Committee:

George W. Bush official re-election site:

You can help flood these servers by going to our website and running the FloodNet tools on our website. There is a web-based tool and several perl scripts that you can use to flood the targets. You can also download and run several denial of service applications on your home machine and point them to the above servers.

A list of good denial of service tools for the Mac is available at Freaky's Mac Archive and Underground Mac

A list of good denial of service tools for Windows is available at

... but denial of service attacks isn't hacking!

DoS attacks are seen as somewhat lame in the hacking community because it does not require any actual skills to perform such attacks - any script kiddie can simply download a few tools and launch attacks against major servers. It can hardly be considered hacking. But it is a method of electronic disruption that can bring the enemy's servers to it's knees. No reason to overlook tools at our disposal.



E-mail bomb attacks are done by sending tens of thousands of emails to the enemy's contact addresses. This can make it painful to send and receive emails while simultaneously consuming server resources, possibly slowing or shutting it down. There are numerous tools that one can use to perform such attacks.

There are a number of Windows email bombers available for download at

A number of good email bombers for the mac are available at Underground Mac.


webmaster@gop. com

Info (at)

RNCommunications (at)

MemberRelations (at)

Administration (at)

Counsel (at)

Chairman (at)

Political (at)

Finance (at)

NOS (at)

BushCheney04 (at)

Blog (at)



Fax bombing is a method of electronic disruption that clogs the enemy's fax communications and wastes their paper and toner resources. Tape together a few sheets of black construction paper and start faxing to the following targets. When the first page goes through, roll it back and tape it to the other end of your sheet to form an infinite loop of black construction paper. Then sit back and watch the mayhem begin. Use any and all fax machines at your availability - the more the merrier!




Phone bombing is another method of disrupting their communication systems by preventing them from making / receiving calls. You can either call these numbers and tell them what you think about the Bush agenda, or you can beige box into someone else's line and set up auto-dialing scripts to flood their lines.


That's all for today, kids. Stay out of trouble, and don't get caught!

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